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A set of example golang code to start learning Go
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Working with Go

View online at:

Working with Go is a set of examples for Go (golang) to get an experienced programmer familiar with the Go language. Go is often referred to as golang to help searches.

Format Change

This repository was previously just a set of Go programs showing each of the examples, I found myself referencing it often, but as Go programs it was difficult to read the comments, examples, and not as easy to navigate.

In April 2019, I switched it over to my site at:

I saved the previous repository under the classic branch so you can still browse.


The site is generated from markdown to WordPress using my wpsync tool, written in Go of course.

Working with Go was started by Marcus Kazmierczak. Any additions, corrections, suggestions or any contributions are appreciated. You can submit a pull request or an issue for a bug or fix.

Thanks to all the contributors!


This set of examples assumes a base level of programming experience and is intended for someone learning the Go language from another language; not necessarily someone new to programming altogether.

If you are starting out and want to learn how to program and choose Go as your first language, check out Learn Programming in Go

The official site has a Tour of Go which is an interactive walk through, another good introduction to the language.

I'm also a big fan of Go by Example which is quite similar.


Working with Go is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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