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ADL (AMD Display Library) 3.0 Python Bindings

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Mark Visser authored October 24, 2013
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I'm no longer able to maintain adl3 due to family obligations (diapers, etc.). If anyone out there 
is able to take over, I'd be greatly obliged. Please message me and we can work out details.


This package wraps the AMD Display Library 3.0 [1] using ctypes. You do *not* need to install the
SDK to use this package, and no compilation is required.

Also included is a sample Python script using adl3 called _atitweak_. This script can list your
adapters and optionally sets core and memory clock speed and voltage per performance level.

For example, to downlock your memory to 300MHz, you might use this command:

$ atitweak -m 300  
Setting performance level 0 on adapter 0: memory clock 300MHz  
Setting performance level 1 on adapter 0: memory clock 300MHz  
Setting performance level 2 on adapter 0: memory clock 300MHz  

WARNING! This software can damage or destroy your graphics card if used incorrectly. 

If this helps you squeeze out a few extra MHash/s, please consider throwing a few bitcoins my way:

    AMD Display Library 3.0
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