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License: MPL 2.0 styled with prettier


Breathly is an open-source React-Native mobile app that allows you to focus on your breathing. You can use Breathly for daily relaxation and breath training: just choose a breathing technique and focus on the guided exercise.



Breathly Breathly

Breathly Breathly

Breathly - Open-source breath training and relaxation app | Product Hunt


In this repository you'll find the source code of the Breathly mobile app.

Breathly is a small React-Native app that I developed on my free time in 2018 for playing around with the React-Native Animated API.
With the incoming React-Native's hooks support I decided to get back on it, rewrite it with hooks, and also release it in the Play Store and in App Store.

I hope the source code will be useful to someone.

👉 Check the DEVLOG for more informations and details about the app architecture and a few development highlights.

Features / Stack

  • React-Native and TypeScript
  • React hooks
  • All the Animated animations are using the native driver
  • Type-safe Context + useReducer usage (pretty similar to Redux)

Resources and acknowledgements

Most of the stuff you see in the app is just a derivation of other people's work.
I tried to keep track of them during the development process.


Pull requests are welcome. File an issue for ideas, conversation or feedback.