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RSS reader in go on app engine
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go read

a google reader clone built with go on app engine and angularjs

setting up a local dev environment

  1. Install Python 2.7 and make sure it is in your PATH. (Google App Engine doesn't yet work with Python 3.)
  2. Install Git and Mercurial and make sure git and hg are in your PATH.
  3. Install the Go App Engine SDK.
  4. Set your GOPATH (to something like /home/user), and make sure it's a directory that exists. (Note: set this on your machine's environment, not in the go.bat file.)
  5. Further commands use goapp which lives in the go_appengine directory from the SDK. Make sure it's in your PATH.
  6. Download goread and dependencies by running: goapp get -d You may get messages about unrecognized imports. Ignore them.
  7. cd $GOPATH/src/
  8. Copy app.sample.yaml to app.yaml.
  9. In the goread directory (cd .. from the command above), copy settings.go.dist to settings.go.
  10. From the app directory, start the app with goapp serve. (On Windows, you may need to do this instead: python C:\go_appengine\ app.yaml.)
  11. View at localhost:8080, admin console at localhost:8000.

developer notes

  1. Press alt+c to show the miniprofiler window.
  2. Press c to clear all feeds and stories, remove all your subscriptions, and reset your unread date.

self host on production app engine servers

  1. Set up a local dev environment as described above.
  2. Create a new app engine application.
  3. In app.yaml, change the first line to contain the name of the application you just created.
  4. From the app directory, deploy with goapp deploy.
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