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Auto Test for Grails 2.0

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Auto Test plugin for Grails


  • Björn Wilmsmann, MetaSieve
  • Mike Hugo

Modifications Made By

  • Chris Sterling

Grails support

Version 1.0 of this plugin works with Grails 2.0 or higher. If you have a Grails application using a version of grails prior to 2.0, please use version 0.1 of this plugin


$ grails
| Enter a script name to run. Use TAB for completion: 
grails> auto-test

The plugin will monitor the project directory and will attempt to run only the subset of tests affected by what changed. This is very rudimentary - for example, if you modify BookController or BookControllerTests or BookControllerSpec, it will run test-app BookController

Example usage screencast:

The auto-test command will also honor any extra test arguments passed to it. For example:

grails> auto-test unit:
grails> auto-test --rerun unit:spock

In order to run functional tests continually upon changes, the application must be started separately and the "-baseUrl" command line arg must be used to run against already started instance. Here is an example:

$ grails
| Enter a script name to run. Use TAB for completion: 
grails> run-app
| Server running. Browse to http://localhost:8080/app
grails> auto-test -baseUrl=http://localhost:8080/app/


Please log issues in the github repository at Pull requests with enhancements and bug fixes are greatly appreciated.

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