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Rapido is an API design tool that facilitates the sketching phase of design. At a minimum, a sketch should be:

  • easy to create
  • easy to dispose
  • easy to translate into a prototype

Sketching allows a designer to perform many iterations of an early design if the cost of creation is very low. This promotes experimentation and ideation. Early iterations are important for API design as it is difficult to change an API once it is released and being used.

Rapido Design Principles

  1. Rapid design - a user should be able to create a complete API sketch within five minutes
  2. Safe Disposability - users should feel safe when starting a design over (through archiving and peristence of previous designs )
  3. Unidirectional - Rapido sketches can be exported to later lifecycle stages, but designs cannot be imported.

Development Setup

Rapido requires NodeJS and npm and a backend Rapido implementation.

To install: npm install

To start: npm start

To test with Chrome: 'npm test'