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Printing out unbalanced parens causes NullPointerException #19

yayitswei opened this Issue · 5 comments

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See emezeske/lein-cljsbuild#178 (comment)

Something like this

(on $body :click :#a nil
    (fn [e]
      (log "test";;)

would trigger it.


I should be able to run a debug build of lein-cljsbuild this weekend to capture the exact stack trace that the ClojureScript compiler is throwing in the above instance. It seems that something in the trace is giving clj-stacktrace some trouble.


I was wondering if there's any progress/workaround for this issue. This essentially makes lein-cljsbuild unusable for me in auto mode, as it crashes every time there's a compile error.

Though I get the impression that not everyone sees this exception.


I found a workaround by cloning clj-stacktrace as a checkout dependency under my project. (ie. clone into /checkouts/ )

Looking at the dependencies, cljsbuild 0.3.0 depends on clj-stacktrace 0.2.5, which is what shows in HEAD. Perhaps there are commits that haven't been published?


Weird, from what I can tell, 0.2.5 contains the latest commits (in fact, changing the version number to 0.2.5 was itself the most recent commit).

Regarding why more people are not complaining about this: I think a lot of people use Paredit or something equivalent, so it's rather difficult to ever save a ClojureScript file with unbalanced parenthesis.


I use Paredit myself. In the relatively rare case when I save an unbalanced file, this bug is somewhat annoying, especially if I don't notice that cljs-build has crashed.

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