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spectoral (transparent or rainbow chestplate?) © M

crime directive (misguided policy from above) © M

medallicity (wearing so many awards, they're a significant part of your mass) © M

clamity (mollusc extinction event?) © M

refuseless (worst junk) © M

eaternity (waiting for food to be ready) © M

variabool (binary switch) © M

supeerior (more "equal" than others) © M

screenshout (?) © M

rowbot (boating automaton) © M

kozmos (universe as understood by 🐐) [ru] © M

causemos (causally consistent cosmology?) © M

chi-kin (poultry-adjacent species) © M

chi-ken (poultry expertise?) © M

kurency (used for trading tobacco and chicken) [ru] © M

sellebration (big merch day) © M

conformation bias (slave to the hive) © M

mindustry (some sort of thought police?) © LJ

quatrillion (e4 * e12?) © M

existence of "comPUTer" implies existence of "comGETer" and "comPOSTer" © M

phomeme (contagious phonetic pun) © M

oinkment (pig grease?) © M

pojrom (food maraudery) [ru] © M

waiflength (shrill frequency) © M

painsive (suffering grimace) © M

decloreation (supplemental canon material) © M

soldiering iron (hot brand for motivating troops) © M

youthoria (a happy childhood) © LJ

youphoria (being happy to see someone specific) © LJ

projetile (rocket bullet) © M

existence of "forget" implies existence of "forgive" (also "forset" and "fortake") © M

mardown (sloppy writing) © M

felinetropy (cat care) © M

silicat (feline statuette made of stone) © M

ourigin (common ancestry) © M

feelantropy © M

longuage (highly agglutinative tongue) © M

existence of "swine" implies existence of "svodka" (for some reason...) [ru] © M

existence of "transparent" implies existence of "transchild" © M

black hold (when you can't escape) © M

madthematics © M

helliosphere (infernal atmosphere) © M

handroid (user of artificial limbs) © M

psyborg (psionically augmented) © M

playnetary (global multiplayer) © M

worriables (concerning factors) © LR

commercenary (trader for hire) © M

penspermia (contagious graphomania) © M

pogress (enthusiastic advance) © M

colaborator (scientific coworker) © M

chekhnology (robotniks, for example) © M

sureiken (unerring projectile) © M

whyolation (transgression with no clear purpose) © LR

svinstok (whistle for 🐖) [ru] © LR

eateration (scheduled intake) © M

kvarium (housing for amphibians 🐸) [ru] © M

eelongated (oblong, flexible, and slimy) © M

blessen (?) © M

eelectric (bio-shocker) © M

astronaught (lost in space) © M

innflux (arrival of guests) © M

ass-fixated (asphyxiated by methane emissions?) © LJ

feest (very expensive dinner with lots of tipping) © M

fangtastical (mystical beast?) © M

exprot (selling expired goods) © M

lanturn (?) © M

sirenity (when a racket is finally silenced) © LJ

trainquility (gazing at passing pastures) © M

zignature © M

prepayration (advance deposit) © M

catgories (feline pedigree types) © M

hazrad (☢️) © M

skoupon (greedily looking for discounts) [ru] © LR

wingter (when birds hibernate or fly away) © M

hyperthesis (foundational axiom) © M

fastscinating (instant attraction) © M

newtrino (to-be-discovered dark matter particle) © M

iceotope (frozen heavy water) © M

rollercoster (very expensive attraction) © M

morderation (face control) [ru] © M

atomospheric (?) © M

declay (me mixing up decay and decline by accident) © LJ

confragration (murder by immolation) © M

veryfication (well-substantiated confirmation) © M

minifacturing (mass production of tiny components) © M

unticipate (give up on something) © Yury © mitranim

sistem (employs nuns and nurses) © M

gimmification (adorning with fluff) © M

donegrade (irreversible degradation) © M

casuality (circumstances that control normies) © M

approgsimation (simulated outcome) © M

streat (full of food stalls) © M

pithingk (a wily remark) © M

spearcing (pithing perdition) © M

endlightenment (final revelation) © M

ruleplaying (tabletop with rule lawyer types) © M

boombardment (with loud explosives) © M

hopium © M

scareful © LR

egreedgious (most outrageous cashgrab) © M

restarant (high-class diner for celebrities ✡️) © M

vibe-ility © M

manurefactory (makes libelous/fake news; animal farm) © LJ

leviafan (oversized turbine) © M

consealed (hidden beyond recovery) © M

hybred (metis with a pedigree) © M

doubull (two two-horns) © M

teendency (immature approach) © M

agrrogate (acquire belligerently; see © M

heubristic (arrogant decision making) © M

distriboot (leg it to deliver) © M

manitude (various degrees of scale) © M

prisonce (inescapable gaze) © M

asspect (foundational component?) © M

whoreography (lewd dancing) © LR

futrue (inevitable forecast) © M

chore-ography (being forced to dance) © M

whirlpull (cyclic suck) © M

dev-eloper (absconds with another dev, leaving you down two) © M

soupstenance (liquid nutrition) © M

soupstance (liquid sustenance) © M

realativity © M

magnetude (degree of attraction) © M

chainge (sequence of linked consequences?) © M

dialoh (conversation between hapless bumpkins?) [ru] © M

existence of "positron" implies existence of "negatron" © M

flossophy (predilection for thorough cleaning) © M

findamental (difficult-to-discover foundations) © M

eekosystem (full of filthy, slimy, disgusting things and substances, aka most places on Earth) © M

nanifestation (appearance of something strange) [ja] © M

terrafirming (reinforcing soft soil) © M

clensing (under a magnifying glass 🔍) © M

maskot (😼) [ru] © M

killogram (lethal doze of deadly poison) © M

mineframe (powerful machine used for cryptocurrency calculations) © M

antity (hostile/opposing entity) © LR

coughee (difficult drink) © M

confindment (hidden jail) © M

residense (tightly packed quarters) © M

gullectible (sold to chumps) © M

existence of "implant" implies existence of "explant" (prosthetic limbs and such?) © M

robought (autonomous merchandise) © M

bidcoins (tokens you're only allowed to use in auctions) © M

dockument (permit to land in port) © M

sofistry (solving debates with violence) © M

messunderstanding © M

debilerate © LJ

whereiable (unknown factor) © M

kilogramps (measure of dead weight?) © M

sviniature © LJ

euranium (mineral found only in continental Europe) © M

dorminant (complacent at the top) © M

bumker (armored shelter for homeless or refugees) © M

hypathetic (mewling suggestion) © M

pairchute (can carry two, or has two domes) © M

puramids (polyhedrons made of single solid substance) © M

grabitation (force of acquisition) © M

dienosaur (dead lizard) © M

mewborn (kitten) © M

shopment (cargo delivery to/from salespoint) © LJ

umbrace (a hug in the dark) © M

brutiful © LJ

dutchess (ruler of the Netherese) © M

feistival (where they romp and frolic) © M

fastcinating (attention-catcher) © M

boredoom (dangerous ennui) © M

boardom (in a company of boors) © M

withdrawl (growl at someone to give you money? gopnik extortion?) © Y

horizen (soothing landscape) © M

porkupine (large rodent roasted, tasty, spike-free) © M

elewaiter (which EXISTS, but idiots instead called it "dumbwaiter" for some reason) © LR

convertsation (when someone talks to you trying to change your mind on a core tenet) © LR

warloh (pretty much every warlock by default for signing a damning contract for measly powers) [ru] © LR

interwoo (when you try to impress your date with your career rather than character) © LR

interlewd (BG3 companions trying to drag you off to fuck) © LR

faketory (makes counterfeit or subpar goods) © M

ataction (offensive activity) © M

fiendship (gaining trust with an ulterior motive) © M

sarcoughagus (also "sarkoffagus"; full of dust or toxins) © M

alcowhole (container full of intoxicants; pure ethanol; someone at their intake limit) © M

bloodgeoning (hard beating) © M

Culombia ("culo" = "ass" in Spanish) © LJ

servival (of the fittest to serve) © M

plumpkin (rounded-up and yellow in the face from high intake of plant food) © M

Portugeese (wild fowl from West Europe?) © M

existence of "slow" implies existence of "stall" © M

existence of "flashlight" implies existence of "flashdark" (crowd suppression device that blinds you) © M

coperate (out of necessity) © M

enchancing © LJ

heartefact (pacemaker, for example) © M

drinket (prize from drinking competition?) © M

adullt (boring grown-up) © M

owlchemy © M

cowlonize (when you domesticate 🐄🐂) © LR

costumizable (dress it up at will?) © Simon

existence of "together" implies existence of "togiveher" © M

ucranium (slav skull?) © M

bootiful (with gorgeous assets) © M

peercentage (the select best among the equals) © M

diamon (crystalline monster) © M

nut-rition (seed sustenance) © M

encantment (charmed with a cant) © M

banquit (a feast cut short) © M

giraffiti (striped wall painting in a high place) © M

konin (mounted ronin) [ru; 🐴] © LR

deadicated (fatally overzealous) © M

einterteinment (a singular performance) [de] © M

jackass of all trades (bad at everything) © M

cattlyst (encourages animal growth? possibly antibiotics?) © M

horridor (where terrors stalk you) © M

existence of "narcosis" implies existence of "nacrobro" (who sells those drugs) © M

polgovnik (crappy leader) [ru] © LJ

trainsition (travel by railway) © M

moustash (box with theatric makeup) © M

kektus (funny 🌵) © M

overrude (boorisly enforce a decision) © M

tellascope (describes what it observes?) © M

ayynimal (offworld fauna) © M

owwl (pecks you hard) © M

computetive (two machines/AI arguing?) © LJ

farce field (fake protection, like paper tiger military) © M

braindishing (demonstrating intellectual superiority) © M

up 'n eat 'em (excited for feast?) © M

rodiation (re-emitted by irradiated control rods) © M

nuclear detergent (dealing with some sort of infestation by employing nuclear weapons) © LJ

drun-ken (knowledge achieved due to altered state of mind) © M

smotherland (chokes your potential) © LR

erobics (lewd gymnastics) © M

demoncratic (ruled by evil spirits?) © M

carniwall (an obstacle to some of the more carnal pleasures at a festival) © M

burrowcrat (the government form moles use; also "burrowcracy") © LJ

crewsader (part of knightly team?) © M

supermarine (ship that does not submerge; ship with no displacement, like some catamarans) © M

hyperthetical (axiomatic) © M

openion (written thought) © M

existence of "opinion" implies existence of "oquill" (which is used to pen said opinion) © M

fountan (overflows with ionizing radiation?) © M

wenchure (whoring? bride search?) © M

encownter (collision with 🐄) © LR

ledgendary (immortalized in witness accounts) © M

awwsome (irresistibly cute) © M

Neitherlands (🇷🇺🇱🇺) © LJ

yoinktment (appropriated medical treatment) © M

kingdoom (inevitable fate of feudalrchy) © M

lollercoaster (enjoyable attraction) [ja] © M

illiterature (unintelligible scrawlings) © M

hurt immunity (resistance acquired through mass suffering) © M

face transition (melting someone's physiognomy from solid phase to liquid phase) © M

idoit (earnest fool) © M

decocktion (chicken soup) © M

Neinstein (makes no discoveries) © M

madgick (practiced by wild sorcerers) © M

imug (image but just the face, portrait?) © LJ

condolenses (looking closely at misfortune) © M

eyes cream (frozen tears) © M

existence of "hypnosis" implies existence of "hypnobro" (aka the hypnotist) © M

buttler (meddlesome servant) © M

preferendum (collective choice) © Stanislaw Lem

impaincient (hurt by OCD) © M

baita version (alluring early access) © M

cancervation (involves cancerogenic preservatives) © M

protechtion (highly advanced defense) © M

brotection (having muscular bodyguards) © M

afailable © M

punpers (helps if you lose your shit while laughing) © Y

eelium (swim bladder gas) © M

arbotrary (chosen by 🤖) © M

pullarm (two-handed weapon with a hook or harpoon) © M

cosmedics (dressed-up nurses) © M

sendtry (phones home whenever it spots something) © M

rainsack (rob someone under the cover of a storm?) © M

scream reader (very loud assistive technology) © M

rewrok (changing something so much that you wrack it) © M

lewdtenant (visiting, expendable, useful personnel) © M

Ozstralia (upside down land) © M

fur-fetched © M

platinium (currency backed by rare metal) [ru] © M

peripathetic (wandering about in dismay) © M

opgrade (from normal-grade to OP-grade) © M

Shredding Gar's Cat (where the box is rigged to blend the cat if opened wrong; quoted from Steins Gate) © M

marsk (headress worn on the red planet) © M

e-motion capture (recording facial activity) © M

waycation (going far and wide; over the hill and far away) © M

buggage (when you're straddled with the baggage of bugs, e.g. from previous devs/arch 🪲🧳) © LR

mantenance (caring for human health) © M

reincatnation (😼x9) © LJ

beenefits (honey? wax? whatever the fuck else bees are good for) © LR

flushbang (makes them run 🚽💣) © M

levorution (rotation counter-clockwise?; when the lefties win?) © M

bullion (decoction from 🐂) © M

subtellite (well-hidden orbiting object) © M

purgechase © M

fyuri (ferocious her-on-her action) [ja] © M

existence of "developer" implies existence of "devmarryer" © M

manureisms (shitty behaviour) © LJ

manneyurism (a detail of behavior that annoys you to the point of insult) © M

succumbus (give yourself up to it) © M

tryangulate (with small chances of success) © M

apprehensieve © LJ

an absence of proof doesn't prove an absence © M

meowtant (also "mewtant"; ill-bred feline) © M

spinache (gives you a vertigo when eaten) © M

frenchise (popular product out of the land of cheese and wine) © M

existence of "profound" implies existence of "nooblost" © LR

existence of "tree bark" implies existence of "grass meow" © LR

proofound © M

baram (🐏) [ru] © M

dishruptance (accidentally opening dishwasher while it's running) © J/GPT

pignoble (perhaps refined, but only by swine standards) © M

chausvinism (male pig arrogance) © M

desserter (gives up on proper food in favor of sweet surrender) © M

compacat (kitten or mini-bred feline) © M

sexposed (photographed in the act) © M

existence of "male" implies existence of "bone" (if you don't get it, study Latin) © M

vetrification (пустить по ветру) [ru] © M

Ragnarock (music that brings about the end of the world) © M

Lagnarok (apocalyptically bad network connection) [ja] © M

existence of "peeling" implies existence of "pfishing" © M

seemulation (visual-only) © M

artickle (stimulates the imagination) © M

celegrating (a holiday you're fed up with, осторчертело, опостылело, набрыдло, в печёнках сидит, aka the stupid WW2 victory celebration) [ru] © M

effishient (fishing with bombs) © M

blahtant (trite, overused) © M

arcticle (long cold message) © M

ethernal (typo I just saw) © LJ

perspecktive (personal close-up on something you're about to take a bite of) © M

existence of "together" implies existence of "fromgather" (coming back with a hangover) © M

proparations (preparing by putting the props in their rightful places) © M

existence of "biome" implies existence of "syntheticme" © M

existence of "cooking" implies existence of "cooqueen" (hen in charge of evaluating food quality) © M

moodel (recognized by all the farmers) © M

existence of "address" implies existence of "removedress" (also known as "undress") © M

existence of "errand" implies existence of "error" © M

existence of "error" implies existence of "errand" © M

channelge (when you have to channel something but it's difficult) © M

existence of "motivator" implies existence of "teamovator" (impetus for an organized group) © M

troglobyte (Stone Age unit of information) © M

trollglodyte © M

ogressive (belligerent like an 👹) © M

dismembear (tear apart with huge claws, or endure such tearing) © M

riversal (making rivers flow backwards) © M

existence of "payback" implies existence of "payforward" and "payfront" © M

existence of "generosity" implies existence of "memerosity" (propensity for prolific culture?) © M

natality (miscarriage, a natal fatality; alternatively, opposite of "fatality", a birth) © M

capitall (impresses people with skyscrapers) © M

parasit (merely sits at someone else's table) © M

existence of "aerodynamics" and "hydrodynamics" implies existence of "aerostatics" and "hydrostatics" © M

Singapoor © M

existence of "profession" implies existence of "confession" © M

MUGila [ru] © LJ

existence of "handsome" implies existence of "footsome", "legsome", and possibly "mugsome" © M

jawelin © M

escaloped © LJ

extoil (profess with difficulty) © M

equalibrium (balance that's easy to maintain because sides are equal) © M

cuntinent (land of wenches?) © M

existence of "pronounciation" implies existence of "proverbiation" © M

existence of "fast food" implies existence of "feast food" © M

fintness (acrobatic agility) [ru] © M

encunter (one-night-stand) © LR

existence of "gallery" implies existence of "ladlery" (where kitchen utensils are hanged for display) © M

goplet (common mug used by gopniks instead of goblet) © M

cowmoonication (🐄💨) © LJ

fauxtograph (altered or otherwise falsified image) © LJ

dickapitation (the degeneracy known as circumcision) © LJ

avalaunch (start of landslide) © M

strollop (strolling strumpet) © M

eintertainment (one-time laughs for Germanic speakers) © M

existence of "pattern" implies existence of "mattern" © M

spychological warfare © LJ

existence of "talisman" implies existence of "taliswoman" (witch who makes amulets?) © M

rolepay (play-to-win in a single-player RPG? or perhaps accepting bad consequences for a choice you prefer?) © M

batarray (multitude of flying mammals) © Y

conwince (through difficult persuasion options) © M

coinvince (bribe with information) © M

comminication (low-bandwidth information transmission) © M

foolfill (succeed through deception) © M

fucklet (offspring) © M

fuckling (offspring) © M

spectaculation © M

if "louse" becomes "lice" and "mouse" becomes "mice", "house" should become "hice" © M

