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How to download from Mixcloud

This document explains how you can download a mix from Mixcloud by yourself without any third party software. However I want to recommend not doing that on your on, instead use this Mixcloud Downloader. Having said that, here's the step by step manual how to download from Mixcloud:


You need Chrome or Chromium as browser. Actually Firefox works as well, but this document refers to specifics of Chrome. Furthermore you'll need a tool to download from a URL e.g. wget.


  1. Go to Mixcloud.
  2. Open Chrome's DevTools by pressing ctrl+shift+i.
  3. Select the "Network" tab in the DevTools.
  4. Find the mix which you want to download on Mixcloud and start the playback.
  5. You now see a list of resources in the DevTools. Sort the resources by size.
  6. The largest resource is the mix which you can directly dowload. The URL matches the following URL template: https://stream{number}{path}.m4a e.g. ""
  7. Right click on that resource and select "Copy Link address". Now you have the URL of the downloadable mix in your clipboard.
  8. Use a download tool like wget to download the URL which you copied into your clipboard. Example: wget


How to download from Mixcloud



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