A repository of non-native, useful redis commands, scripted in lua.
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Redis-Extend is a collection of non-native, atomic redis commands that perform specific tasks. If you know lua or are interested in redis, please consider contributing an interesting and useful command - or improve the existing.


Simply load the command from scripts/ according to 'command.lua'. The commands are described below. src/ contains the latest redis scripting branch from http://redis.io.


INCRTO key1 [key2 ... keyN] value1 [value2 ... valueN]

For each pair (keyX,valueX), sets keyX to the maximum between its value and valueX. Returns a multi bulk with the values of key1 ... keyN after the call.

MHDEL key1 [key2 ...] field

Remove the same field from several hashes, get the number of values actually removed.

MHLEN key1 [key2 ...]

Varadic HLEN.

MHSET key1 [key2 ... keyN] value1 [value2 ... valueN] field

Set the same field in several hashes, get the number of fields actually created (not updated).

PATTERNOP pattern operation

Perform 'operation' (eg DEL) on all keys matching 'pattern'

SISSUBSET key1 key2

Determine if the set at 'key2' is a subset of the set at 'key1'

SOPSCARD key1 [key2 ... keyN] operation

The cardinality of the set resulting from the 'operation' (smembers/sinter/sunion) between the sets at 'key1' ... 'keyN'.

SOPSRANDSUBSET key1 [key2 ... keyN] operation count

A random subset of maximum size 'count' from the 'operation' (smembers/sinter/sunion) between the set at 'key1' and all the sets at 'key2' ... 'keyN'.

SOPSRANDSUBSTORE key1 [key2 ... keyN] operation count destination

Store a random subset of maximum size 'count' from the 'operation' (smembers/sinter/sunion) between the set at 'key1' and all the sets at 'key2' ... 'keyN' at a key 'destination'