Easy-to-use CUI for fixing git conflicts
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Easy-to-use CUI for fixing git conflicts

I never really liked any of the mergetools out there so I made a program that is somewhat easier to use.


👷 Installation


$ go get github.com/mkchoi212/fac

Or using Homebrew 🍺

brew tap mkchoi212/fac https://github.com/mkchoi212/fac.git
brew install fac

🔧 Using

fac operates much like git add -p . It has a prompt input at the bottom of the screen where the user inputs various commands.

The commands have been preset to the following specifications

w - show more lines up
s - show more lines down
a - use local version
d - use incoming version
e - manually edit code

j - scroll down
k - scroll up

v - [v]iew orientation
n - [n]ext conflict
p - [p]revious conflict

h | ? - [h]elp
q | Ctrl+c - [q]uit

[w,a,s,d,?] >> [INPUT HERE]

⚙️ Customization

The above key-bindings and various behaviors can be altered by creating a .fac.yml file in your home directory. Please refer to the configuration README.md for more information.


This is an open source project so feel free to contribute by

👮 License

See License