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Groovy Workshop Build Status

Workshop for Groovy programming language with a special focus on Java™ developers.


This workshop uses Gradle as its build tool. Generally it is also possible to run Groovy via Maven (see Groovy docs on Maven integration) but Gradle's support for different source sets — e.g. one for Groovy and Java — is very useful for this workshop.

Part 1: Syntax Differences to Java

In this part we’ll try to convert a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) into a Plain Old Groovy Object (POGO) to find the most basic differences between Java and Groovy.

All answers you might be looking for can be found in the Differences with Java (and the Groovy Style Guide).

  • ❏ Take a look at the project, especially at Person Java class. Try to run the tests:

    ./gradlew test
  • ❏ Let’s turn the Person Java class into a Groovy class. Just move it from src/main/java to src/main/groovy and change the filename extension from .java to .groovy

    mv src/main/java/de/assertagile/workshop/groovy/ \

    Run the tests again, understand & fix the error. You might want to read the Behaviour of == again.

  • ❏ Keeping the Differences with Java in mind, make the link:src/main/groovy/de/assertagile/workshop/groovy/Person.groovy as Groovy as you can. Run the tests after each change.

    Hint: my solution has only 50 lines of code (keeping white space as is)

    There is a IntelliJ action (Ctrl+Shift+A) called "cleanup code".

Part 2: More Differences

  • ❏ Now let’s move something with more logic over. Turn PersonService into a Groovy class.

    mv src/main/java/de/assertagile/workshop/groovy/ \

    Try to compile. Fix the compile errors and run the tests.

    You might want to look at the section about Lambdas.

  • ❏ Again try to make PersonService Groovy class truly Groovy.

Part 3: Groovy Testing (Basics)

Now we are going to convert our tests over to the Groovy side.

  • ❏ Let’s just move the PersonTest Java test first as we did with the classes before:

    mv src/test/java/de/assertagile/workshop/groovy/ \

    Run it and make it Groovy.

  • ❏ Now also move PersonServiceTest Java test:

    mv src/test/java/de/assertagile/workshop/groovy/ \

    There will be a compile error. Maybe you can find a creative way to fix that without using a \ in the Groovy Style Guide.

  • ❏ The output of the assertion errors in our tests is quite useless. Let’s replace the assertions with Power Assertions and the util).

    Actually the Power Assertions won’t help with the current failures. Try to break a test intentionally to see the "Power". E.g. remove one Person in the second test’s assertion.

  • ❏ Try to fix the remaining tests. You might find the paragraph about Multi-methods pretty useful here.

  • ❏ Make the test truly Groovy.

  • ❏ Change the various service initializations to use the named parameters constructor.

Part 4: Let’s get Groovy

In this part we add some more Groovy power to the existing classes and tests.

Part 5: Domain Specific Languages (Outlook)

This part is about how to create domain specific languages with Groovy. This is less formal than you might think. Files will still be .groovy files, you will still compile them the same way and your IDE will still understand, what you are doing.

  • ❏ Replace the addAll method with the <<< operator, so the following test succeeds:

    service <<< [TODD, ANDREA]
    assert service.persons == [TODD, ANDREA]
  • ❏ Change the predicate variant of findPersons, so the following test works:

    assert service.findPersons { name == "Todd Ler" } == TODD

    Hint: The @DelegatesTo annotation might help.


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