J scripts for sound processing and synthesis.
J C Makefile
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.gitignore Initial commit Oct 11, 2015
align.ijs Add trailing / to PATH if not given Aug 3, 2016
filter.ijs Add frequency response utility to filter.ijs Aug 17, 2016
loudness.ijs Add loudness.ijs Jan 13, 2016
makefile Add special-case C functions for filters with small numbers of coeffi… Mar 8, 2016
pan.ijs Improve panap derivation Aug 19, 2016
soxresample.ijs Add libsoxr bindings in soxresample.ijs and readwav_coerce in wav.ijs Apr 14, 2016
synth.ijs Correct add for an argument list of length 1 Jul 12, 2016
visualize.ijs Add STFT viewmat code to visualize.ijs Jun 28, 2016


The J scripts I use for mixing music. The main script is synth.ijs.

To use filters, synth.c must be compiled first using make. Currently the C code and J interface is only written for Linux.