A billable-time invoice featuring style over substance
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A billable-time invoice featuring style over substance.

Example Screenshot


— or —

Generating an Invoice

Using TeX Live Locally

cp example.tex your-invoice-101.tex
# make some changes to your-invoice-101.tex
make your-invoice-101.pdf

Your invoice will be created as your-invoice-101.pdf

Using Vagrant

cp example.tex your-invoice-101.tex
vagrant up  # this may take a while the first time
vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant; make REPORT=your-invoice-101 watch'

Now whenever you make changes to your-invoice-101.tex on your host machine, the watcher inside the VM will automatically build your-invoice-101.pdf, which will be saved back to the host machine.

When finished editing, input Control-C to stop the watcher, then run:

vagrant halt


See example.tex and dapper-invoice.cls for details.


I am not a designer. Inspiration for the design comes from stea^H^H^H^Hborrowing design ideas from good looking invoices people have published on the net. The resulting design is not even in the same league, but I think it gets the job done.

I am also not a LaTeX author. The code borrows heavily from the moderncv package (which I can't recommend enough), as well as numerous other packages.


The code I have written I release under the MIT license.

Two different font packages are included in the repo for convenience:

  • OpenSans (Apache License v2.00)
  • Font Awesome (SIL OFL 1.1)