existence of "patroll" implies existence of "matroll" © M

corpuss (feline body) © M

waygrant © M

fareighner (from remote lands) © M

degrage (cognitive impairment due to anger) © M

mewtant (unusual feline? feliantrope?) © M

consentration (agreeing to focus all efforts on something) © Dogmatix

dorkness © M

you buy food because of your "buyology" © Y

badroom (for naughty activities) © Y

praysing © M

reevil © LR

disguss © LR

zhopinionated [ru] © LJ

a "pest" is just a "pet" with extra "ass" © M

tryangle © M

supper market (found online) © LJ

haunthing © M

existence of "potion" implies existence of "cauldronion" © M

multiplyer © M

existence of "catacomb" implies existence of "cacotomb" © M

cornsider (thinking about brewing cider from grain?) © M

mocrowave (liquidates the target) [ru] © M

hvostile (enemy tailing you) © M

thenks (preliminary gratitude for future actions) © M

younique (name for clothing/fashion brand) © M

Govnorod (for people who really don't like either of the Novgorodi) [ru] © LJ

facepal (friend who smacks you in the face when you do something dumb) © M

kilories (kilo-calories) © M

ourtist (our very own) © M

artitst (NSFW creator) © LR

urodent © LJ

oinktment (tingling tincture) © M

cowenant (between cattle and farmers) © M

leviafang (giant carnivore) © M

scoundrill (a really nosy one) © M

greedient (reagent you added too much of) © M

thinken (deeply thought out, with wisdom and ken) © M

purrtion (kitten food) © M

emperoar (a battlecry in His name) © LR

separare © M

scamera (camera that's used by scammers) © LR

svinvite © LJ

davokat (rolls over the opposition) [ru] © M

techknowlogy © M

painishment © M

notrition (junk food that fails to nourish you) © M

i-magi-nation (using magic to conjure fantasies) © M

amoolet (cow bell) © M

sarcophage (corpse-eating coffin / immolation chamber) © M

gluecose (extra sticky) © M

zhrassik period (famous for big maws and teeth) [ru] © M

brutecast (maybe something like liveleak) © LJ

beer-pressure (when your friend group forces you to drink) © LJ

steeling wheel (held fast just before collision) © Y

drag'n'fly © M

existence of "imperialism" implies existence of "cherubealism" © LR

fart-fetched © M

"barameter" 🐏 © LR

willain © LR

isvini [ru] © LJ

existence of "electronics" implies existence of "dictatronics" © LR

entertrainment © LR

carpent (produced by a carpenter) © M

existence of "cutlass" implies existence of "cutlad" © M

swrod (dangerous poking stick) © M

whirlwing © M

cashalot (rich whale) © Y

barkground (neighborhood full of loud dogs) © M

deadvastating © M

zhornal (food diary) [ru] © LR

dishtribution © M

throll © M

existence of "soak" implies existence of "sash" © M

everthing (not just what you currently have, but everything you'll ever have) © M

existence of "ale" implies existence of "ble" © M

rollplay (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons) © M

piss of shit © M

fortune favors the gold (🪙) © M

inerdtia © M

paindemic © M

existence of "history" implies existence of "herstory" © M

boyler (operated by lads) © M

begginning © M

awaylable (reachable only by mail) © M

amerikoñ (equine from North or South America) [🐴] © Y

screwtiny (revisor's inspection) © LJ

fearizing (spreading or discussing theories that induce fears) © LR

roboutique (store selling robots) © LJ

lore of the land (instead of "law of the land") © LJ

asscalator (elevator with seats) © M

bashtion (assaulted with rams) © M

nayture (unsavory parts of existence humans are in denial about) © M

commpany (makes communications such as chat apps) © M

valiable (subject to expensive reparations if broken) © M

apporved (when you want to tear the MR author a new one but end up approving) [ru] © LR

climbactic (literal peak of a show) © M

desickrate (addle with disease) © M

desecrat (filthy disease-spreading rodent) © M

block hole (hedron-shaped event horizon) © M

manostery (admits only male monks) © M

traiding (traveling bazaar?) © M

hitnosis (smack 'em on the head for obedience) © M

hipnosys (delicate technology for mind control) © M

lawsoot © M

bendroom (where couples display flexibility) © M

coinered (spotted giving or taking a bribe) © M

Satan Claus (makes war, not love 😈🔥) © M

ayyncestors (primordial spores that seed other planets) © M

perdon (forgive after taking revenge on; etymology: © M

netural (made of spider silk 🕸️) © M

comfurtable (wrapped in hairy animal parts) © M

oringutan © M

consentsus (mutual willingness to engage) © M

fibration (oscillation of fine strings) © M

vegarian (ruthlessly plant-eating?) © M

madicine (sedative or mind-altering drug) © M

comediain't (unfunny person) © LJ

svinfluence © LJ

deiodorant (expels radioactive iodine isotope and prevents buildup) © M

lopster (has large claws and knows the CUT move) © M

mortini (lethally toxic) © M

buffeat (all-you-can-stuff-yourself-with) © M

moonument (made of moon rock, or placed on lunar surface, or depicts a naked butt) © M

brototype (Nth-grand-father) © M

chunkyard (where the biggest metal scraps lie) © M

survival of the fattest (advantage during famine) © M

tourest (pay and relax, others take care of everything) © M

packt (packet of agreements/treaties) © M

accselleration (more and more account purchases) © M

combatible (fight to make them work together) © M

comfident (comfortably sure) © M

paintstackingly (red in face from effort?) © M

gillty (judged in fish people's court) © M

transmugrification (face plastic surgery, severe aging) © M

necktar (protein coctail for developing a buff neck) © M

future cars will replace "steering wheel" with "steering will" (BMI and/or autopilot) © M

velossity (deceleration) © M

pausitive (thinking before agreeing; declared beneficial after some deliberation) © M

eeling (sensation of electrified slimy scales against your skin) © M

dogtor (canine vet) © M

paleostine (ancient human settlements in Mesopotamia or whatever) © M

meateor (slab of meat flying your way 🥩💨) © M

"toothpig" 🪥 🐷 © M

survibe (live comfortably) © M

underniz (below) [ru] © M

synthetech © M

exoskeletone (so skintight, it looks like a tan) © M

existence of "trilobyte" implies existence of "trilobot" (also see: Futurama S06E09) © M

itentical © M

methematics (requires altered state of mind) © M

next of king (inherits the throne) © M

negromancy (african magi arts, i.e. voodoo) © M

licherature (manuscripts on necromancy) © M

cobolt (fastening device made of rare metal) © M

lowgin (entrance in a low position, possibly to a gyne) © M

brokefast (morning food you just had) © Yury © Mitranim

Gearmany (where they make machinery) © M

flurrish © M

aerosoul © M

svincter (orifices used during/before/after pigging out) © M

sinfluence (forbidden lusts) © M

keptivity (long-term incarceration) © M

solidtary (stoically lonely) © M

hear-o (legendary yet unseen) © M

here-o (stands up for the locals) © M

ayygent (alien infiltrator, aka Thin Man for those who played Xcom) © M

Zhri Lanka [ru] © M

diploymacy (shrewd negotiations) © M

mouseketeer (weaponized rodent) © M

antcestors (precursors to hive species) © M

airomatic (gas-borne chemicals) © M

existence of "boycot" implies existence of "girlcot" (aka separate sleeping places) © M

taxtbook (studied by accountants) © M

diamend (self-healing crystal) © M

aphrodishiac (path to man's heart) © M

cumgregration (fish mating frenzy) © M

moandatory (makes you complain) © M

fossility (where they keep old people) © M

dishregarding (distracted by pigging out) © M

colognac (drinkable perfume with ethanol base) © M

existence of "romance" implies existence of "rowomance" © M

accomedations (laughable living conditions) © M

eggonizing (bad omelet? a kick in a scrotum?) © M

tanquilizer (tanks the alertness level) © M

refromism © LJ

meanwhole © LJ

existence of "nunchucks" implies existence of "monkchucks" © LJ

adjestment © M

messessary © M

congraduations © LJ

pantzer (armored trousers) © M

gimpick (worse for being there) © M

turnado (super spinny 🌪️) © M

wholster (fully hides the weapon) © M

shortgun (sawn-off shotty) © M

sanscript (indian writing) © M

boughtleneck (missing / sold out part) © M

misstery (disappointing reveal) © M

sellulose © M

onederstanding (seeing the truth) © M

cheesel (tool for carving food) © M

situition (briefing on local events, local education) © M

patroleum (fuel for patrol cars) © M

existence of "coward" implies existence of "bullward" and "sheepward" © M

cowerd (cowes in fear instead of running away) © M

"frostrating" / "frostration" © M

trueditional © M

turboprovod (pipeline with jet turbines inside) [ru] © M

assortirment [ru] © M

reliabel © M

existence of "violet" implies existence of "vioconst" (at least in programming) © M

hogs are "kornivorous" [ru] © M

pedostal (child-sized?) © M

particolorly © M

existence of "maniac" implies existence of "womaniac" © M

existence of "manager" implies existence of "womanager" © M

sloppery © Y

deffective © M

foollower © LJ

toylet (tiny potty?) © M

turtorial (tortuosly slow manual 🐢) © M

dissgust (hot air of unappreciation) © M

generat (rodent spawn) © M

sinkronization (flushing data stream) © M

pactivism (lobbying for alliances) © M

existence of "in-house composer" implies existence of "outhouse composer" © LJ

beninging © M

mudification (changing to a dirty look) © M

moodification (bovine cybernetics? lifestyle changes that improve your mood?) © M

existence of "motherlode" implies existence of "fatherload" © M

flexicoñ (equestrian sports / horseback riding) © LJ

beehivior (acting in accordance with swarm mind) © M

ghoulshit © M

barbequeue (waiting line for grilled goods) © M

peasentation (presentation for peasants) © M

arcrobatics (involves tall jumps, or swinging on long ropes) © M

apropriate (the right prop for the scene) © M

postphoned (delayed indefinitely) © M

ambossador © M

"unchorted" 👿 © LJ

mootivation (drive for something pointless) © M

manufracture (maybe something that's broken from out of the factory?; or to break something with your hands) © LJ

dorkumentary (nerd biography) © M

darkumentary (unsavory truths) © M

isotop (most prevalent variant of a given element) © M

goald (gilded reward; chasing yellow metal) © M

messremember © M

"baram" 🐏 © M

fullanthropy (well-rounded human care) © M

roboot © M

vocabullary (gopnik lingo) © M

vocatbulary (meow language) © M

vocaburglary (stealing others' lingo) © LR

svinyard (pigsty 🐖⛺) © LJ

newslater (infrequent news subscription; really slow broadcast) © M

killculator (frag counter) © M

adonments (decorations you put on) © M

angstiety © LJ

sure-iken (homing blade; for non-weebs: "ken" stands for "blade") [ja] © M

humore (because we need mor of it) © M

hoisted by my own retard (failed by an incompetent underling) © M

borkaround © M

hugitive (big-time criminal) © M

strayvelator (travelator that leads you astray, away) © M

signtific © M

laynding (smacking flat down) © M

aggrogate (pull multiple monsters at once) © M

sell yourself chort © LJ

vomeat (indigestible flesh) © M

shilld (paid brand apologizer) © M

rudicule © M

ecolyte © LR

propullsion © LR

nobull (well-bred bovine) © M

blessphemy (forbidden enchantment) © M

intertaining (side distraction between other activities) © M

addmin © M

existence of "lambda" implies existence of "ramda" © LJ

existence of "think" implies existence of "thickk" (and if you don't get it, you're thickk and need to think!) © M

fictionary (has definitions for made up things) © LR

existence of "discover" implies existence of "discunder" © M

malodic (evil music) © M

finctionality (financial features) © M

extrapt (maybe condense from air) © M

rocksygen (oxidizer that makes solid compounds) © M

acheatment © M

alltitude © M

steeroid (drug for improved mental control) © M

cabsule (tiny cramped taxi) © M

roamantic © LJ

selfuric acid (berserk tincture) © M

aerosoil (airborne hard particulates) © M

miniral (found in scarce amounts or very small chunks) © M

techknowledgy © M

menace (femme fatale, masterful against males) © M

existence of "menace" implies existence of "womenace" (lovelace) © M

fedback (has been provided) © M

purchace (swindling a masterful deal) © M

existence of "anymal" implies existence of "anybon" (it lives and dies; also apparently live creature = bad, dead creature = good 🤔) © M

kotcha © M

existence of "amendment" implies existence of "awomendment" © M

contrabanned © LJ

progless © LJ

untertainment (when you're really not enjoying it) © LJ

reinfarcement (feint / fake attack to bamboozle the enemy) © LJ

realigion (worship of something that actually exists) © M

ancestar (glorious ancestor) © M

averich © LJ

simptoms © LJ

differnet © LJ

soup opera (the kind you watch over dinner) © LR

projectory (estimated travel path) © M

meteore © LR

abscent (maybe when you lost your sense of smell?) © LJ

infactuation (love of objective knowledge) © M

rebelution (uprising) © M

combonents © M

althornative (painful palliative) © M

difficultry © LJ

moduration © Y

supportsmen (sportsmen representing a country) © M

fashinism (excluding certain styles) © M

riplacement (for the deceased) © M

fragtal © M

slayvers (killing half their prey) © M

samplify © M

childrone © M

susstenance (food of suspicious quality or origin) © M

sunstenance (autotrophy by photosynthesis) © M

sunstance (maybe sunscreen?) © LJ

sadtire © M

existence of "mannequin" implies existence of "womannequin" or "womannequeen" © M

mayniac © M

meekanic © LJ

potable energy source (energy-dense liquid fuel; compare "portable energy source"; alternatively, fuel you can drink, like ethanol, or regular water if you can use it for nuclear fusion) © M

peecock (makes a rainbow) © M

elopequence (amorous persuasion) © M

peace of shit © Y

"diabolick" 😋😈 © LJ

properganda (sets your brain straight) © M

millitary (tiny army) © M

performangst © LJ

oiligarch (got rich off fossil fuels) © LJ

coñteenend © Y

mounteen © Y

coñbinatorics © Y

mountin (elevated terrain full of metal ore) © M

treasoning (thinking that leads to betrayal) © M

netification © M

nudefined © M

kebaba (curvy-proportioned female) [ru] © M

reading between the lies © M

accentricities (maybe a weird way of talking?) © LJ

idiucation © M

existence of "tagname" implies existence of "tangame" © M

afrodisiac (voodoo love potion; hungry for melanin) © M

budjet (for rapid spending, money shooting out) © M

napking © Y

argumend (words of reconciliation after heated debate) © M

yakots (much better name for Siberian cats) © LJ

blancat (covering made of feline fur; feline keeping you warm) © M

jellous © M

squadroff © LJ

squadrone © LR

existence of "pedantry" implies existence of "manuantry" © LJ

existence of "Illidan" implies existence of "Wellidan" © LR

existence of "infantry" implies existence of "adultery" (when an army regimen visits a town) © M

predicat (feline beauty standard 🐈😻) © M

strongear © M

bumboo © M

bamboom (🎍💥) © M

disciplan © M

campain © M

ultraviolate radiation (penetrates your defenses) © Y

compromiss © M

coinstraint (finance limitation) © M

oozone © M

madeness © M

preservoir © M

bardarian © M

targeting ridicule (when you keep missing easy shots; aiming to make a laugh out of someone) © LJ

placegolder © TK

authorizate © Y

furtunate © Y

furtune © Y

shieldren © M

payckage © M

cellebrity (one that became a felon and got caught) © LJ

sellebrities (those Z-List actors that only get jobs in infomercials) © LJ

coolonists © LJ

talksick © M

toxsick © M

lobot (mechanical crayfish) © LJ

memecry © LR

charcoil © Yury © Mitranim

broughtcast © M

misogynoir © LJ

eagloo © M

existence of "repair" implies existence of "retriple" © M

chickmate (🐤♟️) © LR

"teach" is just an alternate spelling of "cheat" © M

joinior (freshly hired noob) © M

ur-iginal (true progenitor) © M

lyinguage © M

endustry © M

disingenious © M

existence of "maintenance" implies existence of "secondarytenance" and "optionaltenance" © M

equivalnet © M

existence of "malware" implies existence of "bonware" © LR

existence of "lobotomy" implies existence of "robotomy" [ja] © M

existence of "microbe" implies existence of "macrobe" (possibly giant clothing piece) © M

existence of "mandate" implies existence of "womandate" © M

existence of "mainframe" implies existence of "miniframe" like your 📱 or the brainwashing chip in your skull © M

vasteland (large desert) © M

metaworse © LR

manurevre © LR

existence of "sawtooth" implies existence of "hammertooth" © M

salturate © LR

suturate © M

atrashious © M

probablematic © M

uffset © Y

coolapsed © Y

endolphins (hormonal satisfaction from watching acquatic mammals) © LJ

peatrified © LJ

brandfather © M

percushion (kinetically venting your frustrations on your bed) © LJ

dissatisfiction © M

satisfiction © M

intitsifying © M

gascade (chain reaction in gaseous medium) © M

kidchen © M

seetuation (requires examination) © M

sexplicit © LJ

aggrassive (plant that kills you) © M

rewrad © M

bloomprint © M

invasible © M

existence of "higher-ups" implies existence of "lower-ups" and "lower-downs" © M

existence of "observatory" implies existence of "ignoratory" (place where you put all the crap you don't care about anymore; out of sights, out of minds) © LR

existence of "deprivation" implies existence of "depublication" © M

existence of "republic" implies existence of "reprivate" © M

achtivation (of chronic pain) © M

suffuckate © M

kugelblyatz © LJ

postphone © Mike

deter-mine © Mike

explaination © LJ

permissue (insufficient rights) © M

incert © M

mordification (facial plastic surgery; giving something a face lift, perhaps to make it more capable of murder) [ru] © M

indoctorinate (persuade by using "doctored" sources) © M

batchelor © M

existence of "retrofit" implies existence of "modernfit" © LJ

injetction © M

crediet © M

existence of "backoff" implies existence of "backon" (🐖🥩) © M

existence of "bacon" implies existence of "bakeon", "bacoff", "bakeoff" © M

pawnder © M

stoolen (nicked furniture) © M

breadcast © LJ

Tourkey (open for tourists) © LR

loanger © M

existence of "complacent" implies existence of "compladollar" © M

complaincent © M

indogtrinate © M

bankwards © M

eredicate (drown in blood) © M

cloisterfuck © M

retelliation © M

tranquill (writer's flow state; the feathering of an arrow loaded with a sedative) © M

privat (maybe sensory deprivation tank) © M

existence of "testament" implies existence of "checkament", as well as "exament" and "passament" © M

existence of "oblong" implies existence of "obshort" © LJ

imadgine © M

goptcha © M

existence of "Wolfgang" implies existence of "Sheepgang" © M

concradlulate © M

existence of "satellite" implies existence of "satelheavy" © LJ

existence of "deliver" implies existence of "destomach", "dekidney", and more © M

existence of "widget" implies existence of "widgive" and "widtake" © M

orgenically © Y

sendence © M

uplewd (uploading pornographic material) © LJ

destory (revealing someone's story to be fake?) © LJ

vedgetable © M

debiltor (fiscally careless person) © LJ

existence of "vanguard" implies existence of "truckguard" and "lorryguard" © M

instinkt © M

experimint © M

slackluster © M

chillpanzee © LJ

bearrier (🔒🚪⛔🐻) © LR

assertificate © M

beelivery © LJ

existence of "disasters" implies existence of "asters" (clearly a natural state without any complications) © LJ

disasster (running for 🚽) © M

attidude © LJ

addidude © LJ

additude © M

lunatech © M

reguard © LJ

mascat © LJ

catakerous © LJ

deimostration (scares the viewers) © M

palmface © LJ

lugsury (heavy conveniences) © M

terroretically © M

threedom © LR

jeanocide (extermination of certain types of fabrics?) © LR

maneer © Y

meetrics © M

metricks © M

playnning © M

motherator © Y

sceracity © Y

perishute (flawed/faulty parachute) © LJ

katerlysator (feline male stimulating local females) [de] © LJ

kettlyst © M

clausterfuck © M

adoptation © M

detells © M

paytriotic (paid to care) © M

detechtor © M

indeependent © M

indiependent © M

existence of "ampersand" implies existence of "amperwater", "amperground", "voltsand", and "omsand" © M

