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#PgDoc PostgreSQL Documenter

PgDoc creates beautiful database documentations from your PostgreSQL database. It is a small console application that runs on:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

PgDoc Screenshot

##Sample Documentation (Created by PgDoc) http://mixerp.org/erp/db-docs/

#Compiled Binaries

##Windows Users Windows users can download PgDoc from this url:


Note that the above link is achieved dependencies-packed, self-contained executable file. But before you try PgDoc, please make sure that you have .net Framework 4.5 installed.

##OSX & Linux Users

Before you download PgDoc, you must have Mono framework installed. Depending upon your operating system, please download and install Mono:


Link to PgDoc for Mono:


#Documentation ##Basic Syntax


MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe -s=[server[:port]] -d=[database] -u=[pg_user] -p=[pwd] -o=[output_dir]


MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe -s=localhost:17000 -d=mixerp -u=postgres -p=secret -o="c:\mixerp-doc"

OSX & Linux

mono /path/to/MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe -s=[server] -d=[database] -u=[pg_user] -p=[pwd] -o=[output_dir]


mono /users/nirvan/desktop/pg-doc/MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe -s=localhost -d=mixerp -u=postgres -p=secret -o=/users/nirvan/desktop/db-doc

##Additional parameters -is: include schema

Use a postgres regular expression to decide, which schemas should be documented. If you are not familiar with regular expressions, just create a list, using pipe (|) as separator.

MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe ... -is=schema1|schema2

-xs: exclude schema

Use a postgres regular expression to decide, which schemas should not be documented. You can use -is and -xs in combination

MixERP.Net.Utilities.PgDoc.exe ... -xs=tmp_.*