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numerical computation, modeling, and machine learning library with math, statistics, randomization, and other useful utilities

The highlights

  • [Voting rule computation] (src/main/java/net/andrewmao/socialchoice/rules): Computation and error metrics for many common voting rules as well as those derived from more complicated noise models (see below). These were used in the AAAI 2013 paper Better Human Computation Through Principled Voting.

  • [Ranking model estimation] (src/main/java/net/andrewmao/models/discretechoice): Efficient estimation techniques for models on rankings of items, known classically as discrete choice models and some more recently as random utility models. The implementation covers many common models such as Mallows, Bradley-Terry, Plackett-Luce, and Thurstone-Mosteller. In addition, there is a fast parallelized implementation of the Monte Carlo EM (MCEM) algorithm from the NIPS 2012 paper Random Utility Theory for Social Choice.

  • [HMM inference for repeated games] (src/main/java/net/andrewmao/models/games): Hidden Markov Model based inference for players' strategies in repeated games. We developed this as a technique to analyze experimental data.

Other useful pieces

  • Random (weighted) subset and stream selection: A class for shuffling and selecting random items from a Collection efficiently.

  • Truncated Normal and Multivariate Normal Distributions: Apart from a few existing subroutines for normal distributions, two things you won't find elsewhere for Java are implementations of truncated Normal distributions and a thread-safe library for computing the CDF and expected first and second moments of a multivariate normal distribution. Alan Genz deserves credit for the actual subroutine, but this code makes it callable from Java and thread-safe.

Interesting tidbits

  • [LibraryReplicator] (src/main/java/net/andrewmao/misc/ was a class designed to make a non-reentrant native library reentrant. It does this by making n copies of the library, where n is the desired level of concurrency, and creating a proxied interface that shares the copies of the native library using a thread-safe queue. See for more information on why this was needed.


math, statistics, randomization, and other useful common grad-school utilities







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