mossquito (breeds in dark damp places) © M

sheepherd © M

sheepard © M

farticle (fake news) © M

interrorgation © M

cardtoon © M

appallagize (for saying something appalling) © M

insainty © M

identicool © LR

Jupitier © LJ

buttalion © M

stablished © LJ

holocost © LJ

answear © M

ansewer © M

generus © M

genierous © M

existence of "claymore" implies existence of "clayless" © M

taxt © M

stirng © M

soyl (for growing soy) © M

disingenerous © M

glarifaction (satisfaction from staring someone down) © M

glarification (glare at something to clarify what it is) © M

fartial © M

inproper © M

boottom (alternatively "bootom"; a butt that's asking for a boot) © Y

costline © LJ

ooption © M

proounce © LJ

existence of "program" implies existence of "proton" © M

existence of "plutonium" implies existence of "plugrammium" © M

vietal (important and contested by more than one person/faction) © LJ

existence of "viking" implies existence of "viqueen" © M

phraise © M

architechture © Dogmatix

fatall © M

armswer (solving with violence) © M

gleetch © M

sleepign (🐷 💤) © M

enternity (which you enter never to return) © M

sharety © LJ

onlane © M

upperation © M

procedire © M

restoreant © M

appaintment (torturous meeting) © M

mushmellow © M

meducation © M

can't spell "terror" without "error" 🤔 © M

deimocracy (rule with fear) © M

fistival (of mug punching) © M

hype rofile © M

Newkraine © M

Youkraine © M

curtoon © M

cuckroach © M

aristorat © LJ

credebility (in the eyes of the gullible) © M

credebil © M

beecon (attracts swarms) © M

corroderate © LJ

friedn (peaceful ally) [de] © M

debilerations © M

greedings © LJ

orctillery © M

arctillery © M

arkillery © M

ourtillery © M

holester (fails to hold, stuff falls out) © M

innvitation (to a secret lounge) © M

blyatskrik (Russian WAAAAAAAAAAGH!) [ru] © M

blyatskrieg (frequently attempted by Russia) © LJ

tome raider (bibliologist?) © M

acheapment © M

Waschinken (fitting for all the pigs ruling from there) [de] © LJ

Watchington © M

imbursonate © M

mabye © M

kwantum © LJ

qwantum © M

wariable © M

inishell (left from a seed?) © M

assimulate (eating humans and reanimating them as puppets?) © M

mundatory (a boring routine) © M

fixtrue (accidentally guessing real data when making mockups) © M

defeet © M

abumdant (homeless mob?) © M

riplicate (take apart to make copies) © M

toytal © M

religionship (relation based on common faith) © M

notral © LJ

registeer © M

paytron (profitable customer / big spender) © M

cusstomize (decorate while swearing) © M

queston (endless quest for truth) © M

labortary (studies means of canceling life) © M

truck record (proof of mastery of 🚜) © M

existence of "manual" implies existence of "pedal" © M

existence of "legal" implies existence of "manual" © M

spoontaneous © LJ

delugional (irrational fears of a catastrophe?) © LJ

ordearing © M

assensement © M

emphassis © LR

discriminaltory © LJ

can'trol (loss of control) © LJ

commpromised (when someone hacks into your communications) © LJ

antennah (bad connection) © LJ

payrule © LJ

banalytics (collating useless information) © LJ

paincake © LJ

nacrotics (drugs that kill) © M

retieded © LJ

andrestanding © M

incherested (ready to dip a toe into the toepic) © M

cat-a-strophe (terrible cat poetry 😼) [de] © Y

headpjones 🤔 © M

suitbale © M

axcuse (such as "I just want to ax you a question") © M

memebership © LJ

can't spell "culture" without "cult" 🤔 © M

bahg © M

carbone © M

litterature (🗑️📙) © LR

litreture © M

shottle (shots you into space? 🚀) © M

nebullous (vague 🐂 💩) © M

nebulla © M

bootstripe © M

MIDItate (with calm music) © M

nutshall © M

regreat © M

can't spell "trouble" without "rouble" © M

startvation © M

colaboration (joint scientific research) © M

fail free to do X © M

conthrived © M

rateribution (metering out the vengeance) © M

ratribution (giving pests their due?) © M

susspect (one that got sussed out) © M

creatness © M

existence of "corraction" implies existence of "corrinaction" (when doing nothing is right) © M

corraction (taking action to correct something) © M

lung-term storage (as long as you can hold your breath) © M

eroption (some well-known biological processes would qualify) © M

existence of Argentina implies existence of Ughentina © LJ

existence of "colorado" implies existence of "aurado" (where you hear wonderful many noises) © M

slimestone (rock housing slimy creatures?) © M

systme (an egosystem) © M

echosystem (life in a hollow chamber like a cave) © M

ickosystem (full of icky slimy stuff) © M

slyme (slithers into places you wouldn't expect) © M

oreganism (lives in and feeds on ore, like some bacteria) © M

ecocistern (fully closed bio system) © M

protocess (primordial process that makes life) © M

preditor (editor that vandalizes your text before publication) © M

containgency (prevention plan) © LJ

cointingency (cash shortage) © M

tintfoil © M

artefuckt (that's what happened to the Parthenon and those old sumerian or roman ruins ISIL destroyed) © M

centivize (pay someone scraps to get them to do something?) © M

tallerate © M

decayde © M

illlegitimate (hypochondriac?) © LJ

evidance © M

errelevant © M

lightning urod (disfigurement brought about by lightning; someone so ugly, it asks for divine punishment) [ru] © LJ

hyporkrisy (lying about pigs) © LJ

faket (fake fact; alternative fact) © LR

ded = old and close to dying; coincidence? 🤔 © M

rebeatable (always asking for another 👊) © M

occupaid © M

pingpoint (find with echolocation) © M

scheduel (⚔️) © M

cutstom © M

attactics © M

logation (place that deserves to be cata-logged) © M

menass (dangerous badass; dangerous burden animal, like a rabid mule) © LR

improt (foreign wares spoiled by pests?) © M

frygile (crispy but unstable, like poorly-cooked breading) © M

trainsaction © M

nopposite © M

adequit (leave when it's still early enough to not make things worse) © LJ

oopstacle © Y

lolgislation (stupid law) © LJ

undeed (an action that results in some sort of progress being lost; in German "untat", which is essentially the same word means something like "unconscionable action") © LJ

foolosophy © LR

rastupitsa (an idiot who got stuck in the mud) [ru] © LJ

puntuation (improving or ruining a moment with a well-timed or poorly-timed pun) © LJ

gooberment (alternatively "goobermint"; as in goobers whose main purpose in life is minting cash to drive up inflation) © Chipmunch

lagislature (when laws are put into place too late, for example all sorts of internet-laws because b00mers in the govnovernment are tech-illiterate; slow judiciary in general) © LJ

horrorifics (when your language has way too many honorifics) © LR

everage © M

existence of "livery" implies existence of "diery" © LR

sitisfied (when you can finally sit down after a long walk; when a dog obeys your command) © LJ

satisfiled © LR

outelligent (when your knowledge comes from outside, booksmart) © LJ

integreat © LR

nerf american (with brain damage or something) © M

valuedation © M

protocool © M

infiltrading © LR

diealogue (maybe a written accounting of a discussion and your last words to someone, respectively) © LJ

dialog © LJ

toxygen © M

conclewd © LR

rubbear © M

nayming © M

pump-kin © M

joyager (travels for fun) © LJ

occuracy © M

conceder (after agreeing) © M

querystion © M

algorythm © LJ

sainty check © M

iterat © M

colleaction © M

redumbdant © M

sellebrity © LJ

leadersheep (🐏 🐑 🐑 🐑) © LR

plolitics © LJ

diffinition © M

rat herring © LR

exchange rat © LJ

atomatic © M

incredebil © LJ

incrediblya © M

embrassing © LJ

pullverize © M

gameploy (false advertisement for games) © LJ

sheepment (of fur?) © M

axcess (opening a door with an axe) © LJ

aksess (how it should be spelled) © M

chairish (enjoying a rest) © LJ

villaingers © LR

mehthod © LJ

conscientiousness (quality of wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly) © Y

reaview (a scathing one) © M

spithify © M

godcha (accidental sin) © M

predicktable © M

maytain (or abandon) © M

frushtrated © M

latesaber © M

whybrant © M

ordinnery (a regular dinner) © LR

sobjective (reality that makes some people sad, but not others) © M

fauxsimile © M

mediogre (sub-standard intelligence) © LJ

due tea (when you must attend a ceremony) © LJ

pantry is clearly the place where you store pants © LJ

socialies © LR

shittyotic © LJ

koñcat (🐴🐈) [🐴] © Y

koñcatenate (combine 🐴 with 🐈) [🐴] © Y

intrapolate © M

skeep © M

emurgency © M

waivelength © M

digtionary (where you find digfinitions; archeological map showing dig sites) © M

consoul (consul someone into trading their soul? ethereal ambassador?) © M

campture © M

paymend (reparations) © M

aqueduck (bird squatting around plumbing) © M

physicyst © M

deepduplicate © M

booknig (📖) [ru] © M

Jewrusalem (✡️) © M

grabity © M

commtact © M

godbye © M

shellenge © LJ

despeakable © M

apothecarry © M

snailway (train connection with common delays) © LJ

amplant (amplified implant; implanted amplifier) © LJ

tribull © M

impulsible © M

simpossible (when one keeps failing at a simple task) © LJ

weekling © M

mailfunction (failed email delivery?) © M

humudity (also known as rasputitsa, see © LJ

mixmatching © M

imugination (wishing for someone to be punched in the mug) © M

chickeneery © M

imagyarnation (nationalistic dreams of Hungarians, aka Magyars) © LJ

radicalies © M

imagynation (lewd fantasies) © M

imygination © M

cullprit (someone on a murder spree; someone who must be eliminated) © M

racktify (put back where it belongs) © M

apespect © M

gall ladder © M

weapon of mass distraction © LJ

shuffolding © Y

alternot (untenable alternative) © LJ

pigsel (a fat pixel?) © M

slowter (very slow killing) © M

offrontier (when you doubt someone's argument; also name of one German YouTube show) © LJ

lookation © M

prehaps (assumption made in advance?) © LJ

barangin (successful and favourable purchase of a ram) © LJ

paynish (make them pay) © M

biskit (pack of ingredients for making bisquits?) © M

kitnapping © M

exspectation (when you make assumptions on something you observe) © LJ

funemployment © LJ

riscue (dangerous rescue) © M

riproduce (when parents die while giving birth or get eaten by offspring) © M

escapegoat © M

scapegoad © M

frustrading © M

fossile © LJ

killect (presumably fresh game) © M

inslutting © LJ

elacktions (fake elections or an outright dictatorship without them entirely, also known as regular elections) © LJ

everythink (commonly-held belief?) © LJ

pissistent © M

sellvage © M

benefeats © LJ

accruacy © M

clusterphobic © M

seegil © LR

mythematics (when the greek letters start to appear) © LJ

hatchred © M

syndicat (cat lover club; cat pack) © LJ

sendicate (a syndicate that keeps sending you on errands) © M

biggot © M

infeariate © M

charrge (chars the corpse that it makes ⚡; digital/wireless monetary transfer) © M

delithious (food review by a lithovore) © LJ

unskippabull © M

heartware (cardiac implant) © M

longarithm © M

transacton (in large volume) © M

stewdent (apprentice cook) © M

stoodent © M

smugler (proudly successful contrabandist; slave trader) © M

counsell (aka lobbyism; having a meeting on how best to profit from a member's misfortune) © M

devestation (taking off a chest piece) © LJ

inherichance © LJ

reelay (something that conveys messages in a more physical manner?) © M

mashine (blender) © LR

funfare © LJ

funfavourable © LJ

healp © M

tangetrine (unrelated 🍊) © LR

manniquinations © LJ

diplomancy © M

to doominate © LJ

sloathter (of those you detest) © M

can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter" © M

slothter © M

Beelzeboob © M

flushback (remembering something for the last time before it's forgotten) © M

sexile (😏) © LJ

ballcony © M

appeerance (copycat fashion; when you adopt a certain look out of peer pressure) © M

accruate (accruing proper information?) © LJ

shot story (where protagonist dies, or just a mindless action movie) © LJ

shortify © Y

shortification © Y

chillinge (terrifying proposition) © M

haysitate (deliberate while sitting in hay) © M

heysitate © M

rebell © M

premission (doing something before it's permitted; essentially the word that encapsulates "better to ask for forgiveness than for permission") © LJ

cosmosis (cosmic bleed between planes of existence? between universes?) © M

goptimized (language simplified to the point of being rude; robbed to simplify) © LR

looKING (🙊👑) © Y

coñfirm (🐎🏪) © Y

thicksteen © Mike

disploy © M

querification (ascertaining the question) © Y

souplier (liquid food vendor) © Y

participunt (someone who didn't come, or someone cracking out the puns) © Y

highlightning © Y

tabull © Y

fucksimile (lifelike sex doll; also came up in a discussion about how digital versions of real humans would be treated legally if some real-world crime was done to them in VR/AR; also potential of pornstars or people in general pimping a virtual representation of their body out for money or illegally stealing someone's likeness to sell it) © LJ

extravagrant © LJ

hype-tech (fusion, crypto, "AI", you name it) © LJ

conflickt (arguing over favorite flicks) © M

🐴flict © Y

confleact (over nitpicks) © M

potionous © LJ

macrobatics © M

customeyes © LR

wallking © LR

flighter © M

quantitty © M

okree © Y

ogree © Y

likecycle (the lifecycle of a mimicrer like a cuckoo) © M

matterdata © LJ

mateadata © M

koñfusion [🐴] © Y

stimultaneously © M

derpressive © LJ

mopium (depressive episode that compels you to utter inaction) © LJ

scourmish © M

missunderstand © M

yera © M

boundty © M

busness (bus company) © LJ

demonstraight © Y

pign (?) © M

orgchanical (cyborg, biotech) © LJ

"parent" stands for "parent entity" © M

parnet (parent network?) © M

anniversorry (commemoration of something bad) © LR

peeknic © M

pinknic © M

peaknic (on a mountain?) © LR

picnick © M

picknic © M

pignic (🐖🧺) © LR

mailstone © M

someone bazaring you © M

cimplicity © LJ

wickend © Y

toilate (when you don't make it to the toilet in time 😬) © LJ

pchelovek (🐝) [ru] © LR

pigzza (alternative name for Pizza with salami/ham etc) © LJ

fillter © M

hurtcoded © M

drakoñ (🐲🐴? ridable serpent?) [ru; 🐴] © M

gospell (holy incantation with magic power) © M

shotcut (gunning them down to make way; going to a shady alleyway where someone gets shot) © M

messmatch © M

prejewdice © LJ

daylivery (arrives when you're awake) © M

ordeer (holidey delivery) © M

manafacturer (someone with Arcane Energize or other means to restore teammates' energy) © LR

manurefacturer © M

chickout (bird sale 🐦) © M

olimpics (paralympics) © LR

emptity (entity that contains no data) © Mike

endtity (final top-level model) © M

exectly © M

emopetions © LJ

owlympics © LJ

collabooration (involves rude people) © LR

callaboration (over Zoom) © LR

cullaboration (when the weakest links are culled) © Y

cluboration (when they "encourage" you with beatings; solving a problem as a group) © Y

diemension (place that kills you; afterlife, like Hell) © M

sought a thought © M

armacy (gun shop) © LJ

farmacy © Mike

readgion © M

ridgion (territory you want to secede) © M

informination © LJ

informaintion © LR

infirmation (either flawed info or maybe also some facts that make you double down on some bias; maybe certificate you get from doctor to prove to your employer/school that you are sick; unreliable intel; unconvincing data) © LJ

illformation (malicious or false) © LR

ifnormation (very tentative standards?) © M

emplays © M

arrowgance © M

sauce material © M

richarge (withdrawing money from a bank?) © M

copyous (a lot of second hand) © M

botton (for robots to press? 🤖) © M

appeel © M

eyepeal © M

zepeling (small zeppelin) © LJ

buttom © Y

malcuntent © LJ

cuntent © M

harmacy (maybe a regular service for masochists?) © LJ

ridundant © M

unbelievablol (my reaction right now to stupid shit I'm discouvering) © M

prodject (instantly to production) © M

withdrawabull © M

withdrawaball © M

appsent © M

bullwalk © LJ

sellf (sellout?) © M

spelleton (lich) © LR

fance (fancy fence) © LR

arrestaraunt (baits you into debauchery) © LR

pithetic © M

innport (port town with many inns?) © M

existence of "inport" implies existence of "outport" (better than "import") © Y

moneyfest © Y

manurefacture © LR

pullitical © M

seeditious © LJ

RIPublic © M

ethicull (legitimized genocide) © LR

eticat (😺👔) © LR

inklewd (raunchy tattoo?) © LR

appi (API for app developers) © Y

oregion © LR

existence of "defend" implies existence of "defbegin" © M

Lootcipher © LJ

Lootcifer (alternative to Rngesus) © M

Lewdcifer © M

Dermocles' sword (something shitty/dumb waiting to happen) © LR

instoling © M

passworld (maybe a passport respectable enough that it lets one travel freely everywhere 🌍) © Y

saneari (a little adventure/trip close to home) © LJ

Sadfari (nowadays Safari is the IE making developers sad) © M

heradical © LR

beeing (🐝) © LR

minwhile (implies existence of "maxwhile") © M

Afftronaut (astronaut ape in German, or someone saying Astronaut with a lisp 😬) © LJ

interresting (reading a book in bed? also stuff you do in between resting? 🛏️) © LR

intereSTING © M

payrents (when they pay your rent) © LR

wedget (integrates WeChat?) © LR

widjet (tiny rocket engine) © Y

crimeanal (😈🇷🇺) © LJ

screaminal (loud when getting arrested?) © LR

creamynal (?) © LR

criminull (?) © LR

existence of "devil" implies existence of "dgood" © LR

the debil on my shoulder (it thinks it's evil 😈🤪) © Y

paramore (there's actually a band named that) © LR

paragoon (fool trying to act tough and righteous) © LJ

maybe a deceased hero © LJ

paragone © LJ

filltration © M

infilltration © M

buyology © LR

harmvest © LR

limberation (freedom through mobility or dexterity; detaching limbs) © M

oblyaterate (destroy verbally) [ru] © M

obillterate (into bankrupcy) © M

suppillies © M

obliterat (pest that destroys all supllies) © M

disguessting © M

ampool © M

poolarize © M

clawth © M

acsassory (everyone slags you for it) © M

acksessory (everyone acknowledges when they see it) © M

boaSTING © M

boahsting © M

koñic [🐴] © M

matchrics (metrics for matches) © M

matricks © M

matchrix © M

medevil (apt description of Middle Ages) © M

blatancy (slow enough to notice) © M

screamshot © M

oment © M

omentary © M

impointent (ironically either a weak argument or a really important one) © LJ

insanity check © Y

surway © M

surrealpolitik (extension of realpolitik where ideological reasons are set aside and unlikely allies work together, like for example the Nigerian civil war) © LJ

tithle © M

disconut (an obscure offer at an inconvenience store: you buy an already discounted nut and get a second nut for free) © M

