FreeBSD port of OpenBSD relayd
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FreeBSD port of relayd and relayctl

This is the FreeBSD port of the OpenBSD relayd and relayctl.


relayd is a daemon to relay and dynamically redirect incoming connections to a target host. Its main purposes are to run as a load-balancer, application layer gateway, or transparent proxy. The daemon is able to monitor groups of hosts for availability, which is determined by checking for a specific service common to a host group. When availability is con- firmed, Layer 3 and/or layer 7 forwarding services are set up by relayd.

Layer 3 redirection happens at the packet level; to configure it, relayd communicates with pf(4).


The relayctl program controls the relayd(8) daemon.

Missing functionality

The following relayd functionality is not (yet) implemented in FreeBSD:

  • carp demote
  • modifying routing tables
  • snmp traps