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This is the official Mixpanel tracking library for Java.

Latest Version

July 20th, 2022 - v1.5.1

You can alternatively download the library jar directly from Maven here.

How To Use

The library is designed to produce events and people updates in one process or thread, and consume the events and people updates in another thread or process. Specially formatted JSON objects are built by MessageBuilder objects, and those messages can be consumed by the MixpanelAPI via ClientDelivery objects, possibly after serialization or IPC.

MessageBuilder messages = new MessageBuilder("my token");
JSONObject event = messages.event("", "Logged In", null);

// Later, or elsewhere...
ClientDelivery delivery = new ClientDelivery();

MixpanelAPI mixpanel = new MixpanelAPI();

Learn More

This library in particular has more in-depth documentation at

Mixpanel maintains documentation at

The library also contains a simple demo application, that demonstrates using this library in an asynchronous environment.

There are also community supported libraries in addition to this library, that provide a threading model, support for dealing directly with Java Servlet requests, support for persistent properties, etc. Two interesting ones are at:

Other Mixpanel Libraries

Mixpanel also maintains a full-featured library for tracking events from Android apps at

And a full-featured client side library for web applications, in Javascript, that can be loaded directly from Mixpanel servers. To learn more about our Javascript library, see:

This library is intended for use in back end applications or API services that can't take advantage of the Android libraries or the Javascript library.


See LICENSE File for details. The Base64Coder class used by this software
has been licensed from non-Mixpanel sources and modified for use in the library.
Please see for details.


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