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Wat (not the one in Angkor)

Adds a Captcha field to Mezzanine's form builder.


This is a hack which looks at the field types in your Mezzanine installation and infers a safe-enough ID number to use. If, by any reason at all, you were to make apps like this one, and get the IDs wrong, your forms will see weird side-effects.

A registry for custom fields in Mezzanine would be more worth-while!


Running should install django-simplecaptcha, which is required.

The application needs to be before mezzanine.forms in INSTALLED_APPS.

I use it between the django and mezzanine ones:

'captcha',      # \__ the new ones
'mezzacaptcha', # /

You also need to configure in your Mezzanine app:

url("^captcha/", include('captcha.urls')),  # Slap it in before the catch-all
url("^", include("mezzanine.urls")),

Run also migrations:

python migrate captcha


Now you can create captchas for your forms in admin!

Include the following option on your in order to add a captcha on the blog comments form.

COMMENT_FORM_CLASS = "mezzacaptcha.forms.CaptchaThreadedCommentForm"

For info on captcha configuration please see


BSD. Whatever. Not gonna care too much.