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Fix bug where Twiggy's run loop exits after a streaming request is cut off #41

merged 2 commits into from Jan 3, 2015

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hoelzro commented Apr 29, 2014


I found a bug in Twiggy where if you're using a streaming writer and the client stops the request, the PSGI application dies in such a way that Twiggy itself shuts down. A test file and fix are included. The fix isn't the cleanest, but maybe it's a starting point you could improve upon!


hoelzro added some commits Apr 28, 2014
@hoelzro hoelzro Add test checking for a stream being broken
Twiggy (as of version 0.1024) shuts down after servicing
a request that writes streaming contents to a PSGI writer, and
the connection is broken.
@hoelzro hoelzro Fix bug where Twiggy stops servicing requests 18ab18b
hoelzro commented May 30, 2014

@miyagawa Have you had a chance to look at this?

hoelzro commented Jan 3, 2015

@miyagawa If you have time, would you mind taking a look at this change?

@miyagawa miyagawa merged commit a590fff into miyagawa:master Jan 3, 2015
miyagawa commented Jan 3, 2015

sorry that it's taken such a long time. I don't really understand the fix, but sounds trivial enough to merge.

hoelzro commented Jan 3, 2015

No problem, I had forgotten about it myself. Thanks!

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