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My overtone/quil sketches.

I have a fascination with using models of physical processes to control video and audio. I like the way patterns emerge out of the chaos, looking and sounding pretty. So quil and overtone work very nicely for me :)



lein run -m stb.orbits

A set of moons orbiting around a blue planet, making soothing noises as they go. Just run it, watch and listen. There is an obvious ascending melody which repeats at different pitches and speeds, interfering with itself as we descend into chaos. But all is not lost to entropy as there is a period of about 2 minutes after which we come back to almost where we began before starting again.

If you want more chaos, you can click the mouse to turn it into a bouncy-ball-in-a-box simulation, and if it gets all too much for you after that, press r to restart.


Copyright © 2012 Matthew Gilliard. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.