William Whitaker's WORDS, a Latin dictionary
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Project Website


This is a cleaned-up version of the port of William Whitaker's WORDS programme, a Latin-English dictionary with inflectional morphology support; the original author passed away in 2010, so any and all help maintaining the software as development and execution environments evolve would be greatly appreciated.

Effectively, this is an exercise in digital preservation.


Help is needed maintaining the code for future users; in particular, it does not currently support vowel length, so it may be necessary to gather a group of Latin experts to adjust its lexicon of several thousand words.

If you contribute, please be sure to indicate your assent to redistributing your contributions under the same terms as the existing software; this will minimise copyright hassles in the future.


$ make
$ bin/words


See the HOWTO.txt file included, and documentation on the Project Website

Build-time Dependencies

  • GPRBuild
  • gnat

On a Debian-like system, you can install these roughly as follows:

$ apt-get install gprbuild gnat

GNAT versions before 4.9 are believed to link against a buggy runtime on 64-bit platforms, so should be avoided.


WORDS, a Latin dictionary, by Colonel William Whitaker (USAF, Retired)

Copyright William A. Whitaker (1936–2010)

This is a free program, which means it is proper to copy it and pass it on to your friends. Consider it a developmental item for which there is no charge. However, just for form, it is Copyrighted (c). Permission is hereby freely given for any and all use of program and data. You can sell it as your own, but at least tell me.

This version is distributed without obligation, but the developer would appreciate comments and suggestions.

All parts of the WORDS system, source code and data files, are made freely available to anyone who wishes to use them, for whatever purpose.