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Gdip_All library compatiable with AHK v1.1 and AHK v2
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This repository contains the GDI+ library (Gdip_All.ahk) compatible with AHK v2-a096 and also backwards compatible with AHK v1.1.28.02

AHK v2 made many changes to the syntax, which is why updates were needed. We have attempted to keep it backwards compatible with AHK v1.1. If you find any errors please report them in the Issues.

Support for AHK v1.0 is dropped (find the original Gdip_All.ahk library if you need that).

See the commit history to see the changes made. There is probably room for improvement still.


All of the tutorial files in the /Examples/ subfolder work successfully on AHK v2.

If you try to run these example files on AHK v1, they will fail. However, the v1 code is still in the files, just simply commented out. Search the example files for "AHK v1" and swap the commented lines to get them working.


All of the Gdip_*() functions use the same syntax as before, so no changes should be required, with one exception:

The Gdip_BitmapFromBRA() function requires you to read the .bra file witih FileObj.RawRead() instead of the FileReadcommand. See the Tutorial.11 file in the Examples folder


  • @tic created the original Gdip.ahk library
  • @Rseding91 updated it to make it compatible with unicode and x64 AHK versions and renamed the file Gdip_All.ahk
  • this repository updates @Rseding91's Gdip_All.ahk to make it compatible with AHK v2 and also fixes some bugs
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