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Fingerprinter LogoFingerprinter

Fingerprinter is a Java program that compares fingerprint images and finds matches therein.

Screenshot of Fingerprinter


  • Install Java.
  • Run the program. (Double-click to run the GUI.)
    • Run java -jar fingerprinter.jar [probe [candidates-folder]] to run it on the command-line.
  • Select a probe image of a fingerprint to look for.
  • Select a folder containing images of fingerprints to look for the probe amongst.
  • Run the comparison.
  • The greener the matches, the more likely it is that the prints are the same. It counts them as a match if the score is above 40.


  • Use Print Templates Cache – Makes/reads a file with the JSON generated from the file
    • -c or --cache to use from the command-line
  • TV Mode – Flash the images while checking—just like on TV!
    • Caps at one image per frame, so if you just want the results, don't use this.
    • Please don't use if it may harm you
  • Less Fast TV – Slows TV Mode to flashing an image to once every 5 frames
    • Might be worse if you have epilepsy
  • Colorful Failure – Always shows the color border for the candidate print, even when it's not a match. Otherwise, it will just show green when it matches and gray when it doesn't.


  • Uses the great SourceAFIS engine to actually do the meat of the work of recognizing and comparing fingerprints.
    • SourceAFIS is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Refer either to that link or ThirdPartyNotices.txt for the text thereof.