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bootchart2 0.11.2 (Michael Meeks)
+ fix initrd sanity check to use the right proc path
+ don't return a bogus error value when dumping state
+ add -c to aid manual console debugging
bootchart2 0.11.1 (Michael Meeks)
+ even simpler initrd setup
+ create a single directory: /lib/bootchart/tmpfs
bootchart2 0.11 (Michael Meeks)
+ bootchartd
+ far, far simpler, less shell, more robustness etc.
+ bootchart-collector
+ remove the -p argument - we always mount proc
+ requires /lib/bootchart (make install-chroot) to
be present (also in the initrd) [ with a kmsg
node included ]
+ add a --probe-running mode
+ ptrace re-write
+ gives -much- better early-boot-time resolution
+ unconditional chroot /lib/bootchart/chroot
+ we mount proc there ourselves
+ log extraction requires no common file-system view
bootchart2 0.10.1 (Kel Modderman)
+ collector arg -m should mount /proc
+ remove bogus vcsid code
+ split collector install in Makefile
+ remove bogus debug code
+ accept process names containing spaces
bootchart2 0.10.0
+ rendering (Anders Norgaard)
+ fix for unknown exceptions
+ interactive UI (Michael)
+ much faster rendering by manual clipping
+ horizontal scaling
+ remove annoying page-up/down bindings
+ initrd portability & fixes (Federic Crozat)
+ port to Mandriva
+ improved process waiting
+ inittab commenting fix
+ improved initrd detection / jail tagging
+ fix for un-detectable accton behaviour change
+ implement a built-in usleep to help initrd deps (Michael)
bootchart2 0.0.9
+ fix initrd bug
bootchart2 0.0.8
+ add a filename string to the window title in interactive mode
+ add a NEWS file
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