sandwitch © M

addvertize © M

existence of "coworkers" implies existence of "pigorkers" (🐄 🐷 👺) © LR

from scraptch (rebooting your Astroneer economy from scrap) © M

fractory © M

nalogous [ru] © M

funnel vision (focusing on the critical path for sales) © M

funnelize © M

profill (profile form you must fill) © M

hardkot © Y

lrage © M

magination (🪄) © M

betterbrod (fancier sandwich) [ru] © LR

акультная (🦈 🔯) [ru] © M

messterpiece © M

laughency (if you miss the punchline of a joke and take a few awkward seconds too long to laugh about it) © LJ

pumpKING © M

insident (from "insidious") © LR

inseedent © LR

allso © M

inwhited © M

laughtency (laughably short delay) © Y

lightency (delay caused by limited light speed) © Y

broduction © M

nullabel © M

swaggear (worth bragging about) © M

depicktion © M

depigtion (of 🐷) © LJ

dangerus (armed gopnik?) © M

triviral (something simple but popular?) © M

suckseptible © M

succseptible © M

silikoñ [🐴] © LJ

silicoin © M

existence of "beta" implies existence of "worsa" © LR

sadvertisement (stuff like those ads asking you for charity donations) © LJ

adivertizing (about undersea trips) © M

adversetizement © M

adversetisment (maybe an ad trying to get you to not buy something) © LJ

errbitrary © M

glolbal © M

countrybution © LR

countribution © Y

cuntribution © M

sampule © M

competutor (learn by measuring up) © M

rotemap (a well-memorized path) © LJ

rodemap (a path well traveled?) © M

accownting (🐄🧮) © LR

acheesements (when you find an easy but fair way) © LR

acheatments (not earned fairly) © LR

labratory (where lab 🐀 are studied 🔬) © M

infantory (stock of orphans for sale) © M

dockKING © M

cativity (mesmerizing feline movements; the usual owner-cat dynamic where the owner is the pet's slave) © LJ

moarning (🥱🌆) © M

undedfined © M

sendbox © M

monekey (💵🔑🐒) © M

robit (synthetic component for robots; 🤖🐇) © LJ

eyedentity (iris scan?) © M

addribute © M

agritecture (🚜) © LJ

arcitecture (electric constructs? tesla coils? wireless power lines?) © M

bingemarking (when you go on a benchmarking rampage and can't stop optimizing) © M

bullnerability (susceptibility to bullshit?) © LR

allslaught © M

striangle (📐😵‍💫) © M

reslut (result that could satisfy many people?) © M

scamdal © LJ

inteleftual © LJ

wenchmark © LJ

baitchmark (benchmark that baits you into optimizing more) © M

entpoint (endpoint that returns entities) © M

reproducktion (🦆) © M

addapter © M

anysing © M

tear🦆s © LJ

pro🦆tion © Y

hippopotom (big slowpoke 🦛) [ru] © M

debooger (👃🔨) © Y

caught kot (🪤 🐈) © M

breckage (debris from something being wrecked) © M

accan't (if you lost your password) © LJ

acconut (hard to crack because of security?) © M

debill © M

indebildual © LR

lemomade © LR

calcollate (over a large dataset) © M

coolcoolate © Y

colculate (over many columns) © M

simpool © Y

simpull © Y

sopli ship © LR

soplier [ru] © M

modefecation (disposing of crap) © M

modifeecation (paying for changes?) © M

appill to authority (💊) © M

culldron © LJ

calldron © M

hijinx © M

ubuild [ru] © Y

seervice (providing clairvoyance) © M

lolgic © M

oldult © M

malahit (popular mineral) © Y

turnbine © M

turbin (trashcan with built-in shredder blades) © Y

sparser (parses incomplete text?) © M

iterface (intermediary representation; iteration protocol) © M

upsettling © M

requipment (some sort of re-used, recycled second hand item) © LJ

inscreeption (creepy text) © LJ

relayable © LJ

relieable © M

survillains (📸😈) © LR

bagin © M

metal illness (anaemia; brain damange from heavy metal addiction) © M

frajail © Y

rekvaaairement (🐸 🎵) [ru] © Y

prohibidead © Y

meanwhale © Y

scarecity © Y

scearecity © Y

gloval (global value) © M

persontation © LR

wearwolf (wearing a wolf coat) © LR

literasure (books you can trust) © LR

congrandulations © M

dangear (preparations for the worst; tools with a price) © M

fullish (full of foolish self-confidence?) © M

seekness © M

horrse (a night-mare) © M

troyan whores (gift to competitors to keep them busy) © M

whorse © M

howly shit (🐺) © Y

raidy (ready for raiding) © M

originull (when you start with nothing) © LJ

anarchitechture © M

dicktachment (gender-reassignment surgery; use of strap-on) © LJ

consoilidate (purchase land maybe?) © LJ

transalte © M

uptain © M

layability (when you are guaranteed to screw someone or floor them with a punch) © LJ

lieability © LR

souplement © M

cownt © LR

amoont (🐄🌚) © M

guardline (last-ditch guideline? hard rules?) © Y

puncakes © M

inventure (adventure in invention) © Y

incombatible (can't be given in MUG?) © LJ

incompetible © M

lolcal © M

remembership (when a group of people has some unique memory that only they could have) © LJ

straynge © M

vortext (word salad?) © LJ

tietle (tie-in work; can't decide who it goes to?) © LR

authornity (a thorn in your side) © LR

latensee (delay before something renders) © LR

frequensee © M

soupermarket © M

dependong © M

maintion © M

liebrary (repository of apocripha; full of misinformation) © Y

aboarlition (extermination of 🐗) © LJ

muckus © M

grabage (job description of garbagemen) © M

algaebrew © LJ

algaebra © LR

abombination (🧟💣) © LR

ipnut (🥾) [ru] © M

repornduce © Y

liblyary [ru] © LR

aperight (simian that consistently walks upright 🐒) © LR

sonflower (existence of which implies existence of "momflower" and more) © M

opteamize © M

celebrat © M

sillybrate © M

weekation © M

clairvoyeur (can predict lewd situations) © LJ

clearvoyance © M

phont © M

enah [ru] © Y

deadluck (may or may not deadlock if you're lucky) © Y

compilotion © LJ

compeelation © Y

interfierention © Y

realistick © M

exstinkt © LR

eqwater (ocean circling the globe) © Mike

incremeat © M

announcemeat (🍖🗣) © M

enchance (risky upgrade) © M

eelectricity (🐟 ⚡) © M

svinegret (🐖🥗) [ru] © M

radicalous © M

svingot (slab of pork meat 🐖) © LJ

porvider [ru] © Y

doneside © M

unmazing © M

bantits (female gang; amastos outlaws) © LJ

to buy something at "fool price" (getting ripped off) © LJ

momth (season of natalities) © M

ashivment (when you finally manage to stab someone) © LR

cowrage © LR

setisfy © M

comepile © M

registar © M

lackbluster (bluffing) © M

blackluster © M

countrol © M

cowder (codes 🐄💩) © Y

bullder (🐂⚒️) © Y

tittoo © LJ

beerocracy © LJ

seamergency © LJ

thikn (trying to use that dense skull) © M

existence of "succubus" implies existence of "sucsphere" and "sucpyramid" © LJ

minipulate (little by little) © M

moonipulate © M

susessful (suspicious/unlikely success) © LJ

showking (trying to show off 👑 ⚡) © Honkson

memberSHIP (part of fleet? 🛳️) © Honkson

asstonishing © Honkson

failout © M

gurmain © M

peece © M

whater © M

coredinate © M

relient © LR

relucktant © M

relictant (maybe being unwilling or frankly unable to do something due to age-related reasons) © LJ

contrapaganda (monotheism) © M

existence of "propaganda" implies existence of "contraganda" © LJ

exitstence © LR

existense (time during which we exist; tense life) © LJ

orkonomics (probably based on how much one can deal out or endure in the mug; after that you can take what you want) © LJ

organomics (conveniences for organics) © Y

owener © M

repressent © M

sunruse (morning on a cloudy day) © LR

porntion © M

thumpnail © M

fromtend © M

subjackt © M

horrifine © Y

extraresting © LJ

interesthing © LR

choco-late (belated or expired) © M

chocolet (getting a taste) © M

can-did-ate © M

laboarious (working with wild boar) © LJ

laboorious (when work became harder due to some incompetent co-worker) © LJ

loadgick © M

dickrement © M

shitake mushroom © M

cheapear © M

answerig (voicemail? ☎️) © LR

chick-in © Y

chick this out © Y

everyware (ubiquitous goods) © Y

koñgratulations [🐴] © Y

congreatulatons © Y

asswell (source of dumb ideas) © Y

everwhere © Y

dicket © M

banshe (loud bitch; incel?) © M

memeber © Honkson

summoff (to dismiss someone) © LJ

sumon (to summoff) © M

can't spell "sticky" without "icky" © M

recoward © M

recower © M

manace (dangerous guy; strong spell or enemy attack that drains all your mana) © M

cowllision (🐄) © LR

callision © LJ

supercower © LJ

clayless © LJ

clamore © M

missilo (launch tube) © M

hostpital © M

hostpitable © M

hospedality © M

housepitality © M

intornal (something that really tears into you) © M

innternal © M

beekeeny © M

bikeeny (with sharp parts? metal?) © M

beekini (with striped pattern) © M

bigkini (for someone hefty) © M

hurrt (attack that puts you in the durrt; also bad puns) © M

payn (so expensive that it hurts) © M

koñtrust [🐴] © M

contrekt (with unfavorable outcome) © M

cuntract © M

cuntrust © M

cantrust © M

countrust © M

koñthrust [🐴] © M

conthrust © LR

koñtrast [🐴] © M

contrust © M

cuntrast © M

countrast © M

skottage (🐖🐄🐐🏠) © M

apologeez © M

apologeese © LJ

upologize © LR

bellance © M

cuntain © M

shirt-lived © Y

somesing (random tune) © M

cuntdidate (female hire) © M

countroller © M

cuntroller (gynecologist) © M

cantroll (must pay this 👹 to roll further) © Y

cantinue (just because you can; when you really can't; open another tin can) © M

cuntinue (sex second round?) © Y

dickade (when temporarily everything's bad, like Perestroika) © M

annoise (people talking loudly in a restaurant) © M

streetegy (street smarts) © M

candidata (a scoop on potential hires; when someone opens up about themselves) © M

burder (border that's a burden to maintain/pass?) © M

pipelie © M

ouriginal © LR

goodess (useful jelly) © M

goondess (stupid kind?) © M

appetide (random hunger) © LJ

appetit (taste for feminine beauty; deliciously-cooked fowl 🐦) © M

apptite (ordering food through app?) © M

appetithe (food tax?) © M

bone appetite (🦴🍖) © Y

treem (cutting tree branches?) © M

fucktory (makes sex toys) © M

matchess © Y

redustribution (when you clean your room of dust; or, rather, shove it into places where it can't be seen 😂) © LJ

dustination (final grave; desert to visit 🏜️) © M

traKING © ️ Yury

deerection (of the herd 🦌) © M

planding © M

splendeed (a good deed) © LJ

spleendid © M

splandid (successful according to plan) © M

dicktator (tyrant) © ️ Yury

roguehog (keeps leaving the team) © LR

zhraphics (demanding/large graphics) [ru] © LR

varianet © M

substrance © M

koñducktor (🐴 🦆) [🐴] © M

conducktor (🦆) © M

koñditioning (training regimen for 🐴) [🐴] © M

koñtribution (to the well-being of the 🐴 tribe?) [🐴] © Y

existence of ".computer" implies existence of ".netputer" © LJ

koñputer [🐴] © M

conputer © M

partycipant © M

trayde © M

treep (to a forest?) © M

luckation © M

abdomnement © M

upponent (has the upper hand?) © Y

mugration (influx of unwashed mugs?) © M

doormitory © M

govoñ (polluted harbor 💩) [ru] © M

dermonstration (💩) [ru] © M

podlowan (betrays the Jedi Order) [ru] © LR

republick © M

existence of "nutrients" implies existence of "oldtrients" (rotten/moldy food?) © LJ

circustance © ️ Yury

dirtea © M

murge © Y

bysickle (with bladed wheels) © M

achief © M

sharelatan (doesn't actually know shit about investments; people who pretend to be generous but are really not) © LR

classick (old illness that was thought extinct, like the bubonic plague re-appearing 🦠) © LJ

enhan-cement © Y

enchancement (luck boost?) © Y

practricktioner © LJ

practicktioner © LR

pincake (baked with 📌🧷🌵) © M

errgument (inherently flawed) © M

peerception (how your friends and so on see you; accepting perception of something from peers without forming your own) © LR

peerspective © LR

candytion (for eating sweets) © M

proclusion © LJ

canclusion © M

cheeken (arrogant poultry?) © M

chickken (🐤 poultry-savvy) © M

moonkey (🌚🐵) © M

shoold (give it a boot) © M

inpossible © M

trainsparent © M

transpairent © M

mailfunctioning © Y

painc © Y

cycol (circle-shaped pillar?) © Y

orgument (first meaningful argument) © Y

maygic © M

pullarity (related to magnetism and pulling something in) © LJ

markot (place for trading 🐈) © LJ

medkot (vasca kavat) [wf] © LR

levytation (escape tax by flying away?) © M

delie (later, if you're dumb enough to believe it) © LR

chancelore (easily missable) © LR

hottel (another term for a brothel; has spa and suntan facilities) © M

membershit (💩) © Y

membersheep (🐑) © Y

bombastard (bombastic bastard) © LJ

decorare © M

aeither © M

byer (stupid "hello" idiot that instantly ignores you when you respond) © LR

congloomerate © M

debig (maybe going on a diet / losing weight; debugging your figure) © LJ

discunt (cheaper prostitute?) © M

moneytor (record financial transactions) © LR

showar (public shower? 🚿) © M

genetick © LR

typig (⌨️🐖) © M

peerversion © LR

sickophant © M

adornable © M

feelosophy © LR

subscrition © M

prodeuce © LR

mass-próduce © M

practits (possibly 🦆 in shooting range 🎯) © M

hwo (who and how?) © LR

tablah (sloppy table definition in SQL) © M

stoopidity © M

soilid © LR

pubelic (nude in public?) © M

rememboring (because you had nothing else to do) © LR

gimplay (dumbed-down) © LR

messquerade © M

smugling © M

necksercise (👔💪) © LJ

hollowgraphic © LR

disversity (opposite of diversity) © LJ

enerdgy (🤓⚡️🔋) © M

beecosystem (🐝) © LR

shoKING (⚡️👑) © M

pnig (to disturb someone with a notification 👢) [ru] © M

pomotion © Nelli

miney (🪙⛏ out of the ground?) © M

dymanic (too fast / jittery; 😈) © LR

bugket (holds bait 🎣) © M

drawmatic (attracts onlookers) © M

interstaining (curious but makes you feel dirty) © LJ

emordalise (maybe to make a head bust of someone to immortalise them) © LJ

emortalize (kill to taxidermy) © M

adverteasement © M

slyghtly © M

mombership (living at home well into adulthood) © Y

harleking © M

harlequeen © M

bowmb (freaking Kuva Bramma) [wf] © LR

habbit (something you dabble in?) © Igor

decadance (💃) © LR

overbored (when something is so far fetched you can't help but be bored by it) © LR

veinom (flows inside) © LR

vainom (infects with Narciss ilness) © LR

ingreedyent © LR

egology (perhaps a flowery way of calling the human psyche) © LJ

stabborn (🔪) © LR

stubboorn © LJ

entroduce © M

gorund (underhill ⛰) [ru] © M

beckground (a past that calls) © Y

Moss🐄 (what it was a millenia ago) © M

pillgrim (💊😤) © M

substenance © M

inductrinate (inject mind-altering chemicals into blood ducts?) © LR

indocktrinate © M

moroning © LR

morening © M

qualititties © LR

astronaughty (sex in space 😏🌠) © LJ

cheaps (affordable chips) © LR

scumdrel © M

loominary © LR

memugry (aka facial recognition) © LJ

memoory (where anything gets lost) © M

annoytate (when someone explains a pun) © M

annoitate (unwanted praise) © M

machiavillain © LJ

fapulous (luxuriously voluptious; like Adeptus Custodes) © LR

purrview (when you watch cats 🐈 👀) © LJ

purson (with a thick wallet?) © Y

accpunt (one you don't care about) © M

carton villain (laughable and weak) © M

cantrol (of unruly) © M

exonomics (for when we have space industries and the like) © LJ

anythong © M

prograss (growing 🪴?) © LJ

shedule © M

ragexp (when you can't make a regexp work) © M

domesticage © LR

clame (BS assertion) © LR

abnility (something you can't do) © M

badtch © M

sicknonym (for a misdiagnosed illness) © LJ

dyenamic (changes colors constantly) © LR

outrangeous (such a stretch that it infuriates) © LJ

epithany (when you come up with a smart comeback quickly on the spot) © LJ

pitfail © M

aportunity (free partking slot in a port?) © M

armputation © LJ

aswinine © M

assinine © M

modoll © M

rudent (🐁🤬) © LJ

autonomouse (loner 🐁) © M

interfaeces (typical OOP) © M

electrickcity (unreliable) © LR

trainwerk © M

actopus (🐙) © Y

Actober (when things happen) © M

icknore © M

reeliable (always makes you shake) © M

existence of "heresy" implies existence of "theresy" © LR

reprehandsible (mittens going where they don't belong) © M

busybility (pretending to work) © LR

neighboor © LJ

whoresman © LJ

uroad (typical russian road; ugly road with potholes) [ru] © LR

safekeyping (securely under lock and key) © M

categlory © Y

anywear (clothes for every occasion) © LR

sembalance (approximation of fairness; appearance of being half-fair) © M

lawndry (doing or rather hanging your laundry up in the garden; irrigating / cleaning your lawn) © LJ

koñnection (🐴 socializing, 🐴 attachment) [🐴] © M

koñstitution (🐴 power?) [🐴] © Y

ourganization (as opposed to theirganization) © LR

cellery (well-packed assortment of greens) © LJ

existence of "admin" implies existence of "admax" (the former is when you have adblocker installed, the latter is if you do not) © LR

oddmin © M

koñnibalism (🐴 eating 🐴) [🐴] © M

existence of "lesson" implies existence of "moreon" © M

laterr (when your tardiness causes a big issue down the line) © LJ

stalcur (canine stealth tracking) © M

passified © M

whatch © M

seet (before 📺) © M

augwomentation © M

boobster (breast augmentation) © LR

understandebil © LJ

koñdidate (poised to win a race 🐎; high-🐴power hire) [🐴] © LR

negoatiation (when your diplomacy runs on 🐐) © LR

techtics © LR

demoncracy (😈) © LJ

matrial law (matriarchal hegemony) © LJ

koñvict (horse thief) [🐴] © LJ

trusters (pray for them to get you there) © LR

higherarchy © M

heirarchy (order of inheritance) © LR

hairarchy (mandated haircuts like in North Korea) © LR

herarchy (matriarchy [en]; based on dong size [ru]) © LR

hirearchy (pay to have a whole clan on your side) © LR

heararchy (familiar to you) © LR

herearchy (local only) © LR

koñterfeit (Trojan horse; a pony peddled as a young horse; a lowborn horse peddled as a high breed; probably more) [🐴] © M

