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A quick and dirty hotword-based control for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Windows PC. Finally, screaming Objection!, Take That!, and Hold It! becomes a reality for the first time since the DS release.

Demo video

Take a look!


  • Check out the repository!
  • Install the prerequisites as in requirements.txt
    • This is easiest on Python 3.6, which already has a pre-built wheel for PyAudio.
  • Generate three Porcupine hotword files and put them in the root folder of Objection:
    • objection_windows.ppn
    • take_that_windows.ppn
    • hold_it_windows.ppn
  • Boot up Ace Attorney Trilogy
  • Run

If all goes well, Objection will hook into the Ace Attorney window and wait for microphone input.

Because of the usage of the Porcupine library, the ppn files will eventually expire and need to be regenerated. Refer to the Porcupine documentation on how to do the inital generation and subsequent renewals.


A binary release for amd64-compatible machines will be available soon.

Building your own binary

  • Follow the 'how-to' steps
  • Modify the Porcupine paths in as necessary to match your target system
  • Run the following command after also installing pyinstaller: pyinstaller --add-data "porcupine;porcupine" --add-data "<your python root directory>/lib/site-packages/_soundfile_data;_soundfile_data" --onefile -p porcupine/binding/python


  • Slim down the repository a bit, don't need all the Porcupine stuff
  • Enable 'classic' mode - ie. hold down a button to start microphone detection
  • Dark magic to only have to run one executable to start both game and detector
  • Darker magic to patch the detector into the game itself


The Apache 2.0 licensed portions of the Porcupine library are included in this repository unaltered, save the resources folder.

The Objection software itself is licensed under the MIT License, which can be found in the LICENSE file.