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2013 CTF Game

The following is a list of all of the challenges used for the 2013 CTF along with their description and link for convenience. Each of these challenges contain a README which well tell you how to stand up the challenge and the correct key to allow you to check yourself when you solve it.


Title Value Repository Description
Jarhead 200 2013-binary-200 “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” very long pause... "Java"
Era of Fantastic Colonies 200 2013-binary-200B You just downloaded the hit new real time strategy game, `Era of Fantastic Colonies.' It's now giving you trouble, asking for a CD key. Surely you purchased it, so that shouldn't be a problem. Can you get around the obnoxious DRM?
K-535 Yuriy Dolgorukiy 300 2013-binary-300 We've intercepted a submarine transmission from the Soviets. Only one authorization code disables the nuclear strike. Anything else and well... let's just say we're evacuating the entire eastern seaboard.


Title Value Repository Description
Das Milkshake 100 2013-crypto-100 Caeser's milkshake brings all the Legionnaires to the yard...
Le Chiffre Indechiffrable 200 2013-crypto-200 Dear Yvonne, I have sent this to you because I fear that our government is tracking me. Vive la Revolution!
Unbreakable 300 2013-crypto-300 Scientist announces unbreakable encryption! The cryptographic community is bewildered! In a press release, the scientist states that he can prove that his cryptographic method is theoretically sound.
German Intercepts 400 2013-crypto-400 The year is 1914. America is entrenched in World War One, and you've managed to get your hands on an intercepted message from the Germans. It's been heavily encrypted, but as America's finest cryptographer of the era, you feel up to the challenge. You know this cipher is the one the French call Ubchi, and that the same keyword has been applied twice. You don't know what the keyword it, however it shouldn't be any longer than 15 characters.
Modern Cryptography Standards 500 2013-crypto-500 The year is 1972, and as an official of the US government it's come to your attention that a new standard for classified information is needed in this modern day and age. In the past, cryptography has worked well, no ciphers currently exist that would be suitable for this task, however a new cipher has just been proposed by IBM and it's up to you to try to crack their message. You know that they used a weak keyword consisting of 4 pairs of 2 letters each (e.g. 'AeAeAeAe') as well as a weak encryption method, the electronic codebook. Since IBM's cipher relies on a certain number of rounds, you also know that they could be using anywhere from 10 to 50 rounds. Everyone's counting on you to give an answer on whether or not this cipher is a good fit for the government. Good Luck.


Title Value Repository Description
Magnets, How They Work?! 100 2013-forensics-100 Yo dog, we heard you like magnets
Bread Crumbs Galore! 200 2013-forensics-200 It's a very Grimm situation here, with these scattered file remnants and whatnot. Help a Hansel out?
Mountie Bounty 300 2013-forensics-300A Dudley Do-Right seems to have locked down his system by disabling non-graphical logins. See what you can do to help him eh?
I'm a Hacker! 300 2013-forensics-300B Nuhuhuh! You didn't say the magic word! Nuhuhuh! Nuhuhuh!
All Mah Bits Are Gone! 500 2013-forensics-500 Some hippy stole all mah bits! It's not a bit if there aren't no ones! And what's with this here colorful picture. Back in my day, they didn't have no colorful bits. Just green... Can you help Old Man Jenkins find his bits? He said he had something for you if you did - a relic of the old war, when he was a standard bearer.

Grab Bag

Title Value Repository Description
Zippee ki-yay 100 2013-grabbag-100 McClane and Zeus need your help on figuring out this riddle so they can see the instructions to disarm the bomb. See what you can do, and fast.
Ringputer 200 2013-grabbag-200 We found Dilbert's ring computer. Now, all you have to do is figure out how to read the darn thing.
Trivia Challenge 3000! 300 2013-grabbag-300 Welcome to the Sci-Fi portion of our game. In this challenge, you will have to match captains with their vessels from the show Star Trek. Oh wait! It appears as though we've lost one of the pictures of the captains! Maybe you can help us out?
Corporate Language 500 2013-grabbag-500 You recently learned that Duckpond Industries was developing a secret language with which to create their next big product. After a bit of dumpster diving, you've recovered what you believe is the latest spec. A crafty bit of social engineering has provided you with a program which you believe contains a prototype of their flagship product. Can you figure it out?
Wireless Haxxoring 1000 2013-grabbag-1000 It's 1997 and your friend's neighbor is an electrical engineer working with the IEEE to implement a new standard for wireless encryption. As a result, your friend has been having trouble reading his secret messages. He wants your help. What are friends for?


Title Value Repository Description
Chicken Little 100 2013-networking-100 Q managed to extract this data from Silva's laptop right before it took over the network. Since Q now has bigger problems, he was hoping you could help him out in figuring out what it means.
Winter is Coming 200 2013-networking-200 We found an SD card with this packet capture on it tied to the leg of a crow. Apparently it contains the key to defeating the white walkers. Help get the key to the Night's Watch... before it's too late.
Plot Lines 300 2013-networking-300 While Captain Jack Sparrow is off galavanting about with his jar of dirt, there is still treasure to be discovered in the Caribbean. See if you can figure out the riddles to find the greatest treasure of them all, and remember: X marks the spot.
Cypsela 2013 400 2013-networking-400 "Thank you for installing Cypsela 2013. Before you can play this award-winning plant evolution simulator, please make sure you enter in the username, password and CD key given on your box and have an active Internet connection." You've had enough of this DRM crap. Your buddy has provided a packet cap of his game when he connected, along with his credentials. Maybe you can get back at those money-grubbing megacorps in your own little way.
Gateway Administration 500 2013-networking-500 You've been given the awesome responsibility of running a gateway node between two large networks. Everything flows through this node. Naturally, you've set up a packet caputuring tool. Here's today's traffic. See if there's anything juicy?


Title Value Repository Description
Truth in Fandom 100 2013-web-100 One of your friends, a hardcore Star Wars fan, told you to check out his site. He said he's got the scoop on the new movie. Maybe you can find some truth in his website after all.
Why So Serious? 200 2013-web-200 Bruce is trying to see what Gotham Times readers think about Batman; however, he's a little embarrassed about reading fan fiction about himself, so he doesn't want to register and pay to read the full articles. The Joker is plotting something big, so Bruce is a little busy with his night job. He's hired you as temp help. See what you can do.
Fast and Furious 300 2013-web-300 Bob has been making a new admin system for the site that has now gone live. We managed to get this capture while he was developing.
Sometimes Snack 400 2013-web-400 The new messaging system jon has been working on has just been pushed up to Github. Although it is an early copy, at least some of the features are there...


Repo containing links to all CTF Challenges used in the 2013 MITRE CTF.







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