cointerfitter (someone peddling counterfeit coins) © LJ

cuntstomer (one that can just straight up fuck off) © LR

custormer (really impatient ones that try to get into the store early/late) © LR

cusstomer (bitch asking to see the manager) © LJ

meadicine (Skyrim-level healthcare 🍯🍺💊) © M

sisyphon © LJ

abugdance (plenty of bugs like this upgrade) © LR

safare (a fee you have to pay for a safari) © Y

inhiretance © Y

inheretense © Y

embadded (not inserted properly) © Y

forkast (a prophecy with many outcomes) © M

randoom (sudden death) © LJ

suckseed © M

superbole (if there's "hyperbole", why not this?) © M

esteamed (well-prepared dish?) © M

elicktricity © M

triumphirate © M

lawndering (lawful way to launder money; lawn irrigation) © LR

invextigate © LJ

topig © M

agentda (🕵) © LJ

agross © M

iconsistent © M

mugmory (memory for faces) © LJ

trailblyazer © LR

transmite (parasite contagion) © M

peckage (bunch of bird feed?) © M

enterface (newcomer?) © Y

painguin (pecks really hard; lived too long for its species) © M

pain customers (💸😭) © M

gopy paste (plagiarize; "lift" supposedly secret information that you found) © M

hit wave (🔥🔨) © M

stategy (for min-maxers who win by jerking off to stat bonuses) © LJ

moneyfestation © LR

pithon (when you write pithy comments using/about Python) © LJ

manafestation (manifestation of magic) © LJ

tutrial © kostanye

witchet (enchanted widget) © LJ

respwning (when you get a second wind after getting pwned) © LJ

lattency (coffee served late; how quickly coffee is delivered) © LR

retreeve (from high branches) © M

bustard (bloody bus that's tardy again) © LR

worklaud (when you keep boasting how busy you are) © LR

blyasphemous [ru] © LR

mordarus (dangerous gopnik?) [ru] © LJ

lawsued (instigated by gov prosecutor) © M

lowsued © M

lowsuit © LR

suecide (frame someone for your death?) © M

soupstrate © M

techtile (touch technology) © M

allyen (👽) © M

Dooma (parliament up to no good) [ru] © LR

Dumass (Russian parliamentary official) © LJ

digdefied (defy/prevent something with dignity and class) © LJ

proofile (verifies someone's identity or details) © M

reliarble © LR

translater (a lazy one) © LR

boorocrazy © LR

boorocrat © LR

hornmone (either makes you horny, or makes you want to play 📯) © M

whoremons (📯) © LR

overhole (overhaul that doesn't end up well) © LR

augMENT (🤖👮; cop that oppresses crippled individuals with cyber-prosthetics; cop with cyber-prosthetics; cerebral enhancement, such as extra cogitators) © LR

axterminate (💀🪓) © M

ballance © M

carrent (busy roadway) © M

threategy © M

goption © M

coronatin © M

caught by a kot (🐈) © LR

ghoulem (animated dead flesh?) © M

appearatus (teleportation engine; holographic projector) © LJ

educat (кот учёный 😼) [ru] © LR

narkotik (addictive 🐈) [ru] © M

asscertain © M

cointent (👛🐴; using a safe for storing money? 👎; storing your money in the bank? 🙅‍; putting your money in a tent? 🤑) © M

monotics (implied by existence of politices; maybe autocracies/dictatorships?) © LJ

inport (arrives by ship 🚢) © Y

emergentsy © LR

rundevu (rushing to meet) © M

Bullgaria (land of 🐂) © Y

bullshield (immunity to nonsense 🛡🐂) © Y

mooderation (mood correction) © Y

incorrection (when you correct someone but it's actually wrong) © LJ

bullshed (where 🐂 belongs) © M

errorgant © LR

herpoon (hooks you up) © M

paintenance (prophylaxis against injury at a doctor or so) © LJ

supricing (surprisingly expensive/cheap) © LJ

meatadata (very juicy 🍖) © M

hurtbeat (💔🔨; arrhythmia) © Y

visionair (some hallucinogenic gas) © LJ

worsion (worse version) © LR

ickspectation (preparing for something unpleasant) © M

sortier (for sorting out the crap 🚽) [ru] © M

cloock (can't stop checking ⌚) © M

killometer (kill statistic) © LJ

app-roach © M

pigeonback (the way mail is delivered by carrier pigeons 🐦📜) © LJ

procesters (people against the machine) © LJ

spindustry (company producing fans, propellers etc; those who twist information; gossiping hens) © LJ

primitech © M

artistick (paintbrush/easel?) © LJ

indeathted (indebted in death, like with the mafia) © LJ

troublem (try hearing this in your head) © M

physicopath (mental health doctor; mad scientists) © LJ

policement [ru] © M

inventation ("feel free to vent") © LR

purposal © M

finealized © M

forbirden (for 🦜en) © Y

paradies (what muslims believe in: paradise after death; alternatively, paradise lost) © LR

fanction (fan fiction? fan action? fan function? fun faction?) © M

naughtylus © LR

sequelies (one lie after another) © LR

warfair (chivalry) © LR

bredbox (aka TV) [ru] © LR

enlieten © LR

cowalry (riding cows 🐄) © LR

boorbarian (really dim barbarians, if that's possible) © LJ

amnity (alternatively "emity"; some sort of love-hate-relationship perhaps? ❤️💔) © LJ

archtefact (made by architects) © M

koñscience (animal empathy; horse studies 🐴🔬) [🐴] © M

feetal position (when one is standing on one's own feet 🦶) © LJ

foetish (trying not to imagine) © M

feetish (foot fetish 🦶) © LJ

highbrid (high breed hybrid) © LR

dragone (a dragon that's gone or defeated) © LR

sinosaur (chinese dragon) © LJ

dungen (dungeon generator) © LR

sircle (a society of gentlemen) © LR

foroom (congregation in a closed space) © LR

ledeer (alpha deer 🦌) © LR

democratorship (a dictatorship that at least pretends to be democratic) © LJ

chessplate (♟) © M

equiviolent (equivalently aggressive) © LR

whyriety (questionable variety, like someone's wardrobe) © LR

dielogue (dialogue that ends in one party dying; boss yapping before you finish him) © LR

wrecklamation (can't tell if repairing it, or wrecking harder) © LR

erudeite (an insufferable know-it-all) © LJ

pur-chase (something you keep looking for, but can't buy?) © Igor

suspic © M

preent (pretty-print, preen before printing) © M

shoretcut © M

eeksplosion (of ick) © M

daemoon (🌚😈) © M

deeposit (located deep underground) © LR

talong © M

sirtificate © M

lendscape (land that you rent, or rent out to someone; not borrowscape) © M

cyclick © Y

empression © M

commend © M

addigtive © M

dung-geon © M

combi-nation © M

calibear (Californian bear?) © LR

aimbush © M

govknowerment (surveillance state) © M

introfucktion © Y

introducktion © Y

peekture (only caught a glimpse) © M

librarey (collection of rare books) © LR

contex © M

incubator (cube makes cubs) © M

corporeality (material universe) © M

frequest (frequent request) © LR

hypocracy (a govnovernment form based on lies and deception, run by Kremlinals no doubt) © LJ

kremlinal (blatantly corrupt Russian politician working out of Moscow specifically) © LJ

seekurity (when you're looking to hire some; or maybe when the guards are alerted and looking for you) © LR

sickurity © LR

edirtor © M

astunishing © M

relick © M

koñfactionary [🐴] © LR

candydate © M

mailwhere (hijacks email?) © Y

deal with the debil (😈) © Y

logeek © LR

litteracy (when you've read a lot but it's all garbage) © LR

kotegory (in a cat-a-log) [🐈] © M

afterwords (after a talk) © Y

publick (attacked by dog attention in public?) © M

cattacked (🐈) © LJ

cosmedic (not a real medic, cosplaying one) © M

longin (authentication that takes forever) © M

feliny (feline felony) © LR

mythodology (only rumored to work) © M

horrorscope (horoscope full of horrifying predictions) © LR

politheist (religious ideologue in politics) © LJ

popsuckle © M

popsickle © M

playting (noisy toy?) © M

inapt © M

memesis (bad memory that keeps coming back; nemesis that generates plenty of memes, like Marauder Shields, or someone who makes such awful puns/memes that you're reconsidering your friendship status because you want to MURDER them) © LR

clinet (network of clients) © M

whyolence (fighting for an unclear reason) © LR

defailt © M

annoygance (annoying arrogance) © LJ

inhairitence (when you get a wig made out of real hair) © LJ

lockate (get a lock on target) © M

torchure (using fire to torment someone) © M

artifucked © M

commduit (transmission relay) © M

enjoin (join in enjoyment, like an MP game) © LR

separat (loner away from pack) © M

finction (financial feature or action) © M

shirtcut © M

patriodick © LJ

litteral (absolute garbage; garbage in the sea = littoral © LJ) © LR

Novgurod (ugly new city) © LJ

eliteronics (elite electronics) © LR

pryvacy (when you pry personal information out of someone) © LR

snottytude © LJ

ismackulate (a cleanly-executed smack) © LJ

soplitude (when you have a cold alone or something) © LR

lien (line that's lying) © LR

koñspire (🐴🗼) [🐴] © LJ

koñcurrency (🐴💵) [🐴] © LR

kavat emptor (getting ripped off, via cat in bag) [warframe] © LR

queuecumbersome (something like an annoying queue you're stuck in) © LJ

immediadatedly (something urgent that was not fulfilled on time) © LJ

painfool (someone who keeps hurting himself out of their own incompetence) © LJ

innterest © M

hopefill © M

griefcase (emotional baggage) © M

arrgument (rest parameters array) © M

numbear © M

plati-num (a number that you pay) [ru] © M

appbroach © M

armoar (never thicc enough) © M

cateogries © M

methadata © Igor

lieting (color-corrupting lighting) © M

angrygation (precursor to a riot) © LR

commplete © M

dumbdgeon © M

degenerat (genetically degraded rodent) © M

intreensic © M

wreckless © M

dogpilled © LJ

suckspicious (when your behaviour is so obvious and you're that bad at covering up your guilt that everyone knows it's you) © LJ

genierosity (when a 🧞‍♂️ is generous) © LR

aluminimum © LJ

conspirituality (spiritual conspiracy?) © LR

villionaire (rich villain) © LR

koñsequence (🐴 procession) [🐴] © LR

bonebardment © M

motification (signal to action) © LR

prodocol © M

chokeolate © M

correactly © M

deveiloper © M

adwise © M

addwise © LR

cancell © M

dieversion (fatal distraction) © M

abducktion (when you steal a 🦆 ... or a 🦆 steals you) © LR

kozino © LR

biginning © M

asscourt (to flirt someone based on the very basal appreciation of their behind) © LJ

sortcut (being a bit more lazy when it comes to sorting things properly) © LR

jollyfish © M

terriball © M

eclectric © M

simplement © M

goplin [ru] © M

centense © M

blyame © Yury [ru]

gorodock (small port town) [ru] © M

gorodog (dog town) [ru] © LJ

Horsus Heresy (one giant koñ) [🐴] © LR

needles to say © M

colonice (colonize something but be nice to natives) © LR

airticle (a bunch of hot air) © M

modifee (payment for an upgrade) © Igor

ambullance (ambulance that bullies you?) © LR

paynding (not paid yet) © M

frostrating (❄️) © M

mulltiplayer © M

plotform © M

tearminate (😭) © Y

tornminate (tear the agreement) © M

gophernment (state run by uplifted, sentient gophers?; state run by Go developers?) © LJ

deckstop © Madiat

koñdom (home for 🐴; plastic dome that keeps 🐴 inside) [🐴] © Y

koñtingency (when 🐴 are out of koñtrol) [🐴] © LR

koñcurrent (🐴 racing each other) [🐴] © Y

koñtinent (where wild 🐴 are abundant) [🐴] © Y

koñtinuum (endless stream of 🐴 puns) [🐴] © Y

liesense (being able to tell when one is lying, i.e. not accepting someone's liecense) © LR

liecense (permission to lie) © LR

fartist (produces modern art) © LJ

delaytency (also known as lagtency) © LJ

immigrunt (unqualified immigrant) © LJ

districkt (has a difficult-to-navigate layout) © M

dishtrict (full of kitchenware shops) © M

phonectionality © M

sentense (gets everyone nervous) © M

lucksury (exquisite and hard to find; brings sure luck) © M

workship © M

disgussion © M

fallder © Y

manyfold © M

pisstol (squirts urine) © M

moneypulation (financial machinations) © M

fixion © M

arrestocrat (arrested in development) © M

eitherwise © M

hacksess (access granted) © LJ

intelligentle © M

intelligenter (more intelligent) © LJ

weekness © M

reguestration © M

entyre © M

provocat (very feisty feline) © M

behavor © M

supperstition © LR

stuperstition © M

mugshroom © LJ

Confusianism © LJ

apparation © M

dreadmill © M

coinside © M

concider (which alcohol to drink) © M

maintame © LR

god point (killer argument) © M

fieldtering © M

religoon © LJ

sibiling © Y

sabotrage © LR

cold-bloodead © M

turbo boast (turbo boost) © LR

perpetrade © M

ecolight © LR

acolite © LR

acolight (bright student) © LR

newron (newly formed brain cell) © LR

greyt (majestic but obscure) © M

pullshit © M

dully noted © LJ

baited breadth © LJ

baited breath © M

planerth © LJ

distincture © M

disctinction © M

devstruction (product-destroying development; messy development) © M

shif/tty (non-US keyboard layout where keys are shifted around) © M

brakethrough © M

terminanal © M

data sate (large, satisfying data set) © M

pwnsexual © M

pornsexual © M

stream of unconsciousness © LJ

languishge (stagnating language) © M

dumbgrading © M

bloodform © M

risqueue © M

reaperposed © M

hadtch © M

forthtune © M

fourthtune © M

reekognize (smell a mile away) © M

craphics © M

rigulate (jury-rigged rules) © M

aboundance © M

baroqueue © M

plantform (vegetation support; growth that supports) © M

koñsciousness (animal-level intelligence) [🐴] © M

haulder (holding harness for hauling) © M

hight © M

stringth (tensile power) © M

penful © M

smellting © LR

koñtainer (stable?) [🐴] © M

muderation (public defamation) © Y

murderation © Y

conactor (brings people together to swindle them) © M

connactor © M

sophtware (sophisticated or "wise" programs/virtual intelligences) © LJ

softwear (smart clothing, those kinds of powered clothes with some fancy gadgets in them) © LJ

sopliments (supplements against a cold) [ru] © LR

rantional (rational rant) © LR

aspyre (ambition that burns; ambition flying too close to the sun; to hope to find something while spying) © LJ

insultful © LJ

scannibal © LJ

emissionary (emissary with a mission; emitting missionary) © LJ

infer-red (to make assumptions based on infrared scans) © LJ

gangoon © LJ

laguage (slow, lagging language) © M

hairesy © M

impsportant © M

imsportant © M

queencidence © LR

runbler © M

smalltaneous © M

inbestigate © M

discourge © M

huntred © M

tuplicate © M

entertaisting (entertaining and tasty) © LJ

arghument © LR

editional (added with corrections?) © Y

pirage (being angry at being the victim of piracy; alternatively a contracted form of the historical "Age of Piracy") © LJ

koñstruct (Trojan horse) [🐴] © LJ

choret (a chort that's being a chore; a chore only worth being performed by a chort) © LJ

explord © LR

seatizen © M

degrease © M

squarical (like spherical but for... a square) © LJ

dieceased (tautological death; lethal game of dice) © LJ

diesease (lethal disease) © LJ

gunfar (far gunfire) © LR

recrewt (recruit for crew) © LR

irunically © M

treachers © M

lenscape © M

lancescape © M

boredroom © LR

breallyant © M

hair-ethical © M

deathspatch © M

lechtor © M

lechture © M

heretech © M

callculate © M

excrementation © M

expectremaintation (on cadavers) © LR

slong [🐘; ru] © M

somethink © Y

waisting food (eating so much your waist grows) © LR

painding © M

montenance (performed by Pokemon Day Care) © M

newsful (new and useful) © LR

delivrium © M

deliverium © M

brednought © LR

breadnought © LR

agreedy © M

koñvoy (horse caravan) [🐴] © LR

koñscript (someone who got drafted into cavalry/with their horse) [🐴] © LR

govnorment (makes gov norms) [ru] © M

govnoverment [ru] © M

deeplomat © LR

digitall (only digits/digital; standing on all digits to be taller) © LR

afraidn't © LJ

tarbloid (covers people in dirt, blackens their reputation) © M

trashbloid (essentially an example of Gutter Press) © LJ

converstation © M

satisfucktion © LJ

catscene (footage of 🐈) © LJ

kotscene (footage of 🐈) © LJ

debrisfing (debriefing: filling heads with flotsam; convening to organise reconstruction efforts of some kind) © LJ

rogod (god out of machine) © LJ

muskullar © M

muskullature © M

minisculature © M

bull request © M

capitoll © M

popularea © LR

allegendary © LR

superseed © deathaxe

plastick © M

arcanization © M

orcanization (👹) © M

uninhabitant (theoretical, non-existent inhabitant, for prospective colonization or uninhabited regions) © LJ

inwastement (wasted investment, courtesy of seeing new university buildings from my bus) © LR

fatch (go get food) © M

diffold (stacked defaults) © Y

eyetem (👁) © M

attenttion © M

comfyrmation © M

lancecape © M

intertainment (maybe entertainment on the internet? or between multiple people or across the world?) © LJ

