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The first version of a Facebook Open Graph Library for Ruby. Require HTTParty to function.

For documentation on the Open Graph Library, see: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/api

Quick Start:

Add config.gem "mogli" to environment.rb

For Rails: create a controller like the following:

class OauthController < ApplicationController

  def new
    redirect_to authenticator.authorize_url(:scope => 'publish_stream', :display => 'page')
  def create    
    mogli_client = Mogli::Client.create_from_code_and_authenticator(params[:code],authenticator)
    redirect_to "/"
  def index
    redirect_to new_oauth_path and return unless session[:at]
    user = Mogli::User.find("me",Mogli::Client.new(session[:at]))
    @user = user
    @posts = user.posts
  def authenticator
    @authenticator ||= Mogli::Authenticator.new('client_id', 

with routes:

map.resource :oauth, :controller=>"oauth"
map.root :controller=>"oauth"
map.oauth_callback "/oauth/create", :controller=>"oauth", :action=>"create"

Viewing / should redirect you to the login page, and then redirect back to your app to show your recent posts

From the console, you can create a client with the stored access token:

require "rubygems"
require "mogli"
client = Mogli::Client.new("your_access_token")

You can now fetch users with the client, for example:

myself  = Mogli::User.find("me",client)


mikemangino = Mogli::User.find(12451752,client)

When you fetch yourself, you can look at your posts and other information:


You can also fetch other objects by ID, for example:

album = Mogli::Album.find(99394368305)

If the object requires a client, just pass one in:

album = Mogli::Album.find(99394368305,client)

You can also upload photos using httmultiparty:
facebook_access_token = "..."
client = Mogli::Client.new(facebook_access_token)
client.post("me/photos", nil, {:source => File.open("myphoto.jpg")})


1) fork the repo
2) Add tests for a missing method, such as client.post(post_id)
3) implement missing method
4) send me a pull request.

Feel free to add missing associations if you see them as well. My goal is to get a readonly API in place first, and then move on to the read/write API