Fix for wrap-nested-params and multi-valued parameters without '[]' #23

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@@ -25,24 +25,31 @@
(defn- param-pairs
"Return a list of name-value pairs for a parameter map."
- [params]
+ [params multi-value-suffix]
(fn [[name value]]
(if (sequential? value)
- (for [v value] [name v])
+ ;; If the parameter is multi-valued, but does not end with the appropriate suffix
+ ;; ("[]" in the default 'parse-nested-keys' system), it will be appended here
+ ;; to allow the rest of the middleware functions to operate on it appropriately.
+ (let [name (if-not (.endsWith (str name) multi-value-suffix)
+ (str name multi-value-suffix)
+ name)]
+ (for [v value]
+ [name v]))
[[name value]]))
(defn- nest-params
"Takes a flat map of parameters and turns it into a nested map of
parameters, using the function parse to split the parameter names
into keys."
- [params parse]
+ [params parse multi-value-suffix]
(fn [m [k v]]
(assoc-nested m (parse k) v))
- (param-pairs params)))
+ (param-pairs params multi-value-suffix)))
(defn wrap-nested-params
"Middleware to converts a flat map of parameters into a nested map.
@@ -56,9 +63,15 @@
=> {\"foo\" {\"bar\" \"baz\"}}
{\"foo[]\" \"bar\"}
- => {\"foo\" [\"bar\"]}"
+ => {\"foo\" [\"bar\"]}
+ The string in the :multi-value-suffix option determines what a parameter with
+ multiple values should end in. If a multi-valued parameter is present, but does
+ not have this suffix, it is treated as though it does. Defaults to \"[]\",
+ corresponding to the parse-nested-keys function."
[handler & [opts]]
(fn [request]
(let [parse (:key-parser opts parse-nested-keys)
- request (update-in request [:params] nest-params parse)]
+ multi-value-suffix (:multi-value-suffix opts "[]")
+ request (update-in request [:params] nest-params parse multi-value-suffix)]
(handler request))))
@@ -15,4 +15,7 @@
{"foo[]" "bar"} {"foo" ["bar"]}
{"foo[]" ["bar" "baz"]} {"foo" ["bar" "baz"]}
{"a[x][]" ["b"], "a[x][][y]" "c"} {"a" {"x" ["b" {"y" "c"}]}}
- {"a[][x]" "c", "a[][y]" "d"} {"a" [{"x" "c"} {"y" "d"}]}))))
+ {"a[][x]" "c", "a[][y]" "d"} {"a" [{"x" "c"} {"y" "d"}]}))
+ (testing "properly handle multi-valued parameters that don't end with '[]' (created by e.g., multiple select elements)"
+ (are [p r] (= (handler {:params p}) r)
+ {"foo" ["bar" "baz"]} {"foo" ["bar" "baz"]}))))