Clojure tutorial for Storm stream processing
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Storm Tutorial

Demonstrates realtime stream processing with the Storm framework.

This tutorial shows a simple financial application:

  • The data source ("spout" in Storm parlance) is a price feed with live price data for a set of financial instruments.
  • The data is consumed by candlestick chart generators sampling it and collecting min/max and open/close data.

The tutorial demonstrates:

  • Spouts, the data sources.
  • Bolts, the functions to consume and transform data.
  • Topology, setting up the data stream flow.
  • How to add custom serialization formats for new data types.


Copyright (C) 2011 Martin Jul (

Distributed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

About the Author

Martin Jul is a software architect and partner in Ative, a Copenhagen-based consultancy specialized in doing and teaching lean software development.

His work is currently focused on building distributed, high-performance low-latency financial trading applications.

He is also organizing of the Copenhagen Clojure meet-ups: