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3 Bit Dither

Implemented by Nolan Caudill

This demo currently uses two different error-diffusion dithering algorithms: Atkinson's and the Floyd-Steinberg algorithm.

Error-diffusion means that the algorithm goes pixel by pixel, rounds the individual R, G, and B channels to either 0x00 or 0xff, and then distributes those differences (which the algorithm calls the "quantization error") in differing amounts to pixels further down the line. It being a 3-bit dithering means that your red, blue, and green channels are represented by a single bit (off or on), giving you a total of 8 colors.

The demo also does halftone dithering and Bayer dithering (just 2 bit) which don't use error-diffusion, which for these two makes the patterns evident that error-diffusion usually lessens.

This runs completely client-side, using the FileReader and canvas APIs. If you have a somewhat modern browser, this should work. Also, you can right-click and save the result of the dithering.

The demo lives here.