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A node.js API for mixpanel
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This library provides many of the features in the official javascript mixpanel library. It is easy to use, and fully async.


npm install mixpanel

Quick Start

// grab the Mixpanel factory
var Mixpanel = require('mixpanel');

// create an instance of the mixpanel client
var mixpanel = Mixpanel.init('6fd9434dba686db2d1ab66b4462a3a67');

// track an event with optional properties
mixpanel.track("my event", {
    distinct_id: "some unique client id",
    as: "many",
    properties: "as",
    you: "want"

// create or update a user in Mixpanel Engage
mixpanel.people.set("billybob", {
    $first_name: "Billy",
    $last_name: "Bob",
    $created: (new Date('jan 1 2013')).toISOString(),
    plan: "premium",
    games_played: 1,
    points: 0

// set a single property on a user
mixpanel.people.set("billybob", "plan", "free");

// increment a numeric property
mixpanel.people.increment("billybob", "games_played");

// increment a numeric property by a different amount
mixpanel.people.increment("billybob", "points", 15);

// increment multiple properties
mixpanel.people.increment("billybob", {"points": 10, "games_played": 1});

// append value to a list
mixpanel.people.append("billybob", "awards", "Great Player");

// append multiple values to a list
mixpanel.people.append("billybob", {"awards": "Great Player", "levels_finished": "Level 4"});

// record a transaction for revenue analytics
mixpanel.people.track_charge("billybob", 39.99);

// clear a users transaction history

// delete a user

// Create an alias for an existing distinct id
mixpanel.alias("distinct_id", "your_alias");

// all functions that send data to mixpanel take an optional
// callback as the last argument
mixpanel.track("test", function(err) { if (err) throw err; });

// import an old event
var mixpanel_importer = Mixpanel.init('valid mixpanel token', {
    key: "valid api key for project"

// needs to be in the system once for it to show up in the interface
mixpanel_importer.track('old event', { gender: '' });

mixpanel_importer.import("old event", new Date(2012, 4, 20, 12, 34, 56), {
    distinct_id: 'billybob',
    gender: 'male'

// import multiple events at once
        event: 'old event',
        properties: {
            time: new Date(2012, 4, 20, 12, 34, 56),
            distinct_id: 'billybob',
            gender: 'male'
        event: 'another old event',
        properties: {
            time: new Date(2012, 4, 21, 11, 33, 55),
            distinct_id: 'billybob',
            color: 'red'


# in the mixpanel directory
npm install
npm test


Heavily inspired by the original js library copyright Mixpanel, Inc. (

Copyright (c) 2012 Carl Sverre

Contributions from:


Released under the MIT license. See file called LICENSE for more details.

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