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= Presentation Maker

Copyright (c) 2005, 2007 by Michael Neumann (mneumann@ntecs.de).
All rights reserved.

== Dependencies

* ruby 1.8.x
* Wee 0.10.0 (gem install wee)
* vim (for colorizing sources)
* html2ps (for creating the Postscript output)
* ps2pdf (for creating the PDF output)

== Start

  cd directory-where-all-your-presentation-related-files-reside
  wee-pm presentation-file

Then point your browser to: http://localhost:2000/

== Navigation

* Page-Up/-Down: Previous/Next slide/overlay.

* Key 's': toggle slide/overlay mode. 

* Key 'e': enter edit mode.

* Next overlay/slide: Click with the mouse on the slide-title. 

* Switch to edit-mode: Position the mouse into the top-left corner of the
  frame, you'll notice a hover-effect. Then click. 

== Presentation file format

Pure rdoc! Each level-one heading ("=") generates a slide.

== RDoc extensions

To colorize sourcecode, use a verbatim block like this:

  def method_a

Note that you'll need +vim+ to be installed on your system.

== Generating PDF

  wee-pm-pdf presentation-file > pdf-file

You can tweak the generated PDF file, by editing bin/wee-pm-pdf.  For
example, if you want to have a PDF that is not intended for printing and
as such could ommit the URLs to be shown as text, set SHOW_URL to false
in bin/wee-pm-pdf.

If you need Postscript, then have a look at bin/wee-pm-pdf, and remove
the "| ps2pdf - -"  part in the IO.popen line. But you generally don't 
want this, as the PDF output allows easier navigating, and the links are 
clickable (if you use AcroRead).