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A wrapper for Flickr's API written in Go
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go-flickr: A interface to Flickr's API in Google Go
Author: Nolan Caudill
Date: 2011-01-10
License: MIT

This is a simple wrapper in Go to talk to Flickr.

I wrote this mainly as an exercise to learn Go but it is functional.

I don't really know Go so if you see something that could be more idiomatic or written better, please let me know!

The godoc below is the best place to learn how to use this library.

To compile and install:
go build

To test:



package flickr
import "."


type Error string

func (e Error) String() string

type Request struct {
    ApiKey string
    Method string
    Args   map[string]string

type Response struct {
	Status  string         `xml:"stat,attr"`
	Error   *ResponseError `xml:"err"`
	Payload map[string]bool

func (request *Request) Execute() (response string, ret os.Error)

func (request *Request) Replace(filename string, filetype string) (response Response, err os.Error)

func (request *Request) Sign(secret string)

func (request *Request) URL() string

func (request *Request) Upload(filename string, filetype string) (response Response, err os.Error)

r.Upload("thumb.jpg", "image/jpeg")

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