Super basic chat bot framework for Beam
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capgames and SimonSchick Updated to use OAuth 2.0 (#7)
* Updated for Auth 2.0 authentication

Updated to use OAuth 2.0 due to previous method being depreciated.
Update to reflect changes and instructions for Windos and
Linux operating systems. added !ping command and message formating (raw
format available with uncommenting code)

* updated

* make flake8 happy

* Fixed docstring description

fixed docstring description for method

* Multiple changes, couple addidtions

changed the way selecting the chat server selection is done. Sent bot
"system" messages though emit instead of print as it allows for handling
data better for more advanced bots. Added comments where possible. Added
couple variables to for Added
ChatEventHandler to format the text output in a readable format. Moved a
couple functions from to

* made chagnes suggested by Innectic

fixed spelling mistake in , Changed code for format_msg
function and renamed typereply to type_reply in

* Made some changes suggested by connor4312 expanded on comments providing more details and better
instructions. Change to class, calls functions from
a dict based on event names, changes string formatting.
changed as per connor's suggestion. chatty\ fixed an issue
where an error occurs if connection to chat server is lost (my error)
Latest commit 1cbe14e May 25, 2017


This is a basic chat bot framework for Beam, built to serve as a basic example of a Beam chat bot.


We've built a chat bot that logs incoming messages to the console, no longer sends "Hi!" to the channel every second. !ping command has been added

To use it, ensure Python 3 is installed on your system. Then:

  • install dependencies
    • Windows : python install
    • Linux : python3 install
  • copy to and add your authentication information
  • run the example chatbot
    • Windows : Launch run.bat (fixes issues with certain font types)
    • Linux : python3

Tested Platforms

  • Windows 10 with Python 3.4.2
  • Rasbian with Python 3.4.2 (Raspberry Pi)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Python 3.5.2