Helper plugin puts CrazyStat include tag in WordPress footer.
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=== mzz-include-crazystat === Contributors: mjassen Tags: CrazyStat Requires at least: Tested up to: Stable tag:

Helper plugin puts CrazyStat include tag in WordPress footer.

== Description ==

Helper plugin puts CrazyStat include tag in WordPress footer so that then your WordPress installation points to the existing CrazyStat installation.

Features include:

  • Puts CrazyStat include tag in WordPress footer via a plugin, so no need to hard-code the include tag in the WordPress core nor in the WordPress theme.
  • Doesn't modify core code of WordPress and also doesn't modify the WordPress theme.

= Get Involved =

Mzz-include-crazystat is an Open Source project. See and contribute to mzz-include-crazystat on the GitHub repository:

== Changelog == = 0.0.1 =

  • this is the first version of the plugin.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

  • Is mzz-include-crazystat plugin affiliated with CrazyStat? A: No, at this time it's not. Mzz-include-crazystat is created by a user of (the excellent) CrazyStat software-- a user who wanted to make it easier to include the CrazyStat software on their WordPress blog.
  • Does this mzz-include-crazystat plugin install CrazyStat on my WordPress site? A: No, this plugin doesn't install CrazyStat. CrazyStat must already have been installed in your site, for example in the folder:

== Installation == 0. Install the CrazyStat software on your website. This plugin doesn't do that. This plugin just "points to"/includes the CrazyStat installation.

  1. Put the mzz-include-crazystat.php file into a folder mzz-include-crazystat and upload the folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation.
  2. From the WordPress dashboard, activate the plugin. That's it! Now whenever someone visits your site the include code fires and so it allows the CrazyStat installation to start gathering statistics.