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Mixxx is open-source software with a broad community encompassing performing musicians, amateur DJs, internet radio broadcasters and casual users. The Mixxx Wiki contains useful information for users, developers and artists. It covers first steps if you are new to DJing, has a hardware guide to learn about supported controllers, provides help so you don't get stuck when running into trouble and is a great resource for developers.

Due to spam attacks, wiki editing has been restricted. However you are welcome to add information or change existing documentation. To do so, please send your suggestions by creating a new topic in the Documentation Stream on Zulip. If you find outdated, incorrect or incomplete information on the wiki, sending corrections would be very much appreciated.

User Documentation

Getting Started


Getting Involved


Community Resources

  • Mixxx website
  • Development builds: Please help us test the latest code and report bugs. We try to make sure code is reasonably stable before including it in these, but only use development builds if you are comfortable using bleeding edge software. Do not upgrade to a new version without adequate time to test it before a performance.
  • List of open-source music production software



  • Zulip chat: Ask for help, chat with users and developers. Native apps can be downloaded from Zulip's website and configured to use the server, or use the web app.
  • Forums: Ask for help, listen to and share mixes, download and share controller mappings and skins
  • mixxx-devel email list. Note that most project communication is on Zulip now, so you are more likely to get an answer to a question there.

Controller Mapping Documentation

Skin Documentation

Developer Documentation

Compile Mixxx From Source Code

Getting Started

Development Topics



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