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Fortran 2003 ODBC bindings

C function interfaces are generated with GCC-XML tool from unixODBC headers usint XSLT template. The result can be found in fodbc.f03.

+----------+ GCC-XML  +---+ xsltproc  +------------------+
|C headers |--------->|XML|---------->|Fortran interfaces|
+----------+          +---+           +------------------+

Some defined constant are converted semi-manually with some regexping in emacs. Those are in fodbc_types.f03.

SQLBindColumn overloaded functions are defined for SQL\_INTEGER & SQL\_TYPE\_TIMESTAMP. Those are in fodbc_ext.f03.

Known issues

Use of GNU extension

fodbc_ext.f03 has sizeof which is an extension while c\_sizeof is broken because of a bug.

Not all constants are defined


This project is licensed under AGPL.