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Typing indicator demo project for Android
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Typing Indicator Demo App for Android

This is a demo app showing how to implement the popular typing indicator feature on a simple chat app using's Stream Data.

Before you start

Navigate to this project and follow the instructions to get a local server running before you try to run this app.

How to setup?

Get a copy of this project by doing a git clone:

git clone

After that, open your project using Android Studio and make following changes:

  • Add your application ID. Open App.kt and replace the existing application ID with your own application ID.
  • Add a channel ID. Open MainActivity.kt and replace the existing channel ID with the channel ID that you received after running the local server (as mentioned in the previous section).

How to run?

Run this project using Android Studio on 2 or more devices/emulators and choose a user to login from the first screen that pops up.

Type messages in one emulator see the typing indicator pop up the other other emulator chat window.

More details

This project is a part of the Typing Indicator recipe on's website. Visit the following link to learn more about this implementation:

  • Recipe - [link here]
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