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Usage of Zabbix 4 API From Spring
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Helper Library for using Zabbix API from a Spring Boot application based on the Zabbix API version 4.0.

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Import using:


Set the property zabbix.api.url in your properties file as the URL of the Zabbix Server (without /api_jsonrpc.php).

The ZabbixApiService offers a general method you can use to make calls to the API. Example:

import io.github.mlniang.zabbix.client.exception.ZabbixApiException;
import io.github.mlniang.zabbix.client.request.CommonGetParams;
import io.github.mlniang.zabbix.client.response.JsonRPCResponse;
import io.github.mlniang.zabbix.client.service.ZabbixApiService;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

public class TestClass {

   private final ZabbixApiService zabbixApiService;

   public TestClass(ZabbixApiService zabbixApiService) {
       this.zabbixApiService = zabbixApiService;

   public JsonRPCResponse testCall() throws ZabbixApiException {
       CommonGetParams params = CommonGetParams.builder()
       return"host.get", params, "0424bd59b807674191e7d77572075f33");

It contains also a shortcut method for authentication (zabbixApiService.authenticate("user", "password")).

The ZabbixHostService is just a helper class built for Zabbix Host method.

Next Steps

  • Build more helpers.
  • Propose caching user auth tokens ?
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