indentional © M

unfuckenate © M

infaction (undeniable, unforgettable facts) © M

treeck © M

artchitect (artistic architect) © LJ

tentth (⛺️) © Daniyar

currection (up-to-date now) © M

discribe (etch on a discplate) © M

aboondance © M

ambiguilty (when someone‘s guilt is in question) © LJ

debillitating (crippling expense) © M

debuilder © M

debilops © M

debilopers © M

flawrish © M

fulfilth © M

cockrockch © M

berrier © M

mathtery © M

sentinet © M

indoctorinated © M

ingreedyents © M

pendemic (writing fad) © M

incurbator © M

individial © M

purperty © M

koñtroll [🐴] © Y

corporat (someone who bootlicks or defends corporations/consumerism) © LJ

dogmestication © LJ

domesticat © LJ

messtake © M

confersion © Y

vendoor © M

potatoe © M

offten © M

tonnel © M

partnershit © LR

failevator © M

coresponds © M

whyper © M

arghive © M

hellarious © M

decumentation © M

haltkey © M

shellter © M

beetween © M

artbeertrary © Y

arbeertrary © Y

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artbitrary © M

teethering © M

warsheep © LR

worsheep © LR

gangsmen © M

developwoment © M

developmen © LR

developists © LR

dentacles © M

pretension © M

heavycopter © M

estublish © M

metallion © M

incraze © LR

abillity © M

missing around © M

randering © M

staintment © M

digsappear © M

diggits © Y

orcitecture (bashed together by grunts) © M

beeriod © Y

moistly © M

horseshoo © M

antidope © M

turnament (where contestants act one after another) © M

zhirnalist [ru] © M

zhulnalist [ru] © LJ

coolumn © M

paysically © LR

alphabeat © M

compyre © M

pistool © M

menually © Y

cheear © M

chortcut [ru] © LR

suredcut (reliable shortcut) © M

foolder © M

dark mord [ru] © M

sintax © M

extrim © M

extream © M

e-legal (cybercrime) © LJ

mellowdramatic © M

sellebrate © M

talken (communication token) © M

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fitture © M

anywon © Y

roboost © Y

morbile © M

persuasian (persuasive Asian; Asian persuasion techniques) © LR

spich © M

precedure © M

unrevel © M

suckrifice © M

storytolling © M

unmatchural © M

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wreck'we'ems © M

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sleepery slope © M

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blackup (shadow backup) © Y

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headerr © M

mulltiple © M

purrpaws © LR

purrpose © M

strasheklassnik [ru] © LR

compuller © Y

deathsappointing © LR

reallyable (really reliable able ally) © LR

tellink © Y

pussyfist © M

deepbugging © M

shyning (glowing blushing) © Y

grabitate © M

chortage (annoying shortage) [ru] © LR

egochamber (echochamber for lonely people who keep only their own counsel) © LJ

mental oselum (donkey) [ru] © LJ

incompetitor (incompetent competitor) © LJ

purrson (🐈 lover; male cat cub; furry lover) © M

appinion © M

cullindar (schedule for slaughter) © M

add-apt © M

dicklaration (requires a cunter-argument) © Y

arrowr © Y

airror © Y

twomorrow © Y

costomization © Y

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lieteral © Y

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probeability (testable hypothesis?) © M

koñman [🐴] © Y

comman © M

inclewd © M

incload © M

keybird © Y

enterpreter © M

incorrekt (being so wrong that one gets destroyed) © LJ

soulitude © M

boostrapping © M

innerface (inner side of interface) © M

wayke © M

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skovolodka [ru] © LR

manipullate © LR

maniapulate © LR

moneypulate © M

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syncretin (from and cretin) © LR

addictional © M

disctinct © M

turnsaction © Y

conwaynient © M

conveynient © M

betroy © M

entertaintment (fun that tarnishes) © M

entertainman © LR

anymy (any enemy; enemy of anyone?) © LR

lookrative © LR

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envoyce © M

adornsenal © M

foodder © M

deplowment © M

sayquence © M

sicquence © M

sickquence © M

unambuguous © M

fullder (packed folder) © Y

headear © M

ingreedients © M

snapshort © M

benefist © M

cointinue (insert 🪙 to proceed) © M

addictionary (reference manual for dangerous drugs) © M

unawear © M

workflog © M

peeriod (peer approval interval) © M

developears (developers who listen) © LR

convenant (convening under a covenant) © M

behide (hiding behind) © M

condirtional © M

scaracter © LR

preformance © Y

coughtious © M

orkestrate © LR

orkestra (ork orchestra) © LR

changelong © LR

ogranization © M

apocalapse © M

betterfly © LR

cauldrone (robotic stew-ard) © M

dickline (decline dick? decling like a dick?) © LR

hellthcare (mortally bad healthcare) © LJ

sadbox (sandbox in sad state) © M

bullwork © M

bulwork (defense that's hard to build 🛡) © M

bullwark (aka bullshield 🛡🐂) © M

rob-bot © M

smock © M

faintastic (so good, it knocks you out) © M

compair © M

manyscript © LR

menuscript (hand-written selection) © M

addvantage © M

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compligated (gated by complexity) © M

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cooltist © M

reasonator © M

deedstroy © M

obay © M

innterval © M

derpendencies © M

playment (pay to play) © M

boorocracy (boorish bureaucracy aka me on MEA) © LR

porcupain (the pain of getting stung by a porcupine) © LJ

containt © M

splipt © M

treesearcher (tree researcher, botanist) © LJ

hellalujah © M

expentations © M

enternet © M

crocodildo © M

crocobile © M

apairtment (for two) © M

apartyment (party apartment) © LR

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unnoying © M

nanimal © M

brandom © M

universale © M

realated (really realevant) © M

tbale © M

againg © M

elemetal © M

gooddess (benevolent deity) © M

supairvision (what air traffic controllers do, from "air") © LJ

pactitioner © M

dickplomacy (maybe synonymous with Gunboat Diplomacy; so just very brash and uncouth diplomatic swagger at the expense of the zh/opponent) © LJ

lawphole (loophole + law; some legal technicality that was overlooked) © LJ

whoreshipped (worshipped + whore; probably some sort of one-sided romantic arrangement) © LJ

ass-sis-tant (well-rounded secretary) © M

hardcordead © M

hardcorded © LR

bugfox (hunting down to squash it 🦊🐞) © M

derpty © LR

assance © LR

vidiot © M

dank you © M

stuffocating © M

sell-defense (protecting yr © M

bullian © M

inderpolate © M

hormonic © M

haremonic © M

associarted © M

muggot © M

dreadnot © M

juggernaught © M

juggernot © M

incompatibile © M

directroy © M

possibile © M

ulternative © M

ingrateful (ungrateful for a stupid action) © LJ

stom-ache (stomache ache) © LJ

insalting © M

thrivial © M

roward © M

cantfess © M

countribute © M

respondsibility © M

pussyade © M

pursuade © M

segregious © LR

occurved © M

schedual © LR

delayvery © M

grimeass © LR

grimeace (muddy mug) © M

notificat (gently wakes you up at morning) © M

confeegurable © M

recoñ (mounted scout) © LR

sinthesis (sinful thesis? synthesis through sin?; impregnation; apocrypha: thesis that gets you excommunicated, therefore a sinner) © M

corridot © M

orkanized © M

ripair © M

dicklare © LR

cannect © M

famework © M

unsane (beyond sanity, but yet not insane) © LR

medification © M

prepaired (partners well-adjusted to each other) © LR

missage (a missive you missed) © M

promissing © M

litterally © LR

flogking © M

minifest © M

hellth © M

transfermation © M

subscraption © M

information © M

mycoorganism © M

recommaind © M

apartmement © LR

ad-venture © M

develoop © LR

consuckquence © M

doemon (does things in the background) © M

polyglod (gnaws on everything) © M

invastment © M

brainbow © M

consolidarity © M

cantains © Y

bamboobzled © M

bamboob © M

impatent © M

classter © M

awkful (trying to make awk syntax not conflict with how Groovy parses embedded bash) © LR

coñqueryror © LR

aqueryum © LR

smogscreen © M

tryjectory © M

meleetiry © LR

meleetary © LR

perpetraitor © M

unconsistent © M

legistics © M

lagacy © LR

declaraction © M

deliberat © M

delibearate © LR

anymal © LR

mattric (metric that matters) © LR

containmination (contained contamination) © LR

dateabase © LR

suckrificial © LR

infarmation (useful for obtaining large quantities) © M

manugement (manual micromanagement) © M

autestic © Y

ass-sumption © Y

alloycate © M

assiom (axiom related to ass — e.g. "ass always exists") © LR

aveilable (hidden within reach) © M

murmurder © M

elichiable © M

megazine © M

medievil © M

patroll © M

culltivate © LR

loreplay © M

edickation © LR

enducation © M

beerable © M

lagluster (sucks due to slow performance) © M

veryable © Y

companent © Y

realevant © Y

blahsphemy (spouting random gibberish offensive to godheads) © M

playtinum © M

arteffect (artful artefact) © M

garbug © LJ

dievirgins © M

upgreeding © Kaeyz

fartress © M

sadistick © M

sadisfucktion © M

sadisfaction © M

sadisfying © M

pessemitstick © M

opteamum © M

someboy © Y

deal-C (third-rate DLC) © M

taxin (taxes poisoning your system) © M

clumpsiness © M

statistick (a metric to whack people over the heads with) © M

insurgeoncy © LR

kung-fu-sing (convoluted movement?) © M

skipter (skip + scepter) © M

purifire © M

dearelict © M

lol-tech (low-tech but even more laughable) © M

gopying (copy something and prevent them from using it; "lift" in a true sense) © M

adampter © M

hatphones © M

tearetical © M

burycade © LR

polidicks (corrupt politics, like the Zhukrainian Rada) © LJ

distrance © M

negatiation (essentially a discussion that's so fruitless you're worse off after it) © LJ

attraptive (sort of like a honeypot; meaning a woman that seduces people for some nefarious purpose) © LJ

cirquit © M

sucksassful © Y

punyshment (scoffing at someone who did wrong) © M

manyually © M

ackwards © Y

discour (through intense search; when you scratch off the layers of shit masking something) © Y

septomber © M

correctify (rectify a false correction) © LJ

hvostage (tails you on a rescue mission) [ru] © M

wholographic © M

trigged © M

dork matter © M

truejectory © M

lieght (lies brought to light) © LR

cosmotics (cosmos-themed decorations? decorating the cosmos?) © M

poledrons (spiky, protruding shoulder guards) © M

pauldrones (shoulder-mounted robots) © M

haulted © M

queentillion © M

exbansion © M

inprovement © M

emojo (💪) © M

abstrain © M

redamnation/recondemnation/recomdemnation (just came up because someone was asked if he liked something and the answer was rather inconclusive since he liked it, but didn't recommend it due to many condemned negatives) © LJ

con-sensual © M

oberator (operator that berates you on comms) © M

struss (stress support?) © M

indoctorination © M

mainwhile © M

hardvester © M

soulty © M

dodjo © LR

blunderbus © M

petch © M

recomdemnation (liked but didn't recommend due to many condemned negatives) © M

aimcounter © M

fromt © M

lawtitude © LR

lowtitude © LR

javascrapt © M

javascrap © M

liebour © M

whorrible © M

aftwards © M

boobking (like booking but...) © M

beefore © M

ballt © M

diesection © M

laytency (going to bed late) © M

boundwidth © M

brandwidth © M

bisquit (stop eating early) © M

endevour (to endeavour to devour) © LR

histroy © M

ripository (repo that went RIP or got ripped off from another) © LR

repositroy © M

youser © M

appload © M

queuestion © LR

questtion © M

resque (wait to be saved) © M

borther (bothersome brother?) © LR

quariantine (self-quarantine by wearing hermetic suits) © M

refridgearator © M

pawe (e.g. pave the way, stomp it out with paws) © M

earror © M

projet © M

meanvile © M

anymation © M

beeple (🤖 population) © M

sinergy (confluence of malefice) © M

mushrimp (dish made of Mushrooms and Shrimps) © LJ

shaftware (bad software) © LJ

suckware (bad software) © LJ

moderightor © M

awener © LR

mension © M

mantion © M

co-orkers © LR

bind-aid © M

gravemar (really, really shit grammar) © LR

undroid © M

costomize © M

freaktion © M

discription (circular etching) © M

valuedate © M

optimizaction © M

commond © M

inscentsitive (insensitive to scents) © LR

inscentive (scent incentive?) © LR

evidense © M

evildense © M

evildence © M

availabel (accessibility marker; shows that you can avail yourself of this) © M

avialable © M

biship © M

glassified © LR

wallt © M

attech © M

nowledge © M

legth (leg length) © M

annoyant © LJ

adbomination © M

abdomination © M

cansellation © M

campitalize © M

sentiant © M

sentent © M

textpert (someone who knows a text inside out) © LJ

tempture © M

suckulent © M

outdayted © M

stereotrope © LJ

recommand © M

quaranteed © M

computition (calculation race) © M

practicipant © M

autistick © M

plainty © M

playnty © M

upsession © M

carbage (rolling junk; rolling deathtrap) © M

beerd (facial hair soaked in fermented drink) © M

formeat © M

diffstribution © M

absense © M

retconnect © M

exhalerating © M

logdown © M

sectomber © M

sectober © M

titbit © M

abailable © M

allternative © M

fullmination © M

wallnearable © M

vulnearable © M

headead © M

funally © M

slowdout © M

canduit © M

tallerable © M

infurier © M

riptile © M

murdeer © M

dorkest © M

hacktivate © M

heretage © M

siphone © M

intrashional © M

painpal © M

beeverage (beverage but with a 🐝) © LR

b-verage (like average, but second-grade average, so it has a "b" instead of "a") © LR

beerveerage © M

attemptation © M

archane © M

cellfish © M

excessible © M

infastation © M

bloodgeon © M

gopinion (gopnik opinion) © LR

warld ("warld of warcraft", missed opportunity?) © M

pickment © M

aweakening © M

annoynted © M

annoytment © M

annoitment © M

annoytation © LR

weakday (weekend, lying on the bed powerless) © M

pairagraph © M

multuple © M

trancistern © M

transister © M

trainsistor © M

brickthrough © M

right off the bed © M

airrogant © M

demonstrouble © M

keyping © M

keepig (piggy bank) © M

digtator © M

fewtile © M

zero-sum gain © M

hotstile © M

spiralink © LR

spyreling © M

spyral © M

deathimated © M

infilthtrait (infiltrate and imbue with filthy traits) © LR

infilthtraitor © M

infilthtrator © M

genereal © M

lickquit © M

lickquid © M

pingment © M

treeming (tree trimming) © LJ

seaty (sea city) © LJ

sleaping © M

quickstion © M

eromatic © M

aeromatic © M

weeday © M

weedday © M

luckluster © M

inevilable © M

breathplate © M

assense © M

whitespread © M

rotment © M

saleary © M

fucktionality © M

incestines © M

scaremorguering © M

absolite © M

polyglut (eats everything) © M

bookking © M

correspondense © M

discused © M

reprodude © M

forkaround (forking software to fix a problem) © M

mygration © M

Sratuday (when your food on Fryday was really bad) © LR

starturday © M

skeletone © M

curtesy © M

dendelion © M

idiotlogy © LR

fashionst © M

bigture © M

aztech © M

insideful © M

pigture © M

doversify © M

mixstake © M

orkaround © M

amonkst © M

appushiated © M

conpetent © M

anormaly (unusually ordinary) © M

longcher © M

offul © M

sleepstream © LR

duoable © LR

cloisterophobic © M

sanitymental © LR

guesterday (recent party) © M

guessterday © M

omnisia (forget everything) © M

meanwhine © M

mooment © M

mercynary © LR

merchenary © M

jesture © M

workoing © M

violince © M

violance (murder with poking sticks) © M

lewdickrous © M

lewdicrous © M

upserve (upsell a service) © M

storeage © M

restponse © M

sombering © M

clottered © M

strongth © M

diffault © M

ma'amtenance © M

cumbersation © M

dodgic (dodgy logic) © LR

garbag © LJ

axcavation © M

slowppy © M

disgussed © M

cheasy © M

punchure © M

axellent © M

lewdonarrative © M

truemendous © M

agreedment © M

controll © M

blastphemy (explosive vandalization of sacred objects) © M

whoreganization © LR

ambitchous (bitchy-ambitious) © LR

cognisphere (Essentially a place, especially an intangible theoretical one where one acquired knowledge, likely in a plenum) © LJ

mugkings (mug markings) © LJ

queery © M

arhive © M

larobotory © M

rainge © M

troiler © M

smartket © M

listenerd © M

e-ducat-ion © M

hoolidays (holidays with increased presence of hooligans) © LR

appstract © M

combot © M

wrequiem © M

infestival © M

mug-a-structure © LR

mekastructure (huge, built by robots, for robots, or of robot) © M

wark © M

airrow © M

skepticles (spectacles you wear when you're sceptical) © LR

trashure (treasure that's trash, or vice versa) © LR

frogment © M

exorcyst © M

boredome © M

filthmates (dirty flatmates) © LR

flatmotes (dirty flatmates) © LJ

scolding hot © M

limbido © M

vitamineral © M

abduckt © M

spawntaneous (surprising proliferation; unwanted pregnancy; sudden birth) © M

revaulting © M

erectric © M

mugly © M

storange © M

prioritits © M

redible © M

shamean © M

prepair © M

thingfully © M

capabling © M

slaggish © M

leecherous © M

leecherally © M

sellect © M

postpawn © M

iridecent © LR

backlong © LR

abusement (abuse for amusement) © LR

experimence (experience gained from experiments) © LR

cloathing © M

djinnetic © M

illuminazi © LJ

priviledge © M

cheapost © M

cheapset © LR

roombamate (roommate who cleans up after everyone) © LJ

derelicat © M

frogrance (using frog extract for perfume) © LJ

trainsport © M

aviatar © M

kracken © M

ubique © M

foolscreen © M

ingrease © M

floatilla © M

robody © M

hackcess © M

grund © M

fatshion © M

cementery © M

birden © M

mynority © M

knowhere © M

killonova © M

techture © M

sindicate © M

resinstance © M

layter (postpone due to lazying in bed) © M

pawnd © M

tortuary © M

afcave © M

lazyr © M

encrouch © M

tentickle © M

helld (in a limbo) © M

lawker © M

cystem (has malign growths) © M

scamdinavian © M

djinnerator © M

succrifice © M

wretchiment © M

chilldish © M

televator © M

boonty © M

riputation © M

clusterophobic © M

castomize (with cast-gold filigrees) © M

riplace © M

hopfully © M

evengefully © M

suretcut © M

do-nation © M

derp cheap © M

freequeency (vacant queen position?) © M

freequency (unoccupied frequency) © LR

okaysional © M

epilapsy © M

newthrall © M

violens © M

ultraviolent © M

inderpolation © M

cooltivate © M

materpiece © M

feelth (slithering and icky to touch) © M

sensorship © M

aimunition © M

mugnetic (attractive face) © M

combatibility © M

sixstem © M

electrick © M

arsonal (pyrotechnics) © M

crewcible © M

taveurn © M

trendsaction © M

twogather © M

gasteroid © M

insinerate (for misdeeds) © M

pipsquick © M

farmiliar © M

importent © M

plog (slogging plot) © M

buycicle © M

raindom © M

infission (taking an internal sample) © M

confission (confusing confession that splits the pair) © M

mixol © M

fruster © M

emberassing © M

embearassing © M

immeatiate © M

rampants © M

portalable © M

Whenceday © M

cantch-22 (you can't) © M

thingk © M

dickficult © M

grandom © M

grandmiral © M

printsess © M

catmatic (free-thinking) © M

placeholdear © M

placeholdeer © M

veersion © M

eerror (eerie mistake) © M

chargear © M

plausiable © M

tailsman (crafts amulets from animal tails) © M

talismain (protects what's most important?) © M

arghitechture © M

girlfiend (nasty fiance) © M

joyn © M

annonsense © M

langauge (metric of intelligence) © M

refucktoring © M

deepslay © M

onederful © M

jobsworth (an official who upholds petty rules even at the expense of humanity or common sense) © LR

knowtice (spot something you already knew about) © M

captin © M

bearzerker © M

wretchribution (maim in revenge) © M

gangerous (dangerous in gangs, like small animals) © M

condishion © M

racearch (eugenics) © M

crossmetic © M

catalock © M

iceburg (city built on/of ice) © M

maytenance © M

claptomania © M

jewplicate © M

stronghole (underground fortress) © M

angressive © M

sentree © M

walkaround (circumnavigate the problem) © M

notefication © M

purrformance © M

enteresting © M

nayway (regardless and irrespective) © M

pickture © M

feeture (paywalled) © M

stupersonic © M

duplicat (cat reproduction) © M

highlarious © LJ

censorshit © LJ

expirementation (experimenting with whether expired food will poison you or not; experiments that cause the subject to "expire") © LR

fueld © Y

surwaves (surveys) © Y

properites © Y

brainch © Y

siparate © Y

eekxactly © Y

bottery © Y

meaningfool © Y

memeingfool © Y

docktor © Y

whitch © Y

tocken © Y

topick (choice topic) © Y

deposite (where you go to drop off things) © Y

redirector (director that offloads all the work?) © Y

itermediate © Y

atreboot © Y

addreboot © Y

oopen © Y

duckument © Y

bullistic © Y

foundraising © Y

usefull © Y

userfull © Y

unrealated © Y

admint © Y

invider © Y

tryverse © Y

legocy (LEGO sets that got discontinued) © LR

anuswer © Y

hoverment © Y

souper (souper dish) © TrueNight

newtral © TrueNight

slowercase (caps?) © TrueNight

recryer (require) © Tat (SZC)

powerty © Nicos (SZC)

asstimate © Nicos (SZC)

courious © Nicos (SZC)

humangos © Nicos (SZC)

expreset (expressed) © Nicos (SZC)

presense © Nicos (SZC)

mind mine / mine mind ("mind mine" or "mine mind" → my mind; "mind mine" where mine = weapon → mine for the mind, or of a mind; "mind mine" where mine = lode → abundance of minds; "mine mind" where mine = dig, delve → delve into mind) © M

pedator (pedo-predator) © M

robusted (busted for good) © M

algorhythm (well-choreographed algorithm) © M

feedbark (angry response) © M

combox (combo-box, UI control) © M

diss-miss (discharge with disdain) © M

divorcity © M

diver-city © M

divorcify (split up for variety) © M

thirstday (prior to drunkday) © M

transfirm (solid change) © M

preylude (stalking victim) © M

praylude (preparatory prayer) © M

preyparation © M

prayparation © M

newclear (wipes the landscape clean) © M

exqueeze-it ([exquisite]) © M

complan (decide to complain later) © M

blogchain (reposted = true forever) © M

parallyze (paralyze in parallel) © M

Marsedes (Ares' war chariot) © M

lowyer © M

homesexual (likes comfort) © M

overoll (all-round) © M

robosst (tough as a boss) © M

enteraction (first encounter) © M

blightning (lightning that corrupts?) © M

undefiend (sinister "undefined", JS programmers will understand) [code] © M

broadcats © M

deathsperation (last throes) © M

hullk (massive frame) © M

madmade © M

sickumstance (undesirable circumstance) © M

femail (chainmail for female figure?) © M

innside (in a tavern) © M

mantain (manual maintenance) © M

underneat (well-kept underside) © M

pingwin (pushy bird) © M

inventual (occasionally insightful) © M

emberrassing (scorching embarrassment) © M

upgreat (grand improvement) © M

upgrand (great improvement) © M

corract (actually correct) © M

messive (big and unkempt) © M

infamation (defaming info) © M

memengful (memorable) © M

memengless (unmemorable) © M

moanent (painful moment) © M

confix (problem-solving configuration) © M

univerasity (mastery of everything) © M

univercity (very large university) © M

furyfier (raging purifier) © M

lockchain (link chain made of carabiners? padlocks?) © M

attension (tense focus) © M

deeploy (covert drop behind enemy lines; layered deception) © M

darkument (morbid document) © M

platforum © M

crawlback (slow callback) © M

flockchain © M

syncure © M

freakuent (bizarrely frequent) © M

freakuency (bizarre frequency) © M

asfailt (badly-made asphalt) © M

sickmas (holiday you're sick of? sick during holiday?) © M

bitchumen © M

whizzard © M

breakpaint (painted-on threshold; painful threshold) © M

housand © M

demonsterate (unveil something monstrous) © M

stimular (excitingly reminiscent) © M

hollowday (meaningless holiday) © M

relephant © M

unbullievable (clearly a load of bull) © M

hype-mind © M

overwheelm (rollstomp) © M

reapair © M

vampyre (vampire burned to death) © M

cloose (loosely shut) © M

wisper © M

wispring © M

ripplicate (multiply by repetition) © M

feedbag (holds your messages) © M

malebox © M

asswer (snarky response) © M

ultimatic © M

exsample (example that no longer fits?) © M

eggsample © M

contestrophe (catastrophic competition) © M

vainguard (useless frontliners) © M

anthemma (flagpole antenna?) © M

eyebrowse (directs your gaze) © M

flushtuate © M

realipstick (not overdoing the cosmetics) © M

emergenation (creative fantasies) © M

dieve (suicidal jump) © M

wreckord (ruined record) © M

cooporation (organization built on cooperation) © M

castrophic © M

placeholer © M

eyeland (Ireland?) © M

guesstomer (vaguely recognizable customer) © M

moovment (herd stampede) © M

afrobatics © M

acrobotics (agile cybernetics) © M

pengun © M

costumer (buys clothes) © M

wreckognize © M

disguard (discard) © M

seize-on (season to act on the opportunities) © M

pessibility (worst expectation) © M

perillel (an accompanying peril) © M

wonderer (excited by going places) © M

magnitube (telescope?) © M

lagin (slow login) © M

bitterfly (beautiful but not tasty) © M

broadcost (expensive broadcast) © M

deathstroy (lethal overkill) © M

keyboar © M

daemonstration (demonic show, turns viewers into monsters?) © M

attaintion (grab attention and keep it) © M

braind (smart brand) © M

pressentation (forceful show) © M

poopup (crappy popup) © M

wokearound (suddenly realized solution) © M

mentallic © M

dataction (noticed in the data) © M

beem (spraying bees?) © M

reaplace (harvest and replace) © M

replayce © M

reaplay © M

wherehouse (lost store) © M

deathtination (final destination of all life) © M

imposture (imposing stature? mimicking figure?) © M

ad-apt (tailored advertising) © M

represend (diplomatic envoy) © M

guyde © M

inspyre (burning passion) © M

offishial (sleazy representative) © M

carrycter (star of the show) © M

guessture (ambiguous motion) © M

expact (silent agreement?) © M

demend (reparations?) © M

reacharge (reach out to refuel?) © M

infestigate © M

struckle (fistful struggle) © M

ageancy (mature freedom) © M

xenonym (alien verbal counterpart) © M

intersting (jolting wonder) © M

deafinite © M

deafenite © M

excelerate (progress through excellence) © M

physit (visit in person) © M

murderator (ban-happy moderator) © M

engauge (get involved, with careful examination) © M

mashrooms © M

my'shrooms © M

enemation (hostile movement) © M

porking (parking like a swine) © M

prophessional (expert good at predictions) © M

valueball (expensive sphere) © M

thundermental (stormy temperament) © M

lifesafer (moderate safeguard) © M

nail in the coughing (killer disease) © M

kingratulations (royal gratitude; royal celebration) © M

orcestrate (horde manipulation) © M

sicksessful © M

sucksexfull (lewd / promiscuous) © Y

sucksexsful (lewd way to the top) © M

illeggal (gal's legs too good, should be outlawed) © M

dencity (population clustering) © M

evilution (malicious development; progressing depravity) © M

expyre (waste combustion; burn out) © M

exscreamely © M

airid (dry and windy) © M

conetract (narrow down to a cone?) © M

busket © M

decimail © M

guarden (den of guards? tight group of guards?; 🛡️🪴🌻) © M

fearomone (dread-inducing secretion) © M

miningful (dig for deep meaning) © M

broblem © M

reeltime (too fast for stability) © M

aimgle (good shooting angle) © M

transection © M

destonation © M

commplex (convoluted communications) © M

innclude © M

costomer (customer too expensive to serve) © M

transfur (pelt transportation) © M

bookva © M

improoment (making space) © M

cementics (semantics set in stone) © M

stradegy (trade tactics; tragic choice of tactics) © M

settlite (colonial satellite) © M

sightelite (observational satellite) © M

saptimber (lumbering month) © M

preydator © M

seequential © M

diebolic (lethally malicious) © M

uppertunity (chance to gain an upper hand) © M

typigal (normal gal) © M

lightlyhood © M

superising (astonishingly superior) © M

tagst (extreme shorthand writing?) © M

axtract (cut out the essence) © M

axcellent (highly skilled with an axe) © M

axstatic (murderous trance) © M

summersault © M

embad (bad inclusion) © M

exspearment © M

bettery (superior energy storage) © M

arcrobotics (uses open-air electric conduction?) © M

multiplie (dishonest arithmetic) © M

matearial (accompanying material) © M

digtate © M

condirtions (grimy conditions) © M

soular © M

criticall (critical of everything) © M

usedful (formerly useful; worn out from overuse) © M

mooney (made-up currency?) © M

udderstand © M

undermediary © M

bottlenet © M

acheesement (achieved through unsavory means) © M

diemond © M

eyecon (painting that stares right back at you) © M

ducktape © M

wreckommend (devastatingly bad advice) © M

fucktion (ability to perform intercourse; dickish faction) © M

suckceptible (gullible) © M

sassinate (take down by talking down) © M

golleague (fellow gopher: Golang programmer) © M

playcate (playfully appease) © M

maintenant (high-maintenance tenant) © M

filmiliar (known from movies) © M

buyproduct (sellable byproduct) © M

screwtinize © M

endependent (forever self-sufficient) © M

whichcraft (unrecognizable sorcery) © M

ooptimal (unexpectedly fitting) © M

memestream (mainstream thinking) © M

redunrant (superfluous speech) © M

remembed (recalled while resting) © M

Moscowl (Russian frown?) © M

absrobe (absorb into garments? absorptive garments?) © M

draumatic (emotionally damaging) © M

userful (used by many) © M

sharpnel © M

paln (plan with pals) © M

ceasonal (ceases from time to time) © M

predickt © M

messconception © M

diegram © M

worc (grunt work) © M

suckspect (misplaced suspicion?) © M

sasspect (openly deride on suspicion) © M

maintaint © M

puriod (time of purification) © M

jawb (jaw-intensive job? involves a lot of talking?) © M

deadonation (lethal explosion) © M

sicknature (perverse signature; symptom of an illness) © M

baita (enticing but flawed beta version?) © M

queentessential (royally perfect?) © M

quitessential © M

mygrate © M

arghitecture (grumble-inducing structure) © M

expectacular (magnificent as expected) © M

q-rated ("q" for "quality") © M

leprository (repository of rotten things) © M

lepository (repository of pleasant things; only a Russian would understand) © M

mediarite © M

fature (future of lazy gluttons) © M

pantspermia © M

punspermia © M

nice to eat you (carnivore to victim; also see "nice to meat you") © M

hybreed (cross-breed) © M

pervmission (lewd consent) © M

payge (pay-gated article) © M

gaym (rapturous play) © M

attactic (offensive strategy) © M

deafault (tone-deaf built-in) © M

enterrupt © M

purseon (walking, talking wallet) © M

cursemas © M

fucktor (show-stopping factor) © M

inventgory (carrying body parts?) © M

coverment (secretive ruling body) © M

bestard (superior half-breed) © M

buypass (bribe for unauthorized entry) © M

battleneck (decisive part of the fight) © M

foodball (playing with food) © M

taintalize (corrupting lure?) © M

coffeeinn (caffeinating tavern) © M

exhotic (exhilaratingly hot) © M

jerktator © M

birdsday © M

crytearia (tragically impassable criteria?) © M

insite (insider information) © M

revelationize © M

adeptation © M

iceolated (stranded in a cold place) © M

ridickule © M

reducktion © M

bladent (blatantly sharp) © M

donestairs © M

barricare © M

dicknity (uppity demeanor) © M

encampsulate © M

sexcuse © M

pantemonium © M

meleedrama (ends in violence, like Shakespeare works) © M

injuraction (harmful interaction) © M

chilldren (for laissez-faire parents) © M

chilldrone © M

cuntry (place full of dicks) © M

asscalate © M

amoneyt © M

feelter © M

statemement (memorable sentence) © M

cityzen © M

electoynics © M

cointer © M

defoolt © M

membershop © M

essense (essential sense) © M

assence © M

cantdidate © M

offertunity © M

surprice (costlier than expected) © M

uniworse (crapsack world) © M

foodhold (grasping the food market) © M

junktion © M

dragon drop (drag'n'drop) © M

marshroom © M

dieversity © M

raydiation © M

pissful (peaceful) © M

monstrocity (monstrous settlement) © M

flagshit © M

poption (potion that pops) © M

readuntant © M

redonedont (shouldn't have been repeated) © M

graydient (shades of black and white) © M

sistern © M

eekcetera (icky remainder) © M

mainkind (dominant race) © M

lepublic (République française) © M

staysis © M

assteroid © M

fuckt (inconvenient fact) © M

stundard © M

rundom © M

notural (shouldn't occur naturally, but does) © M

intrinsick (naturally malfunctioning) © M

intrinstick © M

suspent © M

substainable © M

marry cristmas © M

egosystem (revolves around one) © M

shotcoming © M

misstake © M

naybor (disagreeable neighbor) © M

malproblem © M

careacter © M

nicemare © M

maindatory (required above all else) © M

mindatory © M

eeliens (slimy, squeazy, snake-like, foreign things) © M

famouse © M

pairpendicular (pairallel intersection) © M

pairallel © M

maidness (madly in love) © M

newtralize © M

ornametal (metal decorations? intricate engravings on metal?) © M

bugteria © M

skullpture (WH40k Imperial art style) © M

dienamic (suicidally quick?) © M

dienamite (💣☠️) © M

equickment © M

dielemma (to be or not) © M

flatform © M

trucktor © M

dragtor (machine for tugging heavy stuff) © M

traptor (dangerously malfunctioning vehicle) © M

costumize (dress it up to your liking) © M

manyfacture (mass-produce) © M

litreally (writing come true) © M

robolution (machine uprising) © M

realaxation (actual rest) © M

freshold © M

interfeelence (feelings getting in the way) © M

sicklical (unhealthy cycle) © M

diegest (lethal when ingested) © M

starelize © M

trickonometry © M

vermion (nuisance particle) © M

missilaneous © M

tamperature © M

craptrap (cheap rubbish) © M

sillynder © M

gearanteed (ensured by equipment) © M

coversation (secretive talk) © M

craptaclysm © M

healium (restorative substance; opposite of hurtium) © M

saycret (has been outed away) © M

saycred © M

saygment (someone's turn to speak) © M

inchroduce (establish very slowly) © M

launchitude (best for launching rockets) © M

heartship (relationship-building hardship) © M

ripeat © M

indicat © M

pairents © M

funite (fun while it lasts?) © M

figureprint (whole-body biometric) © M

keypability (linchpin skill) © M

yellevator © M

restrant © M

membrain © M

trickstar © M

gateaway (faraway portal; portal that leads far away) © M

murkury (contaminated quicksilver) © M

paytent © M

payple (consumers) © M

unstompable (indomitable) © M

sicknificant (unwanted but important; lethal illness?) © M

notkey (missing hotkey) © M

aftermoon (from moonset to moonrise?) © M

excludead © M

bossible (ordered = can be done) © M

necromanagement (managing obsolete things) © M

feetback (feeling it with your feet) © M

dickoration © M

assid © M

lockal (exclusive to area) © M

doneload (downloaded before you noticed) © M

fragtion of a second (makes a difference for a kill) © M

dicktionary © M

igeological (dug-up, outdated ideology) © M

lagtency © M

boopster (pulse booster) © M

addishion © M

richual (expensive custom) © M

diegnostic (fatal verdict) © M

tealicious © M

dealicious © M

flayvore (eats skin of its victims, or eats freshly skinned victims) © M

flayvor (of freshly skinned victim) © M

mugsimum © M

infiltrolltor © M

infilthrator © M

infiltraitor © M

windoors © M

dipslay (murder for show) © M

stayble © M

staybilize © M

appainrent © M

dealivery (pay on arrival?) © M

peerform (keep up with peers) © M

averange (normal bounds) © M

labtop (lab computer) © M

killahurtz (dangerously loud?) © M

decksterity (skill with cards) © M

rapeat © M

estamplish (stamp your mark) © M

bulloon © M

lowcation © M

conveersation (veers off topic) © M

dogument (proof of pedigree) © M

feelament (feeler whiskers) © M

cubinet © M

dialock (inescapable conversation 🔒) © M

chambeer (beer cellar? supersized keg?) © M

mugnum (oversized mug) © M

deepeer © M

fullback (retreat at full throttle) © M

dicktate © M

dierection © M

dierect (last dying order? suicide mission order?) © M

messacre © M

sloughter (flaying victims? slogging through victims?) © M

punktuate (rebellious punctuation) © M

diegonal (lethal cut across) © M

eyefirmative (signaling agreement with a gaze) © M

aimprovise (snapshot) © M

sickure © M

sickcure © M

deplayment © M

howlmark © M

terrortory (dreadful place) © M

assalt © M

dengeon © M

libroratory © M

neckst (neck-in-neck follower) © M

scarecely © M

freaksample (here's our unusual exhibit...) © M

offerize ([authorize]) © M

steamulate © M

airmatic ([aromatic]) © M

egol (conceited eagle) © M

fuckus fire (devastating focus fire) © M

shitment (crappy delivery) © M

greenade © M

psience (study of psionics) © M

piratechnic © M

medness (drug-induced insanity) © M

beatiful (looks good after beating; mug is asking for a fist) © M

anythink © M

doormant (in stasis until open) © M

humiliar © M

mathod (mathematical approach) © M

conseal (hide under a seal) © M

wingdove ([window]) © M

deependency (ingrained dependence) © M

hellevator © M

asswards (ass-backwards) © M

bedass (impressive in bed) © M

gloathing (gloat-worthy possession or accomplishment) © M

reapertoire (variety of harvesting tools?) © M

reeload (reload with shaky hands) © M

eggsellent (wondrous food sale) © M

idiosyncrazy © M

soulution (liquidated soul) © M

tailent © M

inkreadible (awesome handwriting; unbelievable manuscript) © M

sadback © M

playted © M

sunclasses (classy shades) © M

pervmanent © M

driveer (swerving driving style) © M

moneyplated (paid for expensive equipment) © M

assimulation © M

reprojuice © M

laydy (easily laid) © M

feeld © M

baground © M

elemontary © M

untensity (degree of relaxation) © M

dogu (tooldog / 道具犬; see © M

bumfire (that kind of trashcan bonfire that bums have; spontaneous gas combustion?) © LJ

idiotology (idiotic ideology; study of idiots) © LJ

reapercushions © LJ

coloony (lune colony of looneys) © LJ

ashually © LJ

stalldier © LJ

helichopter © LJ

Administratrivialties (random, small things that need to be micromanaged/delegated) © LJ

Winterference/Winderference (for when winter/snow or alternatively wind causes problems) © LJ

frostilities (Cold war interaction) © LJ

democrazy © LJ

sardondick ([sardonic]) © LJ

annoynymous (anonymous and annoying) © LR

coversion (covert conversion) © LR

survillaince (malicious tracking; surveillance by a villain) © LR

phenomeal (a phenomenal meal) © LR

screept © LR

scatterpillar © LR

warewolf (a wolf for sale?) © LR

defailopers (OW developers, anyone who uses Java) © LR

ambitchious © LR

memewhile © LR

forklore (when someone forks the existing lore with an alternative timeline or smth?) © LR

bearocracy (bureacracy of bears? bureaucracy that has to be beared? overbearing bureaucracy?) © LR

corpirate (corporate but pirate) © LR

chronoorgy (fucking up time travel in a really bad way) © LR

beartrayal (betrayal by a bear) © LR

truemor (rumor that's true) © LR

ingradient © Jessica (SZC)

brickdown (breakdown) © Jessica (SZC)

applight (applied) © Jessica (SZC)

lockin (login) © Jessica (SZC)

specifight (specified) © Jessica (SZC)

on-sights (on-site) © Jessica (SZC)

overseize (oversees) © Jessica (SZC)

at the ant (end) © Jessica (SZC)

create or addit (edit) © Jessica (SZC)

stickholder (stakeholder) © Jessica (SZC)

whyframe (wireframe) © Jessica (SZC)

truedrones (children) © Jessica (SZC)

russionale (rationale) © Jessica (SZC)

defriendtiate (differentiate) © Jessica (SZC)

fitback (feedback) © Jessica (SZC)

user exbearance © Jessica (SZC)

needle end (middle end?) © Jessica (SZC)

infitation © Jessica (SZC)

development psychol (cycle) © Jacky (Kyokan)

infestment © Brian (SZC)

beaware (beware) © Brian (SZC)

aimplitude (amplitude of aim? ample aim?) © LR

monsturizer (moisturizer for/by monsters) © LR

boolshit (ugly and useless program or extension) © TrueNight

softmare (horrifying software) © M

heretick © M

remaindeer (partial deer carcass) © M

assessination (deadly audit) © M

robuttal © M

destoryer (erases from history) © M

singal (beckoning song of a lonely gal) © M

asstearisk © M

architexture (magnificent surface) © M

explan (figure out a plan while explaining it) © M

shituation (self explanatory) © LJ

meating (meeting of friends where you eat a lot of meat; BBQ with friends) © LR

derpartment (an extremely incompetent department) © LR

reapeat (reap someone again) © LR

statisfied (satisfied statistically or by statistics) © LR

enterpretation (submitting your own view) © LR

outroduce (tell your friends not to deal with the person anymore, 'cause they a bitch) © LR

stereotypographical (when you can always expect anything related to printing text to fuck up decent standards and data presentation) © LR

satyre © M

contrapt (has a catchy clause) © M

Munday (mundane weekday) © M

boyfiend (nasty fiance) © M

shockolate (shockingly delicious) © M

pausitive thinking (taking a pause to make good decisions) © M

missteak (not having steak for dinner) © M

waisted (opposite of starved) © M

plateform © M

expertease (false confidence from brief experience; paywalled professional advice) © M

confidense (confidence born from ignorance) © M

windsday (windy winter Wednesday) © M

axxident © M

pythong (an embrace too tight) © M

outsquirts © M

gamepay (pay to experience) © M

payground (pay to play) © M

noledge (higher education: you forget everything and don't get a stepping stone in life) © M

surpassion (the drive to prevail) © M

fryday (grill party) © M

stupig (snorting dumb) © M

blest (blessed best) © M

iconomy (worship economy? being economical with icons in GUI?) © M

crowfunding (a murder of backers) © M

impracticool © M

bullieve (faith against all evidence) © M

apparrotly (according to rumor) © M

amountain (huge amount) © M

wrecktify (repair badly) © M

filther (dirty filter that makes it worse) © M

momental (a lapse of sentience) © M

scammoner (has accomplices) © M

maturial (robust, proven material) © M

assassment (talk it down to get a better price) © M

bagpack (recursive, infinite storage) © M

forestress (forest forstress) © M

worstress (fortress with bad memories) © M

techtonic (causes seismic shift in technology) © M

worrier (should pick a less stressful occupation) © M

makerting (marketing though real action) © M

godlines (irrefutable guidelines) © M

worshop (ritual gathering) © M

warshop (warmongering gathering) © M

countract (has precise reckoning) © M

indecaytion (eternal omen) © M

endearsment (hearty endorsement) © M

endorcement (cements someone's opinion) © M

endoorsment (so good, you have to go outdoors and get it) © M

addickted (nymphomaniac) © M

assass (evaluate derisively) © M

remembeer (remembering small scraps after a hangover) © LJ

competentors (competent competitors?) © LR

mediocore (mediocre core?) © LR

phoneto (a photo made by a phone) © LR

ancestore (sells old trinkets) © M

cleptocurrency (currency that is always trying to rip you off) © LR

bewares (wares that you need to be beware of for whatever reason) © LR

cerebrus (brainy guard dog) © M

windter (particularly fierce northern season) © M

happyning (fortunate happenstance) © M

cerebration (exaltation of intelligence) © M

beautifoul (attractive and repulsive at once) © M

mugnate (a magnate who mugs people, or a very rich mugger) © LR

con-fu (art of deception; fake martial mastery) © M

bullproof (impervious to nonsense) © M

murkup (dirty markup; dirty makeup; warpaint) © M

starecase (insurmountable obstacle you can only stare at; glass display case) © M

suspact (collude against someone without proof?) © M

pervious (not im-pervious, vulnerable to lewd things) © M

tearemony (tea ceremony? mourning ceremony?) © LJ

wormth (abundance of worms?) © LR

varlord (the lord of variables?) © LR

mailware (arrives by mail) © M

cannonical © M

guesshole (ruins the fun by revealing the mystery) © M

astaroid (star fragment? brown dwarf?) © M

adrainaline (overdrive that drains you) © M

eldrich (rich, sinister elder) © M

hand satanizer ("special" brand of sanitizer) © M

trashold © M

availuable (something that's available and valuable) © M

perfromance © M

froget (amphibian memory) © M

soilder (gritty footman) © M

deathsmiss (dismiss... permanently) © M

bugdet (budget with holes) © M

dumbination (control through propaganda) © M

playload (a load of toys) © M

fratmate (fraternity flatmate) © M

expain (clarify in excruciating detail) © M

mewment (pussyfooting) © M

dienger (mortal danger) © M

tacticool © LR

Sinistar (a sinister star?) © LR

atmosfear (scary, unbreathable atmoshphere?) © LR

this font is worth its weight in bold © M

neckname (tattooed alias) © M

pinful (causes piercing pain) © M

dolpin © M

dolfin (dolphin fin) © M

scannerd (someone who digitizes all their paperwork?) © M

abount (too much about one subject) © M

deducation © M

atomsphere © M

recomment (repeatedly leave a recommendation) © M

grillfriend (GF that roasts you all the time) © M

hewman (tailor) © M

flesh memory (brain) © M

optimisaction (one optimisation pass) © M

diss-cuss-ting © M

assk © M

assking © M

loathing screen (a long loading screen?) © LR

devilstation (devastating demonic infestation?) © LR

desease (sea sickness?) © LR

trailore (trailer giving away too much of the lore) © LR

arbitrartor (inconsistent arbiter) © M

blockchin © M

interesetting (fascinating backdrop?) © M

sellfish (name for a seafood restaurant? fishy sellout?) © M

redputation (bloody trail) © M

manotechnology (manual work?) © M

manomachine (cyborg?) © M

pegasys (unicorn technology?) © M

memotion (preprogrammed emotion? preprogrammed movement?; an emotion people think they're feeling just because the media/internet/memes tell them they should) © M

keeptocurrency (currency that is never spent) © M

hambush (surprise boar) © M

hackcellent (shortcut to success?) © M

hangling (person being hanged) © M

tenasty (unwelcome persistence) © M

execuse (executive excuse?) © LR

octobeer (brewfest month) © M

flakship (anti-air flagship) © M

anonymouse (hidden, quiet) © M

responce (pretentious reply?) © M

Sibearia (land of bears) © M

mementum (cultural inertia) © M

enterprice (corporate-grade price) © M

motherhacker © M

cointainer (money bag) © M

trash test (crash test that trashes the product) © M

wounderful (something great that also hurts you) © M

bullshift (misguided change of direction) © M

sacriface © M

entitty © M

cryptone (cryptic intonation) © M

ooperation (operation resulting in an oopsie) © M

eyedentification (iris scanning, or eye-to-eye confirmation) © M

interpretentious (art critic) © LR

costmetic (very expensive makeup) © M

betcoin (for gambling) © M

saldo mortale (accounting: reconciling a big account) © M

alboom (explosive hit) © M

attank (highly aggressive war machine?) © M

attactor (someone attactive?) © M

unbelievabull (too incredulous to believe) © Y

notwork (dysfunctional network) © M

neural notwork (dysfunctional neural network, which is most of them) © M

authomatic © M

aloneside (imaginary companion?) © M

scaremish (scary skirmish) © LR

wreckoning (devastating reckoning) © LR

aimateur (someone with poor aim) © M

geekstarter © M

hypeloop (feedback loop of hype) © M

hypethetical (exists in imagination of riled-up fans) © M

boot force (a mighty kick) © M

samewhere (different place, same thing) © M

bubble gun © M

lameployer (lame employer) © LR

anonism (vain obsession with anonymity) © M

Jewsday (very american Tuesday) © M

maintrix (mother network) © M

architech (chief technologist?) © M

Honk Kong (city of honking jams) © M

untelligence (opposite of intelligence) © LJ

bottlefield (a field of bottles formed as an aftermath of heavy drinking, usually left behind by gopniks) © LR

deadly simple © M

hassless © M

transanction (balance deduction as punishment) © M

condolescendence (a condescending condolence) © LR

terrorform (terraforming an inhabited planet? genocidal terraform?) © LR

documention (very brief documentation) © M

apparantus (automatic ranting machine) © M

weakend (not-too-well spent weekend) © LR

trycer (shooting blind with tracer rounds?) © M

mythconception © M

mythinformation © M

suicide squat © M

bitcon (bitcoin con) © LR

crysader (aggressively sad person) © M

shittyzen (a bad citizen) © LR

cogweb (mechanical tangle) © M

bitchmark (benchmark trashing something) © M

octobus (eight-wheeled bus?) © M

ken-gúru (see © M

rule of dumb (easy-to-follow thumb rule) © M

roadcast (highway radio) © M

dogspanion (trusty companion animal) © M

catspert © M

dogspert © M

thunderdog (underdog's loud comeback) © M

beeware (bee extra careful) © M

bonefactor (seemingly beneficial but secretly bones you?) © M

bonefire (necromancer's bonfire) © M

competely different (competing alternatives) © M

rectangel (perfect rectangle? square with wings?) © M

rektangel © M

failgun (unimpressive railgun) © M

30-megahurt cannon © M

megahurtz (unit of pain) © M

explosure (too much attention) © M

bitchcoin (fake currency) © M

deja view (flashback of the past) © M

defit (extinction of the unfittest) © M

madvisor (terribly unwise aide; visor that shows maddening things) © M

scourage (unwelcome courage?) © M

argumented reality (when people can't decide on reality augmentation) © M

son of a bee © M

beehave © M

robutt (considerable metal behind) © M

threequel (part of trilogy) © M

brobot © M

assploit (exploiting a rear weakness) © M

assplode © M

assplod © M

fatom (heavy atom; understanding slowly dawning in a thick skull) © M

hentail (lecherous appendage) © M

manatic (maniacal fanatic?) © M

shitdown © M

harget (hard target) © M

gunnon (hand cannon?) © M

oozurper (slimy dictator?) © M

failacy © M

bondit (trusty bandit) © M

buzzworthy © M

borderlads (hard-living folks) © M

orderlands (well-governed territory) © M

scrapshooter (non-marksman) © M

paintful © M

hatful (handful / hateful) © M

mined games (minesweeping) © M

horrner (corner or horrors) © M

fanbuy (buying fanboy) © M

freload (free reload) © M

weary well (like "I know these things weary well") © M

pumpking © M

loonshine © M

lensor (ocular sensor) © M

loonatic © M

filewall © M

payper © M

intergration (grating contact between components) © M

interator (interactor? integrator? iterator?) © M

intergated (combination through access control) © M

hollowgram © M

tank you © M

ascendiary (beefed-up incendiary?) © M

loonshot (moonshot that cannot possibly work) © M

alumnium (a substance made of... alumni?) © M

gritting party (tough greeting party?) © M

denemies / demonies (is what you fight in Doom) © M

gloatee (goatee of gloating goat?) © M

screwnshot (compromising screenshot) © M

scamvert (shifty advert) © M

scambag (annoying con man) © M

mecdonalds / mechdonalds (charge station for mechs) © M

mehdonalds © M

mechkind © M

skelethal © M

funtastic © M

naypalm (hand sign that says "no") © M

baybee © M

majestick (imposing staff) © M

majesdick (...stunning rod) © M

magestick (mage staff) © M

majesdig (so majestic I dig it) © M

adolt (stupid adult) © M

molden (all slimy with mold?) © M

blatent (obvious in latent hindsight?) © M

someonce (a stranger you met once) © M

teleportal © M

somethine (something yours?) © M

mistaple (accidentally stapling something you didn't mean) © M

commsole (communications console) © M

agreenment (very $$ profitable agreement) © M

fainth (faint faith?) © M

drakon (midway between drake and dragon) © M

mourndern (mourn-worthy modern?) © M

byield / byielding (building and giving away) © M

sumbit (submit bits for processing) © M

protect yr ass... et © M

simultitude (many things simultaneously? many simulations?) © M

stimultitude (many stimulations?) © M

stimiltitude (many similar stimulations?) © M

similtitude (being similar to many things?) © M

similidude (a guy that looks like another?) © M

seemultaneous (perceived at the same time) © M

seemilar (seems similar at first) © M

hungred (hungry like a hundred) © M

spatial awakeness © M

superise (great surprise) © M

argurument (irrefutable argument from a guru) © M

skiller (skillful killer) © M

membear © M

bloodlie (bloodline that turned out fake) © M

beleave © M

fakening © M

exquise (exquisite excuse) © M

exqueeze (ex-fiancee) © M

greate (create something great) © M

teamate (someone you have a tea with) © M

sleap (leaping into bed?) © M

remined (reminded of a bad memory?) © M

veryfy (verify thoroughly) © M

trainiac (training freak) © M

sun of a beach © M

hell-a-copter © M

overdog (opposite of underdog) © M

gamoeba (typical WoW gamer) © M

hardbeat (heartbeat with a bang) © M

passenegr (black passenger) © M

dickflect © M

Legionardo © M

secrent (secret rent?) © M

seekret (a secret to find) © M

secrekt (rekt without nobody else knowing) © M

empyre (empire being burned to the ground) © M

cheftain (chief of chefs) © M

warchef © M

countact (act of counting your contacts) © M

hobot (stray robot) © M

this is a bed idea (something that should be done in bed) © M

hellmet (acquaintance from hell? infernal headgear?) © M

hell met (opposite of "well met") © M

combonent (part of a combo?) © M

heeling (pretending to heal while actually legging it) © M

greatful (greatly grateful?) © M

severall (all items on display) © M

orkout (grunt-inducing exercise) © M

Chooseday (very american Tuesday) © M

romains (dead Romans) © M

arrrchitecture (riggin' a proper pirate vessel) © M

awwrchitecture (cute building or structure) © M

singnal (one signal, or a broadcast of someone singing) © M

built to blast © M

teamplate (exemplary team, a template for others; shared with / worked on by the whole team, courtesy of atrocious Kiwi accent) © M

raidear (dear raidmate) © M

powerhorse (powerhouse of horsepower) © M

mess-sage © M

bullprint (flawed blueprint?) © M

injurance © M

cocporn (porn with popcorn?) © M

bondfire (cozy fireplace for friends) © M

assoul (deeply rotten individual) © M

memtor (memory trainer?) © M

reasonance (resounding consensus) © M

surveylance (penetrate first, ask questions later) © M

feory (scaremongering speculation) © M

disscuss © M

tellyvision (tells you what to think) © M

whorrior (hoe conqueror) © M

ass-signment (marks your ass for beating) © M

pieceful (resting in pieces) © M

worning (a tiresome, obsolete warning) © M

memestress (lady who spends too much time on the internet?) © M

memester (semester of memorising) © M

gleethal © M

guidelies (untrustworthy guidelines; central axiom / party line) © M

exploid © M

Bangcock (special district of Bangkok) © M

paythrough (viewers paying streamer to play game) © M

sicks (unlucky six) © M

nice to meat you (carnivore to victim; alternatively, spoken after gibbing someone with a rocket) © M

pinspiration (when you pin down something to be inspired by) © M

assthetics (booty beauty) © M

sucksessful (popular garbage) © M

vommit (programming: commit consisting of mental vomit) © M

let me ax you a question (killer, while approaching victim) © M

satellight (light following someone around) © M

fleshlight (bio-luminescence) © M

attrack © M

talonted (dangerous talent) © M

eggsistence (existing in a vegetable state?) © M

bedcause (because of something that happened in a bed?) © M

guesst (vaguely recognizable visitor) © M

daynger (danger in broad daylight) © M

attention spam © LJ

sunprise (surprising sunrise; out in the heat without solar protection) © LJ

guilelines (untrustworthy guidelines) © LJ

guessthetics (the art of guessing) © LJ

sucksessfool (fool who stumbled its way to success) © LJ

relationshit (bad relationship) © LR

freedge (with free food) © LR

breaktrue (a breakthrough that, unlike all the battery ones, is true) © LR

enterfear (interfere) © LR

conquery (conquest) © LR

apollogy (Apollo apologizing?) © LR

foresick (forsake) © LR

knightmare © LR

maybee (danger of bees) © LR

adoorable (something that can be equipped with a door) © LR

parking slut (my friend today while looking for a free parking slot at a crowded mall) © LR

werehouse (warehouse full of werewolves or something? warehouse that turns into somethine else?) © LR

mistape (when you accidentally stick a piece of duct tape somewhere you didn't mean to) © LR

squatmate (someone you squat with — either as gopniks or when you occupy something unlawfully) © LR

grosseries (groceries you don't really want to eat) © LR

I'll splay your spleen and splatter your brains all over the splashboard, then splice the remains together with a splint, it will be splendid! © LR

goregone (something that's luckily in the past but not without blood spilled) © LR

terrivision (terrible television) © LR

envylope (when you are given a red envelope with a lot more money than your friends and siblings) © LR

cantdy (candy you aren't allowed to eat) © LR

vengetable (vengeful vegetable; a table of vegetables you have to eat for being a bad kid) © LR

teamfork (when you agree with your team to split up and flank the enemy) © LR

retrotarded (made retarded by using retro-aesthetics, like Nintendo games) © LR

keybored (when you start making typos because you're tired of the conversation) © LR

apocalips (when something really fucks up your lips like a third degree burn) © LR

worrning (a worrying warning) © LR

wrotten (something that's written but also rotten because it sucks) © LR

fatmate (a fat flatmate?) © LR