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Mixular: Mixpanel Tracking for AngularJS

Mixular is directive which you can use in your angularJS applications to track mix panel events.

Installation via bower

You can install mixular via bower, to install run:

bower install --save mixular

How to use it

You must include the Mixpanel javascript tracking library, then add the tracking-directive dependency in your AngularJS app.

var app = angular.module("yourApp", ["mixular-directive"]);

After that, you can start tracking events on your pages, like this:

<a href="#/feedback" mixular="click" eventLabel="Feedback Clicked" prop-user="James">Feedback</a>	

You will have to add mixular and specify the event on which you want to do the tracking. All the standard event types are supported:

  • click
  • focus
  1. hover
  2. keydown
  3. keypress
  4. keyup
  5. mousedown
  6. mouseenter
  7. mouseleave
  8. mouseout
  9. mouseover
  10. mouseup
  11. scroll
  12. select

Using eventLabel property you can specify the label of the event e.g "Banner Ad clicked".

Passing properties

To pass multiple properties for the event you can type the keyword prop followed by the property name e.g prop-product="Laptop" prop-price="500"

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