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Kajoo Fix the City you Love

Open Source Civic Engagement

Kajoo is an engaging social platforn open source civic engagement platform built on Ruby on Rails. Helping citizens improve their cities through collaboration.

Kajoo is the result of some sharp people on a 3 day tour to south by southwest via bus

Kajoo is a web and mobile game in which players compete to improve their city. Citizens report problems with their local area and anyone can pitch in to create the solution - from a flash mob to a construction company. Kajoo produces valuable real-time data that can be used by cities to act quickly on problems, and used by citizens to see where their city is succeeding and where it

Kajoo: Open Source Civic Engagement and Collaboration software


Take a looks at our wiki to learn how to install Kajoo on different platforms.


You can also use Kajoo online. If you've chosen to run your own copy, then follow these simple steps!

Install missing gems:

  • bundle install

Create Your Database

  • rake db:create

Run Migrations

  • rake db:migrate

Run the server with ./script/server and go to http://localhost:3000 to start using Kajoo!


Fork mjording/kajoo on GitHub, make it awesomer (preferably in a branch named for the topic), send a pull request.