Some useful tweaks to default Silverstripe Install
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Silverstripe Tweaks

Some recuring tweaks that I find I use to extend a default Silverstripe install.

Maintainer Contact

  • Morven Lewis-Everley (morven at i-lateral dot com)


  • Silverstripe Framework 3.x
  • Silverstripe CMS 3.x

Included Tweaks

Site Config

  • Generic content info (email address, phone, address).
  • Social Media links (facebook, twitter, linkdin).
  • Generic content that can be added to the site footer.
  • Logo for the site.

Site Tree

  • Content that can be used as a summary for a page.
  • Show Children boolean (can be used to tell templates to show their children).
  • Show Contact (can be used to tell templates to show generic content info from site config).
  • Summary Image (image that can be used to represent a summary image in blogs etc).