[Experimental] Language for traversing and performing actions on your model
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Meta is a DSL that enables to represent, traverse and operate on PHP objects.

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  • Get a specific object by its ID:

MetaModel integrates with Doctrine, but can be connected to anything.

  • Get all objects of a type
  • Object graph traversing (get all the articles of a category):
  • Call methods:
// Will call generateExtract() on all articles
  • Field filtering (not implemented yet):


UserGroup[ users.contains(User(1)) ]
UserGroup[ users.count() > 0 ]
  • Service:

MetaModel integrates with containers, registries, anything…


MetaModel finds objects in data sources. You can add any data source by implementing the simple interfaces: ObjectManager or Container.

Some libraries are already supported natively:

  • Doctrine's Entity Manager: MetaModel\Bridge\Doctrine\EntityManagerBridge

    $metaModel = new MetaModel();
    $metaModel->addObjectManager(new EntityManagerBridge($entityManager));
  • PHP-DI container: MetaModel\Bridge\PHPDI\PHPDIBridge

    $metaModel = new MetaModel();
    $metaModel->addContainer(new PHPDIBridge($container));

Add your own by submitting a pull request.


Those are both ideas and work in progress.

Instead of using phpMyAdmin, or building an admin interface, you can manipulate the DB with high level object queries.

  • Advanced replacement for PropertyAccess, e.g. to build forms, templates (Twig?)

  • Simplified object queries (from database)

  • Paths for anything meta on your model: logs, AOP, ACL (e.g. "User(1) can edit Category(12).articles")

Projects using MetaModel: