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MLT Video Server (no longer maintained/supported)
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	Sponsored by Ushodaya Enterprises Limited
	Written by Charles Yates <>
	and Dan Dennedy <>

	MLT is a LGPL multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting,
	and Melted is a GPL multi-unit video playout server with realtime

	This document provides a quick reference for the minimal configuration,
	build and installation of MLT. See the docs directory for usage and
	development details.


	Configuration is triggered by running:


	More information on usage is found by running:

	    ./configure --help

	NB: This script must be run to register new services after a CVS checkout
	or subsequent update.


	Once configured, it should be sufficient to run:


	to compile the system.


	The install is triggered by running:
	    make install 

More Information

	For more detailed information, please refer to docs/install.txt.
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