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Hepta Slab


Hepta Slab is a slab-serif revival based on specimens of antique genre types from Bruce and Co., primarily Antique 307. The family consists of 9 weights with the extremes intended for display use and the middle weights for setting text.

Character Set

Hepta Slab Waterfall


Features include lining numerals, oldstyle numerals, case sensitive punctuation, fractions, superior and inferior numerals as well as multiple stylistic alternates.


Glyphs marked in a color are indicated on the labelkey.txt file in the sources folder. The list can be viewed in Glyphs App with the LabelKey plugin via the Glyphs Plugin Manager.


Hepta Slab is licensed under the SIL Open Font License v1.1


When you make modifications, be sure to add a description of your changes, following the format of the other entries, to the start of this section.

23 May 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.016

  • Added more kerning pairs

14 May 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.014

  • Added T_h c_h c_t and s_t discretionary ligatures
  • Wrote script to fix metrics keys on 2nd Master. (Sidebearings are currently wrong based on non-interpolated metrics keys)

9 May 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.013

  • Converted 3rd instance (ExtraLight) to Master for necessary corrections
  • Pinching corrections

4 May 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.009

  • Added stylistic alternates for 1, 2, and 7
  • Revised instance weights

19 April 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.007

  • Updated smallcaps height
  • Changed oldstyle figures to half-ranging figures

27 March 2018 (Mike LaGattuta) ‘Hepta Slab’ v0.006

  • Fixed @ symbol proportions
  • Fixed ampersand counters
  • General spacing improvements


If you make modifications, be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (if you have one) (W) and description (D). This list is in alphabetical order according to last names.

N: Mike LaGattuta E: W: D: Designer


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