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Moved css/stacktrace.css resource to ring/css/stacktrace.css

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1 parent 6eacec1 commit 744eeed0716e336bdbf4d4d78ebc12799e5ad8c0 @weavejester weavejester committed Apr 11, 2012
0 ring-devel/resources/css/stacktrace.css → ring-devel/resources/ring/css/stacktrace.css
File renamed without changes.
2 ring-devel/src/ring/middleware/stacktrace.clj
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
[:title "Ring: Stacktrace"]
- (style-resource "css/stacktrace.css")]
+ (style-resource "ring/css/stacktrace.css")]
[ (h (str ex))]

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