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Like node-detective, but for AMD/r.js files
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Find all calls to require() in AMD modules by walking the AST.

This module uses code extracted from r.js rather than trying to write it's own version of r.js parsing. It depends on esprima (but not r.js).


npm install amdetective


First, create detect.js which is just a four line CLI wrapper around amdetective:

var fs = require('fs'),
    amdetective = require('amdetective');

console.log('Reading file from first argument: ' + process.argv[2]);

Now, let's run it on a bunch of examples to see some output. You can also run this command on your own files to get more realistic examples.

Definition Functions with Dependencies (simple.js)

require(['module1', 'path/to/module2'], function(a, b){
  // ...

Running node detect.js simple.js produces:

Reading file from first argument: simple.js
[ 'module1', 'path/to/module2' ]

Simplified CommonJS Wrapper (simple2.js)

define(function(require) {
  var a = require('some/file'),
      b = require('json!foo/bar');
  // ...

Running node detect.js simple2.js produces:

Reading file from first argument: simple2.js
[ 'require', 'some/file', 'json!foo/bar' ]

Named module (named.js)

    ["my/cart", "my/inventory"],
    function(cart, inventory) {

Running node detect.js simple2.js produces:

Reading file from first argument: named.js
[ { name: 'foo/title', deps: [ 'my/cart', 'my/inventory' ] } ]

Note how named modules are treated differently - this is just something that the underlying resolution code does so be prepared to deal with it.


amdetective(src, opts)

Given some source body src, return an array of all the require() call arguments detected by AMD/r.js.

The options parameter opts is passed along to parse.recurse() in lib/parse.js. This is normally the build config options if it is passed.



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