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The library uses system methods to get MediaStyle notification colors from Android Oreo.

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Add JitPack in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

    allprojects {
        repositories {
            maven { url "" }

Add it as a dependency in your app's build.gradle file:

    dependencies {
        compile 'com.github.mkaflowski:Media-Style-Palette:1.x' //CHANGE X TO CURRENT VERSION!!!

How to use

MediaNotificationProcessor processor = new MediaNotificationProcessor(this, bitmap); // can use drawable
int backgroundColor = processor.getBackgroundColor();
int primaryTextColor = processor.getPrimaryTextColor();
int secondaryTextColor = processor.getSecondaryTextColor();
boolean isLight = processor.isLight();

// for async processing:
final MediaNotificationProcessor processor = new MediaNotificationProcessor(this);
processor.getPaletteAsync(onPaletteLoadedListener, bitmap);