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Latest commit c9a39fe Jan 15, 2017 @mkerrisk unix.7: Since Linux 3.4, UNIX domain sockets support MSG_TRUNC
This was correctly noted in recv(2), but the unix(7) page
was not correspondingly updated for the Linux 3.4 change.

Reported-by: Sergey Polovko <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Kerrisk <>
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man1 localedef.1: wfix Nov 11, 2016
man5 resolv.conf.5: The 'inet6' option is deprecated since glibc 2.25 Jan 13, 2017
man6 getent.1, _syscall.2, acct.2, adjtimex.2, bdflush.2, brk.2, cacheflus… Mar 10, 2013
man7 unix.7: Since Linux 3.4, UNIX domain sockets support MSG_TRUNC Jan 15, 2017
man8 Describe use of LD_DEBUG with LD_BIND_NOT Jan 15, 2017
Changes Start of man-pages-4.10: updating Changes and Changes.old Dec 12, 2016
README README: Explain usage of prefix when installing May 26, 2014
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This package contains Linux man pages for sections
2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Some more information is given in the
`Announce' file.

Install by copying to your favourite location.
"make install" will just copy them to /usr/share/man/man[1-8].
To install to a path different from /usr use
"make install prefix=/install/path".
"make" will move the pages from this package that are older than
the already installed ones to a subdirectory `not_installed',
then remove old versions (compressed or not),
compress the pages, and copy them to /usr/share/man/man[1-8].

Note that you may have to remove preformatted pages.

Note that sometimes these pages are duplicates of pages
also distributed in other packages. This has been reported
about dlclose.3, dlerror.3, dlopen.3, dlsym.3 (found in,
about resolver.3, resolv.conf.5 (found in bind-utils),
and about passwd.5, and mailaddr.7. Be careful not to
overwrite more up-to-date versions.
Reports on further duplicates are welcome.
Formerly present and now removed duplicates:
 exports.5 (found in nfs-server-2.2*),
 fstab.5, nfs.5 (found in util-linux-2.12*),
 lilo.8, lilo.conf.5 (found in lilo-21.6*).

Copyrights: These man pages come under various copyrights.
All pages are freely distributable when the nroff source is included.

If you have corrections and additions to